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Women Superstars Uncensored - Satan's Sisters Slaughterhouse

WSU is back with their latest DVD from the good people over at DOI (Declaration of Independents). Since my last WSU DVD review, they have modified their name from Women's Superstar's Unleashed to the more sinful banner of "Women Superstar's Uncensored." I was immediately struck by the change and wondered what I was getting myself into! The DVD opened with the trademark series of promos from some of the girls, and some boys who think they are girls. First up was WSU champion Alicia bragging and predicting victory tonight over whoever she ends up facing. Next up was a pair of male "wrestlers," one of which looks and sounds disturbingly similar to that guy 'Ross the Intern' from the Tonight Show. This guy (and I use that term loosely) brought his lawyer and I guess they are claiming they have been discriminated against here at WSU. I was taught that if I didn't have anything nice to say about someone, not to say it at all - so I have nothing to say about Missy Hyatt's short promo.

The action began with an in-ring promo from WSU Champion Alicia who said it was unfortunate that everybody else in WSU were such losers. Alicia asked if there was anybody with the "balls" to take her on for the WSU title. So Rick Cataldo (the gay guy who looks like Ross the Intern) snatched up the open opportunity. Rick Cataldo is the only wrestler in history to insist that the referee frisk him from head to toe. Alicia finished off the "flamboyant homosexual" to retain her WSU title and then gave his lawyer (Vinnie Guido) an A-bomb for good measure ( 4 / 10 ).

Nikki Roxx came out after the match and asked Alicia if she was ready to defend the WSU title in a REAL wrestling match. Alicia accepted and the match began - she might be a heel but she's definitely a fighting champion. Alicia won after a Running Badonkadonk (picture Umaga's running butt-smash in WWE) to retain her WSU championship again ( 7 / 10 ).

They showed some more backstage promos, the first from Liz Savage and Della Morte and Taylor Nicole. Liz looks normal but Della and Taylor are Gothic nightmares; Taylor in particular is void of all personality or expression. Next up we were treated to the Missy Hyatt train-wreck trying to stir up dissension backstage trying to convince Miss Deville to turn on Kayla Sparks. At ringside, referee Missy Sampson told the fans that she twisted her ankle and a replacement referee was on the way. Back to the locker-room, the Soul Sister's cut a promo about facing Della Morte and Taylor Nicole.

Liz Savage accompanied the disturbing tag team of Delle Morte and Taylor Nicole to the ring. Liz Savage has an outsanding issue with Missy Hyatt stemming from the previous DVD, so Hyatt was out to stand in the corner of the Soul Sisters, Latasha and Jana. Missy Hyatt and the Sisters danced around the audience during their entrance and I'm pretty sure at least five fans got an STD. The Goth girls dominated the match until then Soul Sisters made a come-back. Liz Savage interfered, which brought in Missy Hyatt to give Savage a spanking (not as entertaining as it sounds). Jana and Latasha hit stereo X-Factors and scored the double pin in a major upset victory ( 6 / 10 ).

Backstage again, with Alere Little Feather cutting a promo on Alexa Thatcher. Alere can cut a mean promo but she always throws in a totally unnecessary F-bomb to ruin it. Next we saw Kayla Sparks confronting Missy Hyatt about trying to break up the Diva Killers. Missy Hyatt denied that she ever did such a terrible thing. Anything involving Missy Hyatt is certainly a terrible thing.

Alere Little Feather is certainly one of the more underrated female wrestlers on the circuit. She can work both as a heel and a babyface, and like I said before, she can cut a promo as good as anybody on the independent circuit. Alexa Thatcher is young and still learning her craft, but if she sticks with it and listens to the right people she will become a great wrestler some day. When Little Feather does her War-dance, it really gets the fans excited. This was the wonderful wrestling match this DVD desperately needed. At one point in the match, Little Feather's chest padding slipped out accidentally - how embarrassing! Talk about secret's of wrestling revealed! A few minutes later Thatcher finished off Little Feather with a German-suplex and a Chick-kick to the head ( 8 / 10 ). They hugged after the match and showed some good sportsmanship.

Luna Vachon cut a short and sweet promo calling the Diva Killers a couple of Draino Drinking Douchbags! Then her tag team partner, Primetime Amy Lee, cut one of the most unintelligent promos of all time - spewing senseless profanity at the top of her lungs and making no sense whatsoever. Arn Anderson would be put in his grave if he heard the crap coming out of Amy Lee's mouth.

The main event featured the 15-minute slaughter of the sweet and innocent tag team of Kayla Sparks and Miss Deville at the hands of Satan's Sisters, Primetime Amy Lee and the legendary Luna Vachon. At one point, something went seriously wrong, and Luna snapped and started smacking Miss Deville around legit. Luna then viciously whacked Deville, Liz Savage (flat on the face), and Sparks with a frying pan. Luna then started shouting profanity, "I guess I'm not no f***ing Diva am I?" - Amy Lee finally pinned both Diva Killas at the same time. Something else was going at ringside involving Luna Vachon and Liz Savage but they didn't show it on camera but they still made an extremely big deal about it on commentary. Savage was apparently messed up really bad by the frying pan shot to the face from Luna. This was either a totally unprofessional act by Luna Vachon or a flawless act of scripted intimidation ( 6 / 10 ). Whatever it was, it came off controversial and a little unsettling. After the match, Amy Lee & Luna Vachon proclaimed themselves as the unofficial WSU Tag Team Champions and asked for real competition, putting out an open challenge.

Final Thoughts: Missy Hyatt's commentary was beyond unbearable and severely decreases the value of this DVD. I realize it's an asset to have a famous "name" around but come on you can do better than Missy Frickin Hyatt. I like WSU but there are a couple of people who ruin it for me; Missy Hyatt and Primetime Amy Lee need to quit the wrestling business forever.

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