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Women Superstars Uncensored - Surviving the Game

Alere Little Feather vs. Rick Cataldo: Lord only knows why this Ross the Intern wannabe gets to be the one exception to the all-female rule of WSU. Yeah he's doing the fruitcake gimmick, but he's not even all that entertaining. Alere Little Feather was about three beers into a six-pack when she came to the ring to face her unfortunate male opponent. The Drunkin' Indian was cheered by the fans as she beat the Boston cream out of Rick Cataldo ( 4 / 10 ).

Della'Morte vs. Jana: In a rematch from the previous DVD (taped on the same night), the Gothic nightmare Delle'Morte wrestled the girl from the chocolate city, Soul Sister Jana. The finish of this match was severely botched, as Jana attempted to lift the enormous Della'Morte onto her shoulders, but collapsed under the weight. They pretended that the move worked and Jana pinned Morte 1-2-3 to win ( 5 / 10 ).

Becky Bayless vs. Roxie Cotton: With a combined IQ of less than ZERO, the two air-heads of WSU faced off in the middle of the ring. The camera man focused on Becky's three-mile-long cleavage during her entrance. It's shameless how WSU caters directly to the perverts on DVD, especially when the girls are trying their best to put on a legitimate wrestling match. The participants were very pretty, but the match wasn't - nice effort by both girls though ( 5 / 10 ).

Cindy Rogers vs. Alexa Thatcher: After their thrilling time limit draw on the previous DVD, the "Definition of Technician" Cindy Rogers faced off once more with Alexa Thatcher. You may recognize Alexa from her recent appearances in TNA as a jobber named "Alexa Jade." At first glance, you might mistake Alexa Thatcher for a flake - and I admit to doing that in the past - but she has really developed into a fine wrestler. The announcer lost points with me when he proclaimed "to hell with SHIMMER!" - I'm sorry, but SHIMMER is far superior to WSU. Don't get me wrong, this contest was a damn good match. These two girls are so evenly matched that it ended in a double-pin draw ( 7.5 / 10 ). The crowd wanted five more minutes but their wish was denied by the referee. Alexa and Cindy hugged after the match, but this rivalry is far from finished.

Angel Orsini vs. Primetime Amy Lee: Angel Orsini was previously known as "Prodigette" during the dying days of Extreme Championship Wrestling, and as "Riptide" around the independent circuit. She's a real wrestler, and she's tough-as-nails. Unlike Primetime Amy Lee, who thinks she can mask her obvious lack of wrestling skill with a onslaught of aggressive profanity. Late in the match, the light's went out and when they came back on, Angel was covering Amy Lee for the 1-2-3 to win the match ( 6.5 / 10 ). Mercedes Martinez appeared and admitted that she was the one who attacked Luna Vachon and Angel Orsini was in on it too.

WSU Title Match - Alicia vs. Christy Hemme with Tammy "Sunny" Sytch as the referee: When Christy Hemme was cut from the WWE, I was quite surprised because I knew that she had genuine interest in learning how to work a proper wrestling match. That's why I was happy when she joined TNA, and was allowed to go into serious training for an eventual career as an in-ring performer. Hemme hit the independent circuit here in North American as well as a few shots in Europe and Australia. While she may not be the most polished wrestler, she does possess the desire to entertain through intense physical interaction. Sunny is the original wrestling Diva, and has gone through many ups-and-downs over the past few years, but has recovered and changed her life for the better. I have a lot of respect for her now, and wish only good things for her in the future. Alicia is the young torch-bearer for WSU, and certainly had her work cut out for her on this night. Christy may have been legitimately hurt, because the finish of the match saw Alicia botch a simple roll-up - which was totally Christy's fault - to get the 1-2-3 and retain her WSU title ( 7 / 10 ). Referee Sunny confronted Alicia and knocked her out. Damn, Sunny looks good in a Zebra-stripped referee shirt! Let's see her in WWE again soon!

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