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Women Superstars Uncensored - It's Always Sunny in Lake Hiawatha

Declaration of Independents (DOI) is back with a new DVD featuring Women Superstars Uncensored. The potty-mouthed queens of independent wrestling set out to present a night of wrestling and entertainment - WSU-style! The highlights of the pre-show promos included a message from the injured "Latina Sensation" Mercedes Martinez. The low-lights included the Primetime Amy Lee cutting a lame profanity-laced promo after finding out her tag team partner, Luna Vachon, was attacked and taken to hospital. Let's get this out of the way right now; I think Primetime Amy Lee is the biggest waste of space in the entire history of professional wrestling. I'm told people like her trucker bitch f-bomb no redeemable skills philosophies, but I think she has no business in the wrestling business.

The in-ring portion of the show began with cross-dresser Rick Cataldo, who looks disturbingly similar to Tonight Show correspondent "Ross the Intern," along with his lawyer Vinny G. (who looks like he is barely out of high school), defending themselves against the locker-room rumors that they had something to do with Luna Vachon's disappearance. Primetime Amy Lee hit the ring and destroyed both of the men and cut another profanity laced promo warning the WSU roster that there was hell to pay.

Alere Little Feather vs. Roxie Cotton: Before the match, they aired short backstage promos from both girls. Roxie Cotton is playing the clueless air-head who doesn't even know how to spell her name. Roxie's promo was, well, interesting. I have said many times in the past that Alere Little Feather has the ability to cut a mean promo when she wants to, but she ruins it by throwing in a flurry of unnecessary profanity. When you have the gift of gab, why waste it by using obscene language to make yourself look like an idiot. Thankfully, Little Feather's wrestling skills reflect those of an intelligent heel wrestler. Roxie missed the "Cotton Picker Moonsault" and Little Feather capitalized by making the airhead tap out ( 6 / 10 ).

Della Morte vs. Jana: The match was preceeded by a surprisingly good speech by Delle Morte about the absence of her tag team partner, Taylor Nicole, and going up against Soul Sister Jana, who would be without her partner, Latasha. Once the match got underway, Morte flexed her muscle and beat the crap out of groovin' fan-favorite Jana. After a brief come back, Morte spit the dreaded red mist into Jana's face and scored the 1-2-3 to win ( 5 / 10 ). Jana continues to improve, so keep your eye on her.

Alexa Thatcher vs. Cindy Rogers: What a nice surprise to see "The Definition of Technician" Cindy Rogers cut a cool backstage promo before the match. Rogers came along about twenty years too late, as she would have fit in nicely with the likes of Leilani Kai and Joyce Grable. Alexa Thatcher is every guy's high school crush, but possesses deceivingly proficient wrestling skills. This was a first-class wrestling match by WSU standards. Right when the action started heating up, the bell ran without warning, signaling the end of the 10-minute time limit. The fans wanted five more minutes, and their wish was granted by referee Foxy Foxy. They rolled around using various submission moves to try to secure victory, but time once again ran out and the match was ruled a draw ( 8 / 10 ). We want more of this, PLEASE! Both ladies were given a standing ovation by the appreciative fans who surely wanted a rematch.

Missy's Manor with Missy Hyatt: Missy Hyatt praised the "trained" WSU wrestlers and introduced Angel Orsini, but instead we were blessed by the reemergence of Rick Cataldo (wearing a dress). Angel Orsini hit the ring and did everyone a favor by knocking Cataldo out of the ring. Primetime Amy Lee came out and dragged what was left of the drag-queen backstage. Angel Orsini was looking to sign her first match in WSU, and Amy Lee suddenly morphed into a babyface and challenged Angel to a match (on the next DVD). Angel Orsini left and Missy Hyatt introduced Mercedes Martinez and asked her if she had a green card and Hyatt preceded to make herself look like a clueless idiot. The Latina Sensation updated everybody on her shoulder injury and said she was looking forward to a future return to WSU. Amy Lee started spewing inaudible insults at Martinez - setting up some kind of future storyline.

WSU Women's Title Match - Alicia vs. Becky Bayless WSU Champion Alicia and Becky Bayless are both fine examples of a young female wrestlers who know how to communicate with the audience without using a plethora of dirty words. Alicia takes her craft very seriously, and Becky Bayless has definitely turned over a new leaf since returning to professional wrestling. Both girls wore astonishingly tight tank tops to draw attention to the truly wonderful gifts that God gave them. The match ended on a strange note, as Alicia hand-cuffed Bayless to the ropes and choked her until the referee stopped the match. I assume Bayless was declared the winner by DQ ( 7 / 10 ). But suddenly the clouds began to part, and Lake Hiawatha was brightened up by the beautiful SUNNY!

The revolting and deliberate actions of WSU champion Alicia on challenger Becky Bayless were put to a halt by the shocking appearance of the original wrestling Diva, Tammy "Sunny" Sytch!! Sunny looked unbelievable, back in the best shape of her life, and thankfully clean and sober. Sunny confronted Alicia and said her actions tonight were disgusting. Alicia dropped an F-bomb and challenged Sunny to a match, but Sunny said she doesn't have a wrestling contract. TNA Knockout Christy Hemme hit the ring and Sunny proclaimed that Alicia would defend the WSU title against Hemme tonight (on the next DVD)!

Final Thoughts: Missy Hyatt joined commentary for the main event, lending her unbearable "expertise" to the in-ring action. WSU is over-flowing with potential, but they are desperately in need of direction. Someone needs to be on hand to help steer the ladies into more productive execution. The girls, for the most part, are all very hard-working independent wrestlers who deserve your attention.

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