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Women Superstars Unleashed Volume 1 - March 3rd, 2007 in Lodi, NJ

Boy I tell you what, there is no shortage of women's wrestling DVD's on the market right now. WWE's persistent burial of women's wrestling has resulted in many promotions across the globe coming out with shows that feature an all-female roster. You no longer have to imagine what it would be like to see good looking athletic women participating in good old fashioned wrestling matches and storylines. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Women Superstars Unleashed.

The DVD started with short promos from each and every WSU female wrestler, many of which I had heard of but never seen before. The promos ranged from surprisingly good to totally bizarre to insanely scary to just plain bad. "Prime Time" Amy Lee made me cry.

The opening match was between Mia Love, one of the better promos out of all the girls, and a good girl named Amber. They both worked really hard but you can tell they are still very young and have a lot to learn. Amber won the match and will be in the trivia books forever as the winner of the first match on the first WSU show ( 6 / 10 ).

Next up was an interview segment featuring the controversial Missy Hyatt talking to former WCW personality Daffney Unger (yes, she actually used the "Unger" part!). They called the segment "Missy's Manor," which was the name of Missy's interview segment when she had a cup of coffee with the WWF. Daffney came out doing her "Scream Queen" shtick and said she was there to show that women's wrestling was not all about "tits & ass" (crowd boos) so Alicia came out and said "did somebody say tits?" (crowd cheers).

The second match of the night was a tag team match involving Kylie Pearce and Cha Cha (with a "rich bitches" gimmick) taking on The Soul Sisters (Jana and Luscious Latasha), from Bootilious USA. I was extremely hard on Jana in another review I wrote last year but I have to publically say I was more impressed with her during this outing. I have exchanged very pleasant emails with Cha Cha but never witnessed her in action until now. I have to be honest, she is a great talker and looks like she takes her wrestling seriously. It wasn't the greatest match due mostly to some unfortunate production issues but it did what it was supposed to do ( 4 / 10 ).

What followed was a series of terrible segments involving Missy Hyatt stirring up some trouble talking to some of the girls backstage and showing off her furry boobs - I mean boots. The background noise was so loud and made the segments unbearable. The DOI crew needs to clean up their act and learn from their mistakes on future DVD releases.

Back to the ring with the introductions of Melissa Stripes and Barbie (who was informed by Missy Hyatt that Melissa Stripes was hitting on her boyfriend). I have seen both of these girls previously and was very impressed with their talents in the ring so I expected a good match between them. Barbie also had furry boots and the fans chanted "Huss! Huss! Huss!" in honor of the late Bruiser Brody. Barbie won in about seven minutes in a match that was good enough that it should have been twice as long ( 7.5 / 10 ). This match saved the first half of the show for me.

We went backstage again for another stupid backstage skit with Missy Hyatt telling Kayla Sparks that her best friend and tag team partner Miss Deville was saying bad things about her on the other side of the locker room. Sparks looked uncomfortable.

The next match featured the in-ring return of Becky Bayless after an extended European vacation and hiatus from the world of professional wrestling. Wait a minute... when was Becky Bayless ever a wrestler? She was only a valet as far as I know and not a very good one either. So Becky Bayless returned to the ring to resume her non-existent wrestling career and her opponent was popular Northeast valet/wrestler Alicia, who most people believe took Becky's spot when she took her leave of absence. In her defense, it looks like Bayless has actually attended a couple wrestling classes while preparing for her return. Alicia carried Becky to a decent match while Becky relies heavily on her naturally irritating personality to get herself over. Around the 10:00 mark Alicia faked a "chest injury" but then attacked Bayless from behind and made her submit with a vicious submission hold ( 7 / 10 )! Alicia went insane after the match and refused to release the hold and they had to use physical force to separate the two angry fighters.

They showed some more Missy madness backstage as Hyatt informed Miss Deville that Kayla Sparks was telling people that she was going to steal Deville's boyfriend. Deville became aggressive and wanted immediate revenge on Kayla Sparks!

Kayla Sparks and Miss Deville usually form a tag team called the Diva Killaz all around the Northeast but tonight they are facing each other in one-on-one action and thanks to Missy Hyatt there was supposed to be a little heat between the two of them. However, since the live crowd didn't see the backstage skit, they totally abandoned the dissension storyline. I became a big fan of Kayla Sparks after she sent me a copy of her Best of Kayla Sparks DVD. Both of these girls are good young talented girl wrestlers who obviously respect the art of pro-wrestling. In fact, Miss Deville was featured in WWE magazine in some kind of "Super fan" special feature. Miss Deville won with a brutal-looking Swanton-bomb from the top rope ( 7 / 10 ). After the match, the Diva Killaz hugged and congratulated each other.

"Prime Time" Amy Lee hit the ring and broke up the love-fest and totally destroyed Kayla Sparks, Miss Deville, and nearly-naked referee Foxy Foxy. Amy Lee is fat, ugly, bleached blonde, clumbsy, careless, pissed off, and uses excessive profanity to get herself over. She claims she has been in the business since 1989 - well if you're still crap after 18 years then don't you think it's time to switch professions? Thankfully the talented and beautiful Alere Little Feather interrupted Amy Lee's verbal tirade and helped the Diva Killaz take a bite out of big bad nasty Amy Lee. Alere Little Feather covered Amy Lee and Kayla Sparks acted as referee and counted the 1-2-3. Amy Lee got up and waddled out of the ring and caught up to her much cuter adversaries. Amy Lee smashed a plastic trash can over Deville's head and choked her out like a psycho. She actually tripped over over own feet and fell on her butt. After getting my first taste of the notorious "Prime Time" Amy Lee, you can tell I am not a fan.

The main event was a showdown between pin-up girl Talia Madison, who is well trained and brings a lot of experience with her to the ring, and WCW legend Daffney Unger (known globally as the "Scream Queen"). I absolutely LOVE Daffney and I'm so happy to see her getting around the wrestling scene in places like NWA Wrestle Birmingham in Alabama, Full Impact Pro in Florida and SHIMMER Women's Athletes in Illinois. Daffney was talking earlier about not being there for T&A but she kept squeezing her breasts for the drooling fans. I'm begging you for a close-up! I was actually very impressed with Daffney's ability to absorb punishment. Talia proved her superiority after 15-minutes of action by defeating Daffney with a stiff Back-cracker ( 8 / 10 ).

March 3, 2007--Wrestling Superstars Unleashed (debut) in Lodi, New Jersey before 80 fans: Amber beat Mia Love, Missy Hyatt did a "Missy's Manor" interview segment with Daffney but was interrupted by Talia Madison, The Soul Sisters (Jana & Luscious Latasha) beat Kylie Pierce & Cha Cha, Barbie beat Melissa Stripes, Alicia beat Becky Bayless, Miss Deville beat Kayla Sparks in the Battle of the Diva Killaz, Alere Little Feather beat Amy Lee with help from the Diva Killaz, Talia Madison beat Daffney Unger.

Final Thoughts: The artwork on the DVD cover was very well done. The show itself had kind of low-budget production; commentary was done by a DOI representative and "First Lady of Wrestling" Missy Hyatt. They had a scantily clad female referee named Foxy Foxy and a more respectable referee Missy Sampson (who also ring announces for PWU and wrestles on the independent circuit!). The wrestling ring was one of those 'low to the ground' deals which is fine, but just looks strange. Cool show but improvements need to be made. Coming soon.... WSU Unleashed Volume 2 featuring Luna Vachon and The Iron Sheik!

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