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Wrestling Superstars Unleashed presents....
Women Superstars Unleashed Volume 2

Wrestling Superstars Unleashed presented its second ever all-female wrestling show featuring the return of Luna Vachon, one of the most legendary female wrestlers of the 80s and 90s and a member of one of the most famous wrestling families of all-time. The daughter of the Canadian icon Paul "The Butcher" Vachon, Luna has seen it all and done it all in the wrestling business.

Just like on Volume #1, we were treated to a series of promos that ranged from bizarre to painful to painfully hilarious. Let's just say talking isn't the strong suit for most of the girls featured on this DVD. Luna was the last one to talk and she was using her trademark gravelly voice which really brought back a lot of memories for me. Anyway, on with the matches......

The first match of the night was ultra-heel Mia Love against 2006 Women's J-Cup winner Alexa Thatcher. Mia Love was one of the girls who most impressed me on the Volume #1 DVD. I have seen Alexa Thatcher's name tossed around the internet a lot in a short period of time but I believe this was the first time I've ever seen her wrestle. She's really cute and has that all important aggressive ring style that many female wrestlers lack. This was a great match which saw Alexa use a high kick to the head to finish off Mia Love ( 7 / 10 ).

Missy Hyatt was backstage stirring up trouble between Kayla Sparks and Miss Deville. These segments almost killed WSU Volume #1 and it looks like they're going to let Missy Hyatt waste time talking to the girls about their boyfriends, STDs and crabs. I just kept praying that nobody would walk into the room and see me watching this miserable excuse for wrestling banter.

The tag team match between the Diva Killaz (Miss Deville and Kayla Sparks) and the Soul Sisters (Jana and Latasha) started with an entertaining dance contest reminiscent of the Blue Meanie and Tracy Smothers dance-off gimmick. It seemed like the match was just getting set on fire when the Soul Sisters pinned Kayla Sparks with Miss Deville hiding out on the floor ( 6 / 10 ). The Diva Killaz started arguing after the match but hugged each other and left as a unit. Thumbs up to Sparks and Deville.

Backstage, Missy Hyatt talked to Alicia about her Hardcore match with Luna Vachon and of course she couldn't go five seconds without talking about STDs. I'm sure in her mind she thinks it's funny but it's up there with some of the most annoying things I've ever seen in wrestling. Getting rid of Missy Hyatt would be the first step towards improving the WSU product.

Match number three featured a large scary Goth wrestler named Della Morte taking on the "Native American Princess" Alere Little Feather. I really like Little Feather's style but she uses a lot of profanity in her promos and I don't think that is EVER appropriate in a wrestling environment. The whole point of this match was for Alere to prove that she could hang with an opponent twice her size, as she will be facing "Prime Time" Amy Lee at some point in the future. After ten minutes of underdog action, Alere Little Feather rolled up Morte for the victory ( 4 / 10 ). I think Little Feather could do a put on a match but this match was just terrible.

Missy Hyatt hosted a "Beauty Pageant" in the ring and introduced the legendary WWE Hall of Famer Iron Sheik, who was the special guest judge for the contest. They paraded a bunch of nameless girls out to the ring including the Soul Sisters. I didn't even know who the other girls were and they didn't really even try to explain. The Iron Sheik was having a good time and probably got paid really well for his appearance. Sheik picked the winner, a tall skinny model-type girl whose name was "Slim Pickings" - I think! Another girl attacked poor Slim and they had a catfight. Alicia showed up and attacked Slim Pickings until Luna Vachon made the save!

The next to last match featured babyface Amber taking on Melissa Stripes. Stripes, who is also a babyface, hinted during her pre-show promo that wrestling wasn't fun any more and she was probably leaving the wrestling business. This match brought wrestling back to the show. Amber won with a ghetto-blaster to the head ( 7 / 10 ). Melissa Stripes is actually really good; if she does leave the wrestling business she will be missed.

The legendary Luna Vachon came to the ring with an unspecified championship belt over her shoulder. Alicia came out in her "Hardcore" gear for the biggest match of her career. Luna was there representing Becky Bayless, who had her butt kicked by Alicia WSU Volume #1. Luna violated Alicia's ass with a mini frying pan. Luna rammed Alicia's head into the wall and then smashed her with an orange pylon. Luna found a shovel under the ring and smashed it over Alicia's backside and tossed her into the merchandise table. All of Luna's offense seemed to be directed towards Alicia's ample posterior. Alicia mounted a comeback and choked out Luna with a night stick. Luna turned the tables but missed a moonsault allowing Alicia to slam Luna and secure the 1-2-3 to win ( 8 / 10 ).

Luna got up and cracked Alicia HARD in the back of the head with the shovel and then continued beating the crap out of her. Luna found a steel chain and wrapped it around Alicia's throat and tried to choke the life out of her. WSU security separated the two blondes and Alicia escaped with her life. Alicia might have won the battle but Luna made sure that the war was hers.

Final Thoughts: They had their T & A referee Foxy Foxxy officiating all the matches in her skimpy outfits again. Plus Missy Hyatt joined the DOI representative on commentary. Missy Hyatt constantly talked about her years of experience in the wrestling business but all she talked about was STDs and crabs. Hyatt was seriously putting this DVD's value in jeopardy with her lame commentary. They had the same production problems from WSU Volume #1, so I hope they sit down and do something to improve the video quality for future DVD releases. I'm not taking anything away from the wrestlers, because they are damn sure a bunch of hard working athletes. I just think the production should be on the same level.

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