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Women Superstars Uncensored - First Anniversary Show

Note to WSU producers: The last thing in the world that I want to see when I pop a DVD into my player is the face of that Ross-the-Intern-wannabe Rick Cataldo. He's not entertaining, he's not funny, and he's certainly not worthy of my viewing. He got to go. Cataldo, the most annoying man (and I use that term loosely) in wrestling, started the DVD gossiping with the most annoying woman in wrestling, Roxxie Cotton. This idiot crap immediately put me in a bad mood.

Awesome Kong vs. Roxxi Cotton w/Rick Cataldo: I guess the whole point of the idiotic opening sketch was to want me pray to the wrestling Gods for somebody to beat the living snot out of those two punks. Awesome Kong came out to her TNA music and made my dreams come true by annihilating both Cataldo & Cotton, along with a couple of jabroni referees. After the match, a furious Rick Cataldo grabbed the microphone and I reached for the fast-forward button. If you really wanted to make Kong look strong, the least you could have done is shut your greasy mouth and sell your damn injuries. Not a good start.

Annie Social vs. Jana: Even though she is a bit of a potty-mouth, I think I really like the Goth wrestler known as Annie Social. Her opponent, Jana, had a minor case of dance-fever, before getting jumped by the eager to pound Annie Social. Decent match, with Jana scoring a victory over her pale-faced opponent. Annie got some cheap shots in after the match, until Jana's "soul sister" Latasha made her return to WSU and said together they would dominate the tag team division once again!

Nikki Roxx vs. Cindy Rogers: The WSU fans were treated to a great technical match between two of the best in that genre. At one point the camera zoomed right in on Nikki's ass - thank you, Mr. Camera Man! Nikki was wearing her usual green two-piece outfit but she was sporting her freaky TNA voodoo hair. After Roxx won with the Barbie-crusher, the camera man totally molested her with his camera lens with intrusive close-ups from head to toe.

Amy Lee & Awesome Kong (sub for Missy Sampson) vs. Angel Orsini & Mercedes Martinez: Before the match, Missy Sampson explained that she was not cleared to wrestle tonight and apologized for not being able to give the fans the match they wanted tonight. Angel and Mercedes hit the ring and kicked Missy out of the ring and started pounding on Primetime Amy Lee until Missy's replacement showed up. In the words of Miss Sampson herself, "you stupid bitches, my replacement is Kong!" This match was sort of a mess, but not necessarily a bad mess. Kong & Lee won it, but Kong didn't seem satisfied with the arrangement.

"The Walking Riot" Missy Hyatt did a Missy's Manor segment, interviewing Lacey von Erich, and put over the entire von Erich family for helping to get her started in the wrestling business. Lacey von Erich, looking nothing like a wrestler, and everything like a porn star, came out wearing black panties and a tight pink top. Bad first impression. A few awkward moments later, Missy Hyatt offered her managerial services to Lacey von Erich, who quickly accepted the offer. Not sure why WWE released her, she seems like a perfect fit for the "Diva" category.

Alere Little Feather vs. Alexa Thatcher: It's great to finally see Little Feather in serious technical wrestling competition in WSU. Up until now she's been running around doing her Drunken Indian gimmick. I knew the girl could wrestle! Whoever made Alexa Thatcher's pants should get an award, or maybe her parents should get the award. Thatcher won the match, which should have been so much longer! Afterwards, Nikki Roxx showed up in full heel mode and attacked Alexa Thatcher! Cindy Rogers made the save, and Thatcher challenged Roxx to find a tag team partner for the next event, and Dawn Marie would be the referee!

Dawn Marie showed up and praised Alexa Thatcher by saying, "This girl works so hard, she puts Torrie Wilson to shame - but then again everybody does." Burn! Great to see the lovely Dawn Marie in a wrestling ring again.

Final Thoughts: Congratulations to WSU for staying in business for a year. They had a rough start, focusing on a little too much sleaze, but by the twelfth month had turned into somewhat of a respectable promotion, providing a little something for everybody.

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