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Women Superstars Uncensored - Last Woman Standing

Women Superstars Uncensored


The first thing I noticed was that the WSU crew really upped their game in the production department, with a more creative cover design and an enhanced menu concept when you pop the DVD into your player. They still need to fix their ring, as there is about half a roll of duct tape keeping the mat together, visually similar to a stain right in the middle of the ring. The commentary was cleaned up a lot, including Missy Hyatt, so my previous complaints were obviously considered. Judging by the line-up on the back of the DVD case, I was quite interested to see how this show played out.

Roxxie Cotton vs. Jana: The surviving member of the Soul Sisters tag team, Jana, has some legitimate skills inside the wrestling ring. Roxxie Cotton, however, relies too much on her gimmick to carry her, which is unfortunate because the gimmick (an airhead stuck in the 80s) isn't that good. They did their jobs as curtain-jerkers, loosening the audience up with some decent wrestling and some brief comedy, which included a dance-off initiated by a demanding chant from the fans. Jana picked up the victory, and set the fans up for a good night of entertainment ( 6 / 10 ).

Next up we were treated to a lame profanity-laced promo by "Primetime" Amy Lee. Sorry, I just don't find that entertaining.

Then Missy Hyatt confronted Alere Little Feather about her drinking problem, saying that "people are saying" she could be so much better if she quit partying. Hey wait a minute, that's what I've been saying about Little Feather for the last few months in my previous WSU DVD reviews. Missy asked Alere about hitting Rock Bottom, and Little Feather shoved Missy on her ass, cracked open a can of beer, and started drinking it down!

Alexa Thatcher vs. Annie Social: Alexa Thatcher's opponent was chosen by Cindy Rogers. This is my first taste of Annie Social, who I've been interested to check out for quite some time. My first impression was that she was a large-chested scowl-faced Gothic disaster. Missy Hyatt returned to the announce booth so we could benefit from her wisdom and experience. I always refer to Alexa Thatcher as every high school boy's crush. I guess Annie Social could be considered their nightmare. Thatcher has come a long way in a short time, relying less on her attractive appearance to being taken seriously for her fine technical wrestling skills, even scoring a few matches with TNA using the name Alexa Jade. Miss Thatcher scored with a kick to Social's head and got the pin ( 7 / 10 ).

Cindy Rogers vs. Nikki Roxx: Cindy Rogers' opponent was chosen by Alexa Thatcher. Nikki Roxx and I go back a long way, as I have reviewed many of her matches from various wrestling promotions. The one thing better than her wrestling skills is her unbelievably well-sculpted butt - best ass in the business! I wonder if she's ever seen me write these good things about her ass. She probably thinks I'm a creep. I love you anyway. Oh yeah, back to the match. Cindy Rogers is probably the most under-rated female wrestling on the independent circuit, but anybody who really knows their stuff has a ton of respect for the girl who calls herself the "Definition of Technician." Despite being at a disadvantage in the size department, Cindy Rogers was victorious in the end ( 7.5 / 10 ).

Alere Little Feather hit the ring with some egg-nog and cans of beer (since this show was taped during the Holidays). Poor Little Feather could be wrestling respectable matches anywhere in the country but she stoops to this level for reasons unbeknownst to me. The "Ross the Intern wannabe" Rick Cataldo came out wearing Christmas-themed lingerie. The drunk little Indian started passing out cans of beer to some of the fans without checking for identification. Alere pulled male wrestler Danny Demanto out of the crowd to join in the drinking contest with Cataldo and his lawyer. This went on for way too long. They started drinking. They started fighting. Danny Demanto destroyed the skinny lawyer guy with a brutal double-stomp off the top rope.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Rick Cataldo: Mercedes Martinez returned to WSU in street clothes, bragging about retiring Luna Vachon and challenging "Primetime" Amy Lee. Rick Cataldo slapped the Latina Sensation across the face, and was promptly squashed within seconds by Martinez. Amy Lee Gorilla-stepped her way to the ring, where Mercedes quickly retreated. Lots of F-bombs were dropped as I tried to figure out who was supposed to be the babyface and who was supposed to be the heel. I love Martinez and I hate Amy Lee, so it's easy for me. Martinez tried to get at Amy Lee but referee Missy Sampson held her back and pushed her out of the ring. Amy Lee went on a profanity-laced tirade insulting some of the more flamboyant fans, with little children standing right there to witness. Amy Lee should be ashamed at this pathetic display of extreme unintelligence exposing her desperate lack of creativity.

Alicia promised that she would retire from professional wrestling while still holding the WSU championship.

Last Woman Standing - Alicia vs. Becky Bayless: They called it the New York/New Jersey rivalry. Becky Bayless was looking hotter than I have ever seen her, wearing a tight ACDC shirt and rocker pants. Alicia deliberately poked Becky on the chest, and Becky unloaded with a vicious forearm to the champion's face! It was no holds barred, but it didn't matter because they didn't really use any wrestling holds. It was just an intense feverish fight to the imaginary death. The match ended somewhat prematurely and out of the blue, with Alicia putting Becky down for the 10-count to retain the WSU championship ( 8.5 / 10 ).

Final Thoughts: With the exception of Amy Lee, the WSU crew seems to have really cleaned up their act, including Missy Hyatt, whose commentary was actually very intelligent for this DVD. I still think Alere Little Feather is being wasted - she has some great wrestling skills but I have yet to see it in WSU. This DVD showed incredible improvement from previous volumes. Kootos.

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