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Women Superstars Uncensored - Sunny Side Up (The Alicia Retirement Show)

The world's most controversial women's wrestling league is back with a special DVD home release, featuring the retirement of WSU champion, and professional blabber-mouth, Alicia. For the last year I have had a rollercoaster love/hate relationship with Alicia. Sometimes she gets on my nerves (not in a good heel way), and sometimes she impresses the hell out of me and performs like a seasoned pro. With that said, I do believe I will miss her, and wish her all the best in whatever pool she jumps into next. I firmly believe she will be back. Why? Because they ALL come back! Muhahahahaha!

The DVD started with the "Drunken Indian," Alere Little Feather, cutting a promo on WSU new-comer Annie Social. As I've said in previous DVD reviews, I loath the Drunken Indian gimmick, and wish she would drop the profanity routine and embrace her roots and work as a natural Native American - like she used to. So be it, she's having fun being the indy girl version of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Next Annie Social cut an even shorter promo saying simply "Alere Little Feather, F*** you C***!" Very classy.

Annie Social vs. Alere Little Feather: The match started out a bit sloppy, with Annie Social trying to gain some sympathy by revealing that she had an injury. Only a few moments into the match, Angel Orsini, who you may remember as "Prodigette" in ECW, attacked both girls. Primetime Amy Lee hit the ring to save her drinking buddy (ALF) and send Orsini retreating backstage. I'm trying to be a little less critical of Amy Lee, as not to sound like a broken record, so I won't comment on what Amy had to say on the microphone.

"Soul Sister" Jana vs. Nikki Roxx : Bless her heart, Jana came out and desperately tried to get someone (anyone?) from the crowd to dance with her but they would not budge from their seats - except for one guy, and then another guy, and then one more guy. Jana settled on bumping and grinding with referee Missy Sampson. Nikki Roxx was equally loved by the fans, but jumped directly in the ring bypassing her trademark fan interaction. This would be a true test for both women, seeing if Jana could rise to the level of the well-traveled Nikki Roxx, and seeing if Roxx could carry the less experienced Jana. Nikki proved she was clearly the dominant wrestler with an impressive victory, but Jana demonstrated that she can hold her own; and gets better with every match she works.

Backstage, my (sarcasm) two favorite people (/sarcasm) talked as Missy Hyatt tried to stir up controversy by telling Amy Lee about things Angel Orsini said about her - as if they needed help with getting their heat. Amy Lee proved to be the Queen of Class by proclaiming that she broke Angel's shoulder and now she is going to break her vagina. It went down hill from there.

The insanely cute Becky Bayless hit the ring to explain that she probably should be in the hospital because of an injury she suffered at the hands of Alicia during their Last Woman Standing match. Becky Bayless decided that she was retiring from wrestling along with Alicia - and thanked the fans for supporting her for the past year since returning to professional wrestling. The fans fell for it hook line and sinker and chanted "Please Don't Go!" We got a shot of the announcers calling the action but for some reason the commentary was absent from the DVD due to some kind of technical glitch that I hope would be explained later.

Mercedes Martinez thankfully interrupted a promo being cut by the chronically annoying Roxxie Cotton.

Mercedes Martinez w/Angel Orsini vs. Roxxie Cotton: Talk about having the odds stacked against you; Roxxie Cotton was eaten alive by Mercedes Martinez, who had a little extra muscle at ringside in the form of Angel Orsini.

Backstage, Missy Hyatt stirred the pot by telling Alexa Thatcher that Cindy Rogers was telling people that she (Thatcher) was a lesbian. Seriously folks, why not let the good working girls build their own heat in a more respectable fashion.

Cindy Rogers vs. Alexa Thatcher: This is perhaps the biggest and best rivalry WSU has put together during its short existence. The Rogers-Thatcher series has been one technical masterpiece after another, void of all the goofy malarkey that often degrades the other matches. I find it ironic that the girls share the names of a couple of pro-wrestling legends. This was a number one contender's match, and ended in a draw after a double pin situation. Referee Missy Sampson ruled that both wrestlers would be named number one contender, setting up a triple threat match with whoever leaves tonight as the WSU champion. The match should have been twice as long as it ended up being!

Angel Orsini vs. Primetime Amy Lee: The grudge match was finally happening between these two monsters of the hardcore mat. Orsini bashed Amy Lee for being too hardcore and not knowing how to wrestle, before being joined by Mercedes Martinez in a pre-match beat-down of Amy Lee. The match finally got started with Orsini gaining the advantage while Mercedes Martinez constantly interfered. When Amy Lee finally made her come-back, Martinez blatantly interfered in front of the referee causing the disqualification - but the intention was less about gaining a victory than taking a bite out of Amy Lee. When the dust cleared, Amy Lee cut another one of her trademark profanity-laced promos warning Orsini and Martinez that she had backup in the building, when suddenly Missy Sampson tore off her referee shirt and attacked the heels from behind! Missy Sampson used to be a wrestler. The heels retreated while Amy Lee challenged the "nipple bitches" to a tag team match next time. Followed by more senseless profanity. Cheap heat.

WSU Champion Alicia hit the ring to give her arrogant farewell speech to mark her official retirement from professional wrestling. Alicia said that she would now be WSU champion forever, but doesn't want to go down without a fight. Alicia challenged Alexa Thatcher, who thankfully hadn't changed out of her gear yet, to a match for the WSU championship. That doesn't seem fair, what about Cindy Rogers? Thatcher came out and called out Melissa Stripes (coming out of retirement for one night) to be included in the match. Setting the stage for a unique unadvertised showdown.

WSU Title Match - Alicia vs. Alexa Thatcher vs. Melissa Stripes: They started off with a three-way Greco roman knuckle lock, and then Alexa and Melissa began a double-team assault on the champion before turning on each other shortly thereafter. A few hiccups later, Melissa Stripes was eliminated and sent unceremoniously backstage in defeat. One minute later, Alexa pinned Alicia and panic temporarily set in one last time, but Alicia took a shameless bow and headed towards the locker-room. Primetime Amy Lee pushed Alicia back into the ring, where she briefly grappled with Sunny until Sunny nailed her with a Stunner and scored the 1-2-3 to be crowned the NEW WSU champion! Alexa Thatcher, Cindy Rogers, Amy Lee, Missy Sampson, and a few others hit the ring to congratulate the new champ. Sunny respectfully paid tribute to Alicia, handing the belt over to her and giving her a big hug, giving the former champion the farewell she deserves. The roster took a knee and surrounded Alicia, who cut her final promo inside a wrestling ring (at least until she inevitably comes out of retirement.) Muhahahahaha!

Final Thoughts: Some wires must have gotten crossed during production because there was no commentary for this DVD, unlike all the previous WSU DVDs. I never thought I'd say that I missed hearing Missy Hyatt's voice. I suspect there was a glitch and the commentary was somehow not recorded, or recorded in poor quality, but for whatever reason we didn't hear the commentary, even though they were shown on camera at the commentary position several times. This was a beautiful send-off for Alicia, and I don't see why it is so hard for the bigger companies to honor their outgoing talent in this manner. I guess they are too insecure to glorify somebody who could show up on the competition's TV program the next day - which is absurd. Good luck to Alicia, and all the best to Women Superstars Uncensored for continued success as they enter into the post-Alicia era!

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