Hello and welcome to the Official OWW DVD Review by Brad Dykens of "Wrestling Society X: The Complete First and Last Season." Get comfortable because this is going to be a long review. Disc #1 includes episodes 1-through-4. Disc #2 includes episodes 5-through-8. Disc #3 includes episode 9 and the previously unaired never-before-seen episode 10 (Season Finale), plus bonus material such as a WSX Promo Reel, Virtual Trading Cards, Deleted Scenes (imagine a WrestleMania DVD with "deleted scenes"), and a Photo Gallery. Disc #4 turned up the heat with spicier bonus materials (see bottom of review for more details). Enjoy the review!

Wrestling Society X (4-Disc Set)

The Complete First And Last Season

Description: This 4-Disc DVD set is like nothing else I have seen in all my years of watching and reviewing professional wrestling videos. MTV's Wrestling Society X gets full points for delivering a truly unique product unlike anything else that has ever been presented to professional wrestling fans. Hailing from the nation of Canada, I was unable to view the original episodes as they aired on MTV in the United States, so I have become your proverbial WSX virgin ready to have my cherry popped right before your very eyes.

There are many things about WSX that I did not care for; first and foremost was the pathetic attempt to mix wrestling with music, by letting well known rock band members join in on commentary. Thankfully they left the musical performances off this DVD. The other thing that bugged me was the obvious shortage of real wrestling fans - instead the audience was populated with stuck-up Hollywood extras paid to clap, shout, and chant on command. They seriously came off like a bunch of well-groomed robot fish out of water. Last but not least, I was disappointed with the heavily edited matches they presented. The butchered versions of these great matches were neatly packaged into a tight little time slot and virtually killed all the attention span left in the room. While it could have been better, the WSX shows were still fun to watch.

Wrestling Society X - Episode #1

I was immediately greeted by the WSX hosts Bret Ernst and Kris Kloss, who quickly introduced the viewers to the WSX product. I was immediately struck by the one-of-a-kind "fight club" atmosphere created by the WSX set designers. Next I was introduced to the outrageous ring announcer Fabian Kaelin, formerly known as Devilish Lee Handsome and GQ Money on the California independent circuit. This guy is nuts, I'll talk more about him later. They also flashed some generic "Don't Try This At Home" mumbo jumbo at the bottom of the screen as Fabian makes the opening introductions.

Jack Evans w/Lizzy Valentine vs. Matt Sydal: This match was touted as one of the, if not the, best matches produced by WSX. I was already a fan of these two wrestlers from their work in the famed Ring of Honor promotion. The cute-as-a-button Lizzy Valentine added some sugar to the recipe accompanying Matt Sydal to the ring. Jack Evans was on a mission to earn some major ratings for the program, performing some of his trademark arial assault maneuvers on Mr. Sydal. Little Lizzy got involved, but the interference backfired and led to a victory for "The Man from the Heavens" Jack Evans. The match was really short, definitely not what I have come to expect from their ROH performances. Both wrestlers delivered, getting the show off to a good start and certainly raised a few eye-brows in the wrestling industry. After the match, Lizzy Valentine was already checking out Jack Evans.

They showed a short video package introducing viewers to some of the tag teams of WSX. They sure did take some time putting together a variety of unique tag team combinations. The tag team division should be one of the more interesting aspects of Wrestling Society X.

WSX Rumble Match: The ring was surrounded by a plethora of crazy weapons promising to make some of the eliminations as creative as humanly possible. The Rumble started with ECW legend Justin Credible and the controversial Teddy Hart going at it tooth and nail. Teddy Hart looks in phenomenal shape but he's still an absolute dick and I want to make it clear I didn't get this DVD to watch Teddy Hart. Kaos joined the fray but got double-teamed by entrants number one and two. Vampiro (one of my all-time favorites), Puma, Alkatrazz, Luke Hawx, and 6-Pac were next to join the match. The announcers put over DX and praised 6-Pac. Southern wrestler Chris Hamrick entered, immediately followed by the homicidal New Jack. There were a couple of eliminations with guys going through tables, and then New Jack destroyed a guitar smashing it over the referees head! The stunts started coming one after another with somebody taking a fall into a box full of live electrical wires! Three seconds later, New Jack too a leap of faith off a balcony putting Chris Hamrick through a table. Two more seconds later Alkatrazz crashed through a table. Way too much too fast! Some unknown guy named Youth Suicide was the final entrant and the ladders were then put in play. Vampiro power-bombed Youth Suicide onto a pile of thumb-tacks. 6-Pac climbed the ladder and retrieved the first contract. Youth Suicide tried to climb the ladder but Justin Credible pushed it over and Suicide fell to the floor into a cluster of crazy explosions. Vampiro climbed the ladder and retrieved the second contract and the show immediately went off the air.

WSXtra: Between episodes, WSX presented an Internet-based show hosted by Fabian Kaelin and the Lovely Lacey. Lacey is more than enough reason to watch these basic recap shows. This episode featured highlights from Episode #1 and more highlights to introduce fans to the numerous wrestlers and factions being manufactured by WSX. WSXtra also features exclusive matches not shown on the TV show. This episode included a really cool triple threat match between Human Tornado vs. Puma vs. Luke Hawx.

Wrestling Society X - Episode #2

Luke Hawx vs. Human Tornado: The second episode of WSX started out not wasting any time. I have seen Luke Hawx in other promotions as "Altar Boy Luke," but I have yet to experience the notoriously popular wrestler who goes by the name "Human Tornado." I was impressed with Tornado, but the match was far to short; something I feel I am going to have to get used to. After the match, Aaron Aguilera attacked Luke Hawx. Alkatrazz made the save, but Kaos came out to help his parter Aguilera.

That 70's Team (Joey Ryan & Disco Machine) vs. Team Dragon Gate (Yoshino & Horiguchi): God bless WSX for putting their heads together and coming up with some cool gimmick tag teams. In many cases, this is my first taste of some of the California independent wrestlers like Joey Ryan & Disco Machine. Dragon Gate has already won me over with their appearances in Ring of Honor. That 70's Team scored a quick victory, but the Dragon Gate boys had the last laugh when they smashed their precious disco ball.

We were treated to a vignette featuring former XPW dirt-bag wrestler "White Trash" Johnny Webb introducing another new tag team into the fold - the Trailer Park Boys, Josh Raymond (aka Josh Abercrombie in the Midwest) & Spider Nate Webb. I love the gimmick, but it a 100% ripoff of a popular television show we have up here in Canada called the The Trailer Park Boys, which was recently turned into a movie.

Vampiro vs. 6-Pac: The match featuring the two winners of the WSX contracts at the end of the previous episode fought for the right to call themselves the first ever WSX champion. Congratulations to WSX for putting their two best and most experienced wrestlers under the spotlight for this all-important match. The match ended with some crazy theatrics when Vampiro tombstoned 6-Pac through a casket, which suddenly exploded in a scary plum of sparks and smoke. Vampiro covered the fallen 6-Pac for the 1-2-3 to win the coveted WSX championship.

WSXtra: The Internet-based show hosted by Fabian Kaelin and the Lovely Lacey featured highlights from Episode #2 including the match between 6-Pac and Vampiro to crown the first WSX champion. WSXtra also features exclusive matches not shown on the TV show. This episode featured a double-debut tag team match between D.I.F.H. (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black) vs. The Trailer Park Boys (Josh Raymond & Spider Nate Webb w/Johnny Webb). For those of you who don't know, D.I.F.H. stands for "Doing It For Her." Jimmy Jacobs is THE MAN! They also show the debut match of the legendary masked old-school wrestler Matt Classic grappling with Matt Sydal w/Lizzy Valentine.

Wrestling Society X - Episode #3

This week's episode began with a creepy promo from new WSX champion Vampiro sacrificing flesh and soul, proclaiming the WSX championship as his destiny. This was reminiscent of something Raven would be known for, except a little more demonic.

The Trailer Park Boys (Spider Nate Webb & Josh Raymond w/Johnny Webb) vs. The Filth & The Fury (Teddy Hart & Matt Cross):
I shouldn't have to tell you, Teddy Hart is definitely the "filth." I have no use for this untalented idiot. A few minutes into the match, Teddy Hart pulled a live wire out of the wall and electrocuted Spider Nate Webb. After you finish reading this review, ask me why WSX was a failure and I'll refer to this kind of crap. Teddy Hart did a pointless twisting dive off a balcony, crashing through a table with Nate Webb on top. Inside the ring, Matt Cross finished off Josh Raymond to win the match!

"The Arial Emperor" Jack Evans vs. El Hombre Blanco Enmascarado: El Hombre was previous known as Quicksilver, and he jobbed to WSX poster-boy Jack Evans. This fast-paced match-up was over it seemed before I could even finish typing that sentence.

They played an introduction video for the legendary masked wrestler known as "Mat Classic." This is actually Colt Cabana under a mask but you didn't hear that from me. This is probably the biggest thing that I anticipated watching when I got this set of WSX DVDs.

TLC (Tables, Ladders, & Cervezas) Match - Los Pachos Guapos (Aaron Aguilera & Kaos) vs. Alkatrazz & Luke Hawx:
This match happened so fast that it did a major injustice to the tradition of the ladder match. By the way "Cervezas" is spanish for beer (thanks to Dr. Keith Lipinski for helping this humble Canadian with that translation!). Early in the match, Aaron Aguilera was pre-occupied flirting with the women at ringside, and it ended up causing dissension within his team. Aguilera accidentally knocked out Kaos and cost them the match.

WSXtra: The Internet-based show hosted by Fabian Kaelin and the Lovely Lacey featured highlights from Episode #3 including the TLC match between Los Pachos Guapos and Alkatrazz & Luke Hawx. This episode included an exclusive match between Scorpio Sky and the old-school Matt Classic (Colt Cabana). Mr. Classic was entrenched in an unfortunate losing streak at this point. The second match was a tag team contest between D.I.F.H. (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black) and That 70's Team (Joey Magnum Ryan & Disco Machine).

Wrestling Society X - Episode #4

Matt Sydal w/Lizzy Valentine vs. Scorpio Sky: Episode number four kicked off with a lightning-fast contest. I don't think I've ever seen Scorpio Sky; in fact, I thought he wrestled under a mask. The lovely Lizzy Valentine once again got involved in the match. Matt Sydal nailed a beautiful Spanish Fly off the top rope for the win! After the match, Valentine wrote "H8R" on Scorpio's back with lipstick.

Special Challenge Match - Keepin' It Gangsta (Babi Slymm & Ruckus) vs. That 70's Team (Joey Ryan & Disco Machine): Keepin' It Gangsta came to the ring with a large diamond incrusted ladder, which sparkled very loudly thanks to some smooth digital effects inserted during post-production. I remember Babi Slymm from the old "101 Reasons Not To Be a Pro Wrestler" DVD. And I remember Ruckus from CZW, but he looks incredibly different from the last time I saw him around 2005. Joey Ryan had his tights pulled down and his ass exposed to the entire viewing audience. Ruckus smashed one of the disco balls over Joey Ryan's crotch! Ruckus then jumped off the diamond incrusted ladder with a somersault drop-kick to Ryan's face for the win!

The Human Tornado vs. El Hombre Blanco Enmascarado: The match was called off because Human Tornado was found unconscious backstage. 6-Pac came out and kicked El Hombre's head off and called out WSX champion Vampiro. Vampiro came out and squared off with 6-Pac until a mystery man (Ricky Banderas) with a burnt face came out of nowhere and attacked Vampiro. The monster threw a ball of fire at Vampiro, and the screen went all crazy with some twisted digital effects. The monster stood up and looked into the camera and his eyes were glowing. This was the stunt that spelled the beginning of the end of WSX on MTV. The standards and practices didn't approve of the fireball stunt even though this was the same network that aired hundreds of episodes of the show Jackass, featuring idiotic stunts much more dangerous than this. The show was originally pulled because they didn't want kids to copy the stunt, but then aired with a watered down version of the stunt. However it was all downhill for WSX after that.

WSXtra: The Internet-based show hosted by Fabian Kaelin and the Lovely Lacey started with Human Tornado challenging 6-Pac to a match after Pac attacked him backstage before his match on Episode #4. They showed the controversial highlights from Episode #4 which included the electronic fireball being thrown into the face of WSX champion Vampiro. This episode included an exclusive match between D.I.F.H. (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black) and Team Dragon Gate (Masato Yoshino & Genki Horiguchi). They also showed the match between Jack Evans and rookie Markus Riot, who "wants to be just like Jack Evans." Jack Evans is the poster-boy for Wrestling Society X!

Wrestling Society X - Episode #5

Team Dragon Gate (Yoshino & Horiguchi) vs. The Filth & The Fury (Teddy Hart & Matt Cross): I enjoyed this match except for the parts that included Teddy Hart. Teddy the Filth and Matt the Fury hit simultaneous flip dives off the top rope for the win. Later in the episode, the Dragon Gate team was abducted and thrown into a big white van by another Japanese mystery man who proclaimed that it was time for the team to get reprogrammed!

6-PAC vs. Human Tornado: This match stemmed from 6-PAC attacking Human Tornado backstage on the previous episode, and Tornado appeared on an episode of WSXtra to challenge PAC to a match! They acknowledged that Human Tornado had appeared in the movie Nacho Libre. Tornado is one heck of a wrestler, but damn he is disturbingly skinny. 6-PAC scored the pin after a top rope X-Factor.

"The Anarchist" Arik Cannon vs. Delikado: Every time I see Arik Cannon I see a good wrestler with an outfit that doesn't fit the gimmick. Delikado is the 2-time CZW Best of the Best Champion known as B-Boy. A minute into the match, some unknown faction (revealed later to be The Cartel) interfered on behalf of Delikado and caused a disqualification. The Cartel attacked Arik Cannon and dunked his head in wet cement and put a dead fish on his chest. Say it with me folks; what the hell just happened?

WSXtra: The Internet-based show hosted by Fabian Kaelin and the unbelievably beautiful Lacey began with highlights from Episode #5. I could look at Lacey all day. Bonus matches included Los Ponchos Guapos (Kaos & Aaron Aguilera) vs. The Trailer Park Boyz (Nate Webb & Josh Raymond), followed by Keepin' It Gangsta (Babi Slymm & Ruckus) vs. Alkatrazz & Luke Hawx.

Wrestling Society X - Episode #6

Scorpio Sky vs. Jack Evans: The writers put some serious thought into Scorpio's "Most Likely to Succeed" gimmick, having him go around bragging about awards he received during his lifetime. Jack Evans continued to be the poster boy for Wrestling Society X with another well-earned victory.

That 70's Team (Joey Magnum Ryan & The Disco Machine) vs. D.I.F.H. (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black): It's amazing how much thought has been put into some of these gimmicks. It's very hard to explain the inner workings of the D.I.F.H., but when you see it you will understand. Tyler Black is full of rage, and Jimmy Jacobs is over emotional. There are literally hundred's of punch-lines you could use to describe That 70's Team. Joey Ryan got to show off his ass, and Disco Machine scored the pin to pick up the victory for his team.

Ricky Banderas (aka Judas Mesias in TNA) hit the ring and disposed of Fabian Kaelin. Banderas grabbed the microphone and complained about Vampiro burning his face and called out the WSX Champion. Vampiro came out and 6-PAC attacked him from behind and joined Ricky Banderas in a double-team until Youth Suicide came out to help Vampiro! Vampiro brawled with 6-PAC as Banderas and Suicide brawled out of sight. During the chaos a fan got knocked down and possible out by a trash can. Ricky Banderas reemerged up in the rafters and launched poor Youth Suicide down three stories to the floor below (cool stunt). Ricky Banderas then posed as blood spewed from his mouth (like it does in TNA). The poor clueless Hollywood extras were horrified by the stunt and were probably wondering what they were getting themselves into!

WSXtra: The Internet-based show hosted by Fabian Kaelin and the insanely hot Lacey began with highlights from Episode #6, including the craziness that went down between Ricky Banderas, Vampiro, 6-PAC, and Youth Suicide. Bonus matches included El Hombre Blanco Enmascarado vs. Matt Sydal w/Lizzy Valentine. Big props to Lizzy Valentine for being drop dead gorgeous and NOT resorting to slutty uncreative gimmicks to get over. Matt Sydal won, and the WSX censors did a piss-poor job of bleeping the "Pussy Whipped" chant from the fans. WSXtra also presented a match between The Trailer Park Boys (Nate Webb & Josh Raymond) and Alkatrazz & Luke Hawx.

Wrestling Society X - Episode #7

This episode of Wrestling Society X started with the monster Ricky Banderas power-bombing the Quiet Riot roadie off the stage through a table. Quiet Riot was the special guest band that performed live at the event. Then the members of the Quiet Riot band joined commentary and acted like nothing had happened. I swear, roadies in the music business just don't get any respect these days!

Arik Cannon & Vic Grimes vs. The Cartel (Delikado & Lil Cholo): They called Vic Grimes a "Hardcore Legend" - okay, if you say so. Near the end of the match, a hot mystery masked girl wrestler interfered and attacked the Cartel and helped Grimes and Cannon win. The mystery girl, who would later be named "Nic Grimes," was my favorite girl wrestler, Sara Del Rey! Yes!!!!

Human Tornado vs. Matt Sydal w/Lizzy Valentine: Backstage before the match, Matt Sydal found Lizzy Valentine reading what she claimed was a "fan letter." Out in the ring, the self-proclaimed "pimp," Human Tornado, tried to recruit Lizzy Valentine into his "stable" of TornadHos. Once the match got started, Tornado did a dive over the top rope and landed in the first four rows, causing the fans to fall like dominos (literally!). This was one of the best matches of the entire season. Lizzy got involved and accidentally dropped the "fan letter," which Matt Sydal picked up and it caused him to lose the match. Sydal obviously blamed Lizzy and walked out. Backstage Lizzy said she doesn't date losers, but when Sydal wanted to read the letter she ripped it up. Sydal hit the showers and 6-PAC walked up to Lizzy and asked "what are you doing with that guy, anyway?" - I wonder if Lizzy saw 6-PAC's movie "One Night in Chyna."

The Filth & The Fury (Teddy Hart & Matt Cross) vs. Los Ponchos Guapos (Kaos & Aaron Aguilera): Teddy The Filth & Matt The Fury are undefeated so-far, and being groomed to dominate the tag team division. Aaron Aguilera was not focused on the match, instead opting to flirt with the mamacitas at ringside. Teddy Hart climbed up to the balcony and did a picture perfect moonsault, but landed right on his forehead after his legs it his opponent and the top part of his body went down hard. Inside the ring, Aguilera managed to capitalize and score the victory, thus ending Cross & Hart's undefeated streak. Aaron Aguilera is a phenomenal wrestler but the gimmick he has chosen to run with is completely retarded.

WSXtra: The Internet-based show hosted by Fabian Kaelin and the sensational Lacey started with the usual highlights of Episode #7. Bonus matches included Alkatrazz & Luke Hawx vs. Keepin' It Gangsta (Babi Slymm & Ruckus) and Scorpio Sky vs. Youth Suicide. Ricky Banderas showed up and attacked Youth Suicide in the middle of the match. It is essential that you watch these episodes of WSXtra.

Wrestling Society X - Episode #8

Los Ponchos Guapos (Kaos & Aaron Aguilera) vs. The Cartel (Delikado & Lil Cholo): The announcers were hyping the creation of a WSX Tag Team championship so it appears they were completely oblivious to the inevitable demise of the product. B-Boy looks so dumb in his Delikado mask, why couldn't he just be B-Boy? The Cartel scored what I would consider an upset victory with some help from their entourage. The Cartel put a dead fish on Kaos' chest before leaving the ring.

WSX Title Match - Vampiro vs. Ricky Banderas: This was the closest thing to a high profile main event that WSX could provide for its fans. Every other match before this was lightning fast, but they really slowed down the pace for this one. They had two caskets set up at ringside; one was rigged with explosives and one was wrapped in barbed wire. They fought up to the performer's stage, where Banderas power-bombed Vampiro onto a table covered with light tubes. They ended up back in the ring, where Ricky Banderas choke-slammed Vampiro off the ring apron through the barbed wire casket (which exploded) and scored the pin to capture the WSX championship!!!!

WSXtra: The Internet-based show hosted by Fabian Kaelin and Too Sexy Little Lacey began with a highlight reel of stuff that happened on Episode #8, including the "explosive" championship match between Vampiro and Ricky Banderas. The first bonus match featured the reprogrammed version of Team Dragon Gate (Yoshino & Horiguchi) vs. D.I.F.H. (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black). The mystery man who abducted the Dragon Gate boys is called "Sakota," so I think he MIGHT be former WWE wrestler "Ryan Sakota" - but I might be wrong. Whoever Sakota is, he did a phenomenal job "reprogramming" his boys and elevating their game. They wrestled at a lightning-fast pace which is a trademark of the Dragon Gate promotion in Japan. The next bonus match featured Matt Classic (Colt Cabana) & El Hombre Blanco Enmascarada (translates to White Guy with a Mask) vs. The Trailer Park Boys (Nate Webb & Josh Raymond) vs. That 70's Team (Joey Magnum Ryan & Disco Machine) in a three-way tag team match. They also aired an empty arena dance contest between Jack Evans and Human Tornado with various personalities judging. Jack Evans vs. Human Tornado in a wrestling match on next week's episode.

Wrestling Society X - Episode #9

Episode #9 was the final episode of Wrestling Society X that was presented to the fans on MTV.

Alkatrazz & Luke Hawx vs. Arik Cannon & Vic Grimes: In certain circles, Vic Grimes is considered a legend, but I seriously don't see what all the fuss is about. The best thing about Vic Grimes is his masked "sister" Nic Grimes (aka Sara Del Rey). Vic Grimes got blown up in some kind of WSX light tube structure, leaving Arik Cannon to get finished off by Alkatrazz and Luke Hawx.

Los Ponchos Guapos challenged The Cartel to a Piranha Death Match on the WSX Season Finale.

6-PAC vs. Scorpio Sky: If I have to pick five guys who I thought would use WSX to become a break-out star, one of them would be Scorpio Sky - I'm not sure why he hasn't shown up in other promotions since his appearances on WSX. 6-PAC practically squashed poor Scorpio in a few short minutes. After the match, the lovely Lacey interviewed Lizzy Valentine and Matt Sydal about the rumors that something is going on between Lizzy and 6-PAC. Lizzy basically blew off the questions and stormed off.

Jack Evans vs. Human Tornado: In what started as a Dance-off on last week's WSXtra, Jack Evans locked it up with Human Tornado in a match that could have been an instant classic if it wasn't for limited time and excessive editing. Around the ten-minute mark, just when things were getting interesting, ring announcer Fabian Kaelin entered the ring and declared the match a draw. Boooo!

Team Dragon Gate challenged The Filth & The Fury to an Exploding Cage Match on the WSX Season Finale.

WSXtra: The Internet-based show hosted by Fabian Kaelin and Lacey included exclusive matches between Keepin' It Gangsta (Ruckus & Babi Slymm) vs. The Trailer Park Boys (Josh Raymond & Spyder Nate Webb) and That 70's Team (Joey Ryan & Disco Machne) vs. D.I.F.H. (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black). Lacey and Fabian announced the upcoming tag team title tournament, which would actually never happen. This episode ended with some clips of the Jack Evans vs. Human Tornado match that was edited out of Episode #9.

Wrestling Society X - Episode #10

Episode #10 is the never before seen unaired Season Finale, where they put all their eggs in one basket hoping to save the show.

Piranha Death Match - Los Ponchos Guapos (Aaron Aguilera & Kaos) vs. The Cartel (Delikado & Lil Cholo): They had actual live fish swimming around a fish tank at ringside, but I'm not sure if they were actually piranhas. After a few minutes, Kaos took the dive into the talk, but it didn't look like the fish cared much. Interesting match.

Vampiro interrupted Scorpio Sky's interview time and dragged him to the ring to beat him up and call out WSX Champion Ricky Banderas. Vampiro took out all the referees and a whole bunch of WSX wrestlers who came in to help restore order. Ricky Banderas finally hit the ring and went after Vampiro. They brawled out the side door.

Matt Sydal barged in on Lizzy Valentine and 6-PAC, and attacked 6-PAC, who fought back and told Lizzy to "Shut Up B*tch!"

Exploding Cage Time Bomb Death Match - Team Dragon Gate (Yoshino & Horiguchi) vs. The Filth & The Fury (Teddy Hart & Matt Cross): This match was right down Teddy Hart's ally - a match where mindless circus acrobatics are more valuable than actual wrestling skills. There was a time bomb hanging over the ring which had a detonation button. The match was full of elaborate Hollywood-stunts including Teddy Hart doing a shooting star press off the scaffolding. Yoshino climbed up the scaffold and hit the detonation button and ten seconds later it exploded (with some creative digital effects).

WSXtra: The final episode of the Internet-based show hosted by Fabian Kaelin and the picturesque Lacey started with highlights from the Piranha Death Match and Exploding Cage Timebomb Death Match. The one exclusive match was a four-way tag team match between Keepin' It Gangsta (Ruckus & Babi Slymm) vs. The Trailer Park Boys (Josh Raymond & Spyder Nate Webb) vs. That 70's Team (Joey Ryan & Disco Machne) vs. D.I.F.H. (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black)

Disc #4 - Bonus Material

Casting Tapes: This started with a video of ome of the most sick and twisted moments in Combat Zone Wrestling history - stuff that really turns me off, and I almost aborted the task of watching this section but I'm glad I didn't. After that short disgusting video, we were treated to a tape of the Cage of Death match from the 2004 event. Previous Cage of Death matches featured out-of-shape ugly hardcore wrestlers, but this one showcased a bunch of skinny high-flying Junior Heavyweights. I have wanted to see this match for a long time, and it was the highlight of Disc #4 (besides the Lacey part). Next they had an old match with (Kid) Kaos taking on Supreme at a King of the Deathmatch show that I didn't watch because it was XPW and I don't approve of, or support, anything put out by XPW. Finally they showed a train-wreck of a match between Mickie Knuckles and Rachel Putski trying to recreate the Taipei Deathmatch. I don't really have any interest in watching girls bleed all over each other - but some people might find that enjoyable. Lord help us. Watch the Cage of Death.

We Want more Lizzy!: This section includes a spicy Bikini video, a Promo video about Lizzy's unique WSX character, and finally a Pre-WSX match featuring Lizzy Valentine vs. Arizona-based wrestler Morgan. Nice touch.

We Want more Lacey!: I always want more Lacey. This section includes an extremely sexy video photo shoot that will have your - heart - throbbing. To my surprise, they also included a Pre-WSX match from the world famous SHIMMER promotion - Lacey vs. Sara Del Rey (aka Nic Grimes) vs. Daizee Haze vs. Mercedes Martinez! This is one of the best matches in SHIMMER history so I now you'll love it!

Music Videos: Featuring videos of Vampiro, Alkatrazz & Luke Hawx, That 70's Team, and The Trailer Park Boyz.

The Transformation of Fabian Kaelin: This was a nine minute bizarre promo by Fabian Kaelin with some cool special effects, but it kind of got old around the two minute mark. Fabian cuts a tremendous promo, sort of like Raven, but whoever put this segment together fell short of its potential.

Script Gallery: What's the F*cking point of this?

Big Vision Trailers: Featuring trailers for "Doin' Time With New Jack" and "Wrestling Society X: The Complete First & Last Season"..

What Do I Think of Wrestling Society X?

When you watch this stuff you can't have the mindset you would normally have while watching a professional wrestling match. You have to put all of that aside and just enjoy the choreography and think of it as a three ring circus where things get blown up a lot. It's got just enough wrestling content to appeal to a wrestling fans, but I reckon just about anybody can watch this stuff. I enjoyed exploring WSX!

After you finishing watching your WSX DVD's, you can pull them out after a couple of months and watch them again, but be sure to activate the alternate commentary provided by the WSX creative team, Kevin Klienrock and Dr. Keith Lipinski for some entertaining insight into the making of each episode. Dr. Keith has the most unique sense of humor, and shares his own hilarious observations of the product.

Reviewed by Brad Dykens on January 5, 2008

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