World Women's Wrestling

Pick Your Poison: Who Face's Who?

Description: The "Pick Your Poison" concept involves three competitors, in this case Portia Perez, WWW Champion Tanya Lee, and Jana, choosing their opponents at random by drawing from three names out of a hat; those names being Lexxus, "The Portuguese Princess" Ariel, and Nikki Roxx.

The show kicked off with a terribly unfair Handicap match between the Daughters of Darkness (Della Morte and Mistress Belmont) and the experienced Violet Flame - who came out to the ring to the tune of "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix. You couldn't help but feel bad for poor Violet faced with the task of wrestling these two gothic monsters. Mistress Belmont looks like she'd actually be a very pretty girl without the Goth gimmickry and make-up. Violet took a bad beating but took advantage of some brief miscommunication by the Daughters to connect with a flying cross-body off the second rope on both Goths for the miraculous 1-2-3 victory ( 5 / 10 ).

Alere Little Feather is a cute girl wrestler, who has a good gimmick, a great look, a great attitude, and I've seen her work successfully as both a babyface and a heel - I have yet to find a flaw in her style. Her opposition for the night was the lovely Amber - who reminds me of the girl that every guy had a crush on in high school. We had two babyface talents wrestling for honor and the appreciation of the fans. They went back and forth for about 10-minutes before Amber scored a backslide pin to get a well deserved victory ( 6.5 / 10 ). Amber and Alere shook hands and showed respect for each other after the match.

Wearing the ever-familiar pink and black, my fellow Canadian Portia Perez, was the first of three competitors to "Pick Your Poison," and managed to pick the name of the ultra sweet Lexxus. This is a perfect example of not judging a book by its cover, as both of these girls are insanely cute and don't look like much. However, once the bell rings you will see that both are very skilled and ferocious grapplers. You might say it makes the match twice as easy to watch. Lexxus scored the 1-2-3 over Portia Perez with a Northern Lights Suplex out of the corner ( 7 / 10 ).

Up next was a special challenge match between "The Jersey Jezebel" Alicia and Kayla Sparks, who has been a good friend of for quite some time. I've seen a handful of Alicia matches but I am having a difficult time forming a solid opinion of her. I'm not sure if I like or dislike her - I guess I'm undecided. I am a big fan of Sparks, no doubt aboot it (purposely misspelled because I'm Canadian). Alicia is very vocal during her matches, talking smack and jawing with the fans between wrestling holds. Alicia was victorious over young Kayla Sparks when this one was all said and done ( 6.5 / 10 ).

Match number two of the "Pick Your Poison" series saw a heel Jana pick "The Portuguese Princess" Ariel's name out of the hat. Before the match could get started, the referee found a small chain concealed on Jana's person. To quote announcer Sheldon Goldberg, Jana is a tough customer. Ariel pinned Jana after the Dariel finisher ( 7 / 10 ). The "poison" has been extremely lethal up until this point.

Sean Gorman accompanied the WWW Champion Tanya Lee out to the ring to face her "Poison," the only remaining name in the hat, hometown favorite Nikki Roxx. This "luck of the draw" couldn't have made Gorman's camp very happy, since the previous night Lee had defeated Roxx in what was supposed to be Roxx's final shot at the title. Sean Gorman ruled that if Nikki Roxx lost then she would not get another shot at the title for 60 days. Okay, that doesn't make sense - even after I rewound the DVD twice to make sure I got it right. Anyway, the match started fast and furious with Sean Gorman interfering and getting ejected from ringside right off the bat! Nikki Roxx is wearing a new green and black outfit that I've never seen her in. Since it's my little tradition, and people would start to wonder if I didn't mention it, I have to mention that Nikki Roxx has the best ass in the wrestling business. Tanya Lee actually scored a quick pinfall, but the referee realized that Roxx had her foot on the ropes so he restarted the match. After about ten more minutes of action, Tanya Lee scored the pinfall after a Face-buster completely unassisted in the rough battle ( 8 / 10 ). Well it looks like WWW Champion Tanya Lee was the only competitor out of the three that was immune to the lethal dose of "poison" put forth by the NECW office.

After the match, Alicia showed up and verbally berated Nikki Roxx for falling so far down the ladder of success. Roxx snapped and attacked Alicia and they had to be physically separated by five men (which apparently wasn't enough to keep these two women apart). Since Roxx is out of the title picture, I guess she will be feuding with Alicia for the next 90 days or so.

BONUS MATCH: Also included on this DVD is the first ever WWW match at the first ever WWW event held 11 months before this show. It featured young Alexa Thatcher taking on Synndy - whom I have never heard of. Alexa (no relation to the legendary Les Thatcher) is a good looking heel who was accompanied to the ring by Missy Sampson. Synndy is a bouncy blonde babyface who didn't immediately appeal to me, but she turned out to be not half bad. Anyway, I recommend you watch the bonus match first because it is somewhat anti-climatic when preceded by the Roxx/Lee main event.

Reviewed by Brad Dykens on October 12, 2007.

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