Triple H's entrance music hits and the crowd pops. Triple H comes to the stage, accompanied by his wife, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, and stand there for a few seconds before making their way to the ring..

The sound of Ric Flair chants fill the arena as Flair's music begins to play. The Nature Boy walks proud towards the ring with a valet on both arms..

Flair and Triple H stare eachother down in the ring as the referee explains the rules of the bout. Two falls, one hour time limit.. The bell rings, and the match begins..

Flair chops away at Triple H's chest as HHH back into a corner.. Flair struts back and forth in the ring and lets out a "WHhooo!!" for the crowd.. Triple H is upset..

The two competitors exchange bodyslams and hip toss's.. Pushing eachother around, trying to outdo the other..

Triple H lays Flair out with a punch, Flair gets up dazed and confused, doing a Flair Flop.. HHH picks Flair up and whips him into the corner, where The Nature Boy goes head first flipping himself over the top rope and walking into a 3H Clotheline.. The fight goes to the outside..

Flair fights back with chops and a rack of the eyes.. The two dirtiest players in the game jump the rail and fight in the crowd..

HHH sets Flair up for the Pedigree on the concrete, but Flair backdrops 3H instead. Flair mounts Helmsley and lays in the punches to the forhead, Triple H is now busted open..

Flair returns to the ring, Helmsley follows with flowing blood.. Flair continues the assult, and Helmsley backs off.. The Referee steps in to check Triple H.. Flair attacks again and the Ref holds Flair back, meanwhile Stephanie hands 3H as set of Brass Knuckles.. Flair approaches again but is nailed with a solid hit to the forhead and falls to the mat.. 3H hands off the knucks to SMH..

Flair is busted wide open now and the two men seem exausted.. 3H body slams Flair to the mat and makes the cover for the two count..Flair recovers, and rips 3H into the ropes hitting the clothesline on the way back..

Flair sets up for the Figure Four and locks it on.. Helmsley screams in pain as Flair reaches for the ropes for leverage.. Pulling as 3H screams louder, the Ref looks and Flair looks innocent.. Flair tries it again but the Ref sees it and calls to break the hold.. But the damage is done..

Helmsley limps around the ring as Flair jaws with the Referee... 3H kicks Flair in the gut and shoves his head between his knees, and nails the Predigree!!

The two men lay on their backs in the middle of the ring as the referee administers the ten count, getting to nine before Helmsley makes it to to his feet.. He stomps on Flair..

Flair climbs the ropes to the top, but is caught and 3H flips him to the mat.. 3H goes to the second rope and waits for a few seconds.. Flair rises and sets up Helmsley for the superplex, but Helmsley pushes Flair down and covers immediately, lifting his feet to the second rope for leverage on the pin..

1...2.......3... Triple H wins!!

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