The fued begins when Ravishing Rick Rude pull Val Venis's sister out of the crowd to experience a special Rude Awakening (long passionate Kiss).. Suddenly Val comes out of no where and attacks Rude.. Edge (who is married to Val's sister) joins in the assult but Rude smashes Edge over the leg with a steele chair.. Val challenges Rude to a "towel" match at the next PPV! The rules are that a wrestler's corner man must throw in the towel for the match to end..

With Val's sister sitting in the front row, the Ravishing One struts towards the ring and stands in front of her.. He removes his robe and twists his hips to her 'amusement'.. Bobby Heenen comes to thing with Rude's specially made "Ravishing" towel..

Val & Edge sprint to the ring and knocks Rude off his feet.. Val throws Rude into the ring and the bell rings.. Edge takes a position in Val's corner...

Val takes his frustrations out on Rude for several minutes before the Brain reaches in and trips Val!! Edge runs around the ring and chases Heenan around the ring until Rude distracts him.. Rude powerslams Val onto the mat.. Knee-drop! Rude yells at Edge to throw the towel in now to save Val the pain..

After some back-and-forth action, Bobby The Brain once again gets involved, distracting the referee while Rude smashes Val with a steel chair.. Val Venis is busted open and bleeding!!

Rude continues his methodical assult on a beaten Val Venis.. Edge looks on with concern as his brother-in-law slowly loses blood.. Rude spits at Edge begging him to toss in the towel on Val's behalf.. Edge refuses..

Bobby Heenan once again gets up on the apron to distract the referee.. Rude goes to bounce off the ropes but Edge surprises him with a chairshot to the back!!! Heenan, realizing his interferance backfired, cusses at the fans in the front row who are yelling at him..

Val gets back to his feet and starts kicking Rude.. Val throws Rude into the ropes and clothes lines him.. Val struggles to the top rope and delivers a weak looking money shot on the Ravishing One! Val hurts himself and rolls out of the ring..

Edge helps his Brother-in-law back into the ring.. where a weary Rude is waiting.. Rude swings at Val, who ducks, Val pushes Rude into the corner! Rude bounces back and elbows Val in the face!! Both wrestlers fall to the mat...

Heenen looks concerned for the first time in this match.. Edge cheers Val on from ringside.. The two race to their feet.. Once there, the throw wild punches at eachother.. Rude steps backwards to into the ropes and bounces off aiming a clothes line at Val's head! Val ducks and Rude falls out of the ring, hitting his head on the ringsteps and busting himself open hardway..

Heenen motivates Rude back into the ring.. Where he struggles to his feet.. Val grabs Rude and locks him up for a suplex.. Val pulls him over and lands on the mat hard!

Val climbs the top ropes again and jumps off but this time he misses his spot! Rude moves out of the way.. Edge yells for Val to hang in there.. Rude gets to his feet and look in Edge's direction.. "Throw the towel in you pussy!" Rude shots at Edge, who gets on the apron.. While the referee admonishes Edge, Heenen passes a set of brass knucks to Rude who whallops Val on his already bloody forehead flattening him in a heartbeat! Rude falls to the mat too and slide the weapon out of the ring, where Heenan collects it..

Rude slowly gets to his feet as the crowd boos.. Val hasn't moved.. Rude pulls Val's limp body into a camel-clutch.. Rude pulls back on Val's head.. Val's eyes are closed and blood is pouring from his forhead! Edge bangs on the apron yelling in desperation.. Val's sister (Edge's wife) jumps the rail and pleads with Edge to throw in the towel.. Edge considers it.. SHe grabs the towel from Edge's hands and throws it into the ring! The referee rings the bell and the match is over!

Ravishing Rick Rude is declared the winner.. Edge & Val's sister get into the ring to check on Val.. Heenen pulls Rude from the sweat-soaked ring and they retreat to the lockeroom..

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