With so many amazing performers on the independent circuit these days I often fantasize over what the ultimate pay per view would consist of if I could be in charge, and have every available independent wrestler willing to work the event. So here's what I came up with, I hope you like it. REMEMBER THIS IS A FANTASY CARD THESE RESULTS DID NOT ACTUALLY HAPPEN!

Elimination Tables Match: Teddy Hart & TJ Wilson & Harry Smith & Jack Evans & B-Boy vs Special K..
This match would be a brutal spotfest with everyone taking big bumps through tables, eliminations would be back and forth, keeping it relitively even until B-Boy finishes off Deranged at the end to win!

Tag Team Scramble: Backseat Boyz vs Briscoe Brothers vs Ballard Brothers vs The SAT
With a one fall stipulation, we have many near falls broken up, but with the Ballards and the Briscoes fighting through the crowd, the SAT hit Johnny Kashmere with the spanish fly to pick up the victory..

Five-Way Double Elimination Match: Shark Boy vs Jerry Lynn vs Jimmy Jacobs vs Ruckus vs Chris Sabin
Lots of unique matchups here, Chris Sabin comes out on top, pinning Jerry Lynn after 40 minutes of Junior Heavyweight action..

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Christopher Daniels vs C.M. Punk w/Lucy
A brutal and bloody match that goes all over the arena including the balcony and the consession stand where CM Punk gets busted open when he's thrown into the popcorn maker. The brawls finds its way inside of the back of a transfer truck, when the doors mysteriously get slammed shut with the camera man inside. The brawl continues as the truck pulls away. Daniels and Punk bounce eachother off the walls of the truck with his moving down a highway. Three minutes later the truck comes to a stop and the doors open and Daniels and Punk take the fight out to the streets. Chris Daniels throws C.M. Punk through the window of a liquir store and pins him on top of a pile of budwiesers!

Tag Team Match: Spanky & Paul London vs American Dragon & Michael Shane
A battle of Shawn Michaels trainees dazzles the audience with an action packed match capped off with Dragon and Shane hitting stereo moonsaults onto Spanky & London.

Woman's Match: Cheerleader Melissa vs LuFisto
Cheerleader Melissa busts LuFisto open with a stack of light tubes hidden under the ring, all behind the referees back. LuFisto fights back with a literal crimson mask and hits a moonsault on Melissa, but can't get the three-count. Melissa capitolizes when LuFisto throws her knees out and nails a frankensteiner for the win!

Triple Ladder Match: Sonjay Dutt vs Jody Fleish vs Amazing Red.
Another spotfest, with the ladders coming into play earlier. Match ends when all three ladders are set up and all three wrestling climb up. Amazing Red was in the middle, so he just pushed the other two ladders, sending his opponents crashing to the floor, before grabbing the championship belt from high above.

STRONG STYLE Match: Matt Stryker vs Matt Striker
Just cause I think it's funny, a sensational wrestling match that ends with Stryker pinning Striker to win the right to use the name exclusively.

Submission Match: Homicide vs Low Ki
Brutality only scratches the surface when discribing the match. Both men were beaten and blooded by the end of this match, which saw Low Ki make Homicide tap out to the Dragon Sleeper.

Triple Threat: Sabu vs Jinsei Shinzaki vs Hayabusa
On loan from Japan, Hayabusa & Jinsei Shinzaki (aka Hakushi) double-team Subu for the first half of the match before turning on eachother. Sabu mounts a comback and nails a legdrop on both men through a table to score the pin!

Steele Cage Match: Steve Corino vs AJ Styles.
This match is for the undisputed Independent Heavyweight championship. 35-minutes of back-and-forth action complete with a restart after both men escaped the cage at the same time. The match finally ended when AJ Styles handcuffed a bloody Steve Corino to the cage and tried to escape through the door, but RAVEN showed up and smashed the door into Styles' face, and released Corino from the handcuffs and dragged his unconscious body out of the ring giving Steve Corino the win!

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