Enrique Casteles' FANTASY MATCHES

WWE vs Independent - Super Crazy defeats Billy Kidman
[ A lot of high spots in this match, getting the crowd at the edge of their seats. ]

Low Ki defeats Tajiri
[ Some excellent spots, and amazing martial arts kicks. ]

Rey Mysterio Jr defeats Amazing Red
[ Insane high spots, cruiserweight championship match. ]

I Quit Match - Raven defeats Randy Orton
[ A lot of extreme spots, Raven schooling Randy Orton in a match of this stipulation. ]

Submission Match - Chris Benoit defeats John Walters
[ Walters taps to the Crippler Crossface. ]

Falls Count Anywhere - Nick Mondo defeats Cactus Jack
[ Hardcore Championship match, total bloodbath - hardcore wrestling at its finest. ]

Two out of Three Falls - Christopher Daniels defeats Eddie Guerrero
[ Intercontinental Championship match, Guerrero wins first fall with a triple vertical suplex. Then he goes up for the frog splash, Daniels rolls out of the way and pins Eddie for the second fall. Christopher wins the third fall with a Last Rites. ]

Ladder Match - Rob Van Dam defeats AJ Styles
[ The grand finale. A ton of high spots, extreme maneuvers and an all-around insane match. World Championship match. ]

[ Old school ] WWF vs WCW
WCW: Dennis Rodman defeats WWF: Pete Rose [ Heh heh. ]
WCW: The Outisders defeat WWF: New Age Outlaws
WCW: Arn Anderson defeats WWF: Sgt Slaughter
WWF: Road Warriors defeat WCW: Steiner Brothers
WWF: Ultimate Warriors defeats WCW: Lex Luger
WWF: Jimmy Snuka defeats WCW: Jushin Lyger
WWF: Shawn Michaels defeats WCW: Diamond Dallas Page
WWF: The Undertaker defeats WCW: Big Van Vader
WWF: Mr. Perfect defeats WCW: Dean Malenko
WCW: The Giant defeats WWF: Yokozuna
WWF: Stone Cold defeats WCW: Bill Goldberg
WCW: Sting defeats WWF: Bret Hart
WWF: Hulk Hogan defeats WCW: Ric Flair
Victory goes to WWF.
Old School vs New School
Jimmy Snuka vs Rob Van Dam
Road Warriors vs Dudley Boys
Chris Benoit vs Bret Hart
Randy Orton vs "Cowboy" Bob Orton
Ricky Steamboat vs Chris Jericho
Kurt Angle vs Ken Patera
Tiger Mask I vs Tiger Mask IV
Dean Malenko vs Charlie Haas
Ric Flair vs Chris Sabin
The Rock vs Fred Blassie
Bruno Sammartino vs Brock Lesnar
Andre The Giant vs Big Show
Irwin R. Schyster vs John "Bradshaw" Layfield
Pedro Morales vs CW Anderson
Randy Savage vs AJ Styles
Shawn Michaels vs Michael Shane
Sting vs Christopher Daniels
Big John Studd vs Kane
Jake Roberts vs Stone Cold
Hulk Hogan vs Triple H

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