Mick Foley Bumps

  1. Vs The Undertaker. King of the Ring, Hell in the Cell. Thrown off the top of the Cage onto the spanish announce table.

  2. Vs The Undertaker King of the Ring, Hell in the Cell. Chokeslammed through the top of the cage.

  3. Vs Triple H. No Way Out 2000, Hell in the Cell. Backdropped through the cage.

  4. Vs Terry Funk 1995 King of the Death Match: Cactus attempts to drop the elbow on Terry Funk from a ladder, but Funk tips the ladder and Cactus falls into the barbed wire "ropes"

  5. Vs Shawn Michaels In Your House: Mind Games, WWF Title Match. Off the apron, through the spanish announce table.

  6. Vs Mil Mascaras February 6, 1990 WCW Clash of the Champions -- Cactus Jack went for his running elbow off the apron and landed hard on his hip.

  7. Vs The Nasty Boys 1994 WCW, Cactus and Maxx Payne vs. The Nasty Boys: At the end of the match Sags (I think) just shoves Cactus off of the entrance ramp onto the concrete floor. It may not sound like much, but it sure looks like it would hurt and even looks like Foley wasn't expecting it. Adding insult to injury, Knobs hits him in the face with a shovel as he lays motionless.

  8. Vs Big Van Vader1993 WCW: Vader powerbombs Cactus on the concrete floor. This match is not on his DVD, but the move is shown on the menu animation of Disc 1

  9. Vs Terry Funk Monday Night Raw. In a match fighting eachother, Funk and Foley are thrown into a Dumpster by The New Age Outlaws and pushed off the stage.

  10. Vs The Rock1999 (I think) WWF: The Rock hits Mankind with the Rock Bottom on the hood of a white car. Afterwards the hood has a massive dent in it. I think this was part of his Titantron video at some point.

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