Wrestling News Items of All-time

  1. The Chris Benoit Tragedy: On June 25, 2007, authorities discovered the bodies of Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy (known professionally as "Woman") and their 7-year old son Daniel. The details emerged over the next few days that Chris Benoit strangled his wife to death on Saturday and then soffocated his son on Sunday and took his own life Monday morning. The news struck the wrestling world and millions of promoters, wrestlers, and fans were left confused, betrayed and furious. For the first time ever, it looks as though a wrestling death will truly change the wrestling business.

  2. Vince McMahon Blown Up in Limousine Explosion:

  3. The Montreal Screwjob: Vince McMahon screwed Bret Hart out of the WWF Heavyweight Title when Bret refused to follow the proposed script. Vince finally caved and agreed to let Bret lose by DQ finish, thereby leaving his championship in tact.. However, plans changed as Vince McMahon went to ringside when Shawn Michaels locked the sharpshooter on Bret, and referee Earl Hebner signalled for the bell even though it was obvious Hart did not submit.. Hebner bolted as Vince called for Timekeeper Yeaton to ring the bell.. Hart got to his feet and spat at Vince while Michaels did his best to look shocked.. Years later, Michaels would admit to knowing all along.. Vince, Gerald Brisco, Hebner & Michaels were the only ones in on the screwjob..

  4. Owen Hart's Tragic Accident: The saddest story to ever occur in wrestling's storied history is that of Owen Hart.. A true hero in the world of wrestling.. A man who's love for his family had to be seen to be believed.. Owen was riding out his contract with the WWF before he planned to retire early to spend time with his family.. Owen's life was tragically taken during a Live WWF Pay Per View when he was supposed to float down on a rope super-hero style, but for some reason the pully system malfunctioned and Owen plunched to a most unfortunate death.. This resulted in a temporary change in policies within the WWF, where stunts were toned down.. However within a year, the Hardyz, Dudleyz & E&Cs of the world were taking more crazy risks..

  5. Eddie Guerrero's Death:

  6. Vince McMahon Purchases WCW: Vince McMahon beat WCW down for over a year.. Then when the company was just about to roll over and die, Vince threw some money and Turner and took the company off his hands.. Vince picked up the contract of many wrestlers, which some wrestlers chose to sit out their lucritive deals with Ted Turner.. Guys like Bill Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan & Shane Douglas sat home and collected millions of dollars for pickin' his nose.. But the bottom line was, Vince could now say that he LITERALLY eliminated the competition.. Which ended up having a negitive effect.. With no competition, ratings began to fall and interest in wrestling decreased..

  7. Kurt Angle jumps to Total Nonstop Action:

  8. Bruiser Brody Murdered in Puerto Rico:

  9. Implementation of the Wellness Policy:

  10. Vince Russo Screws Hulk Hogan, Reality Style: Vince Russo proved many things during his time with World Championship Wrestling, one thing he proved was that he had little patience for anyone who wouldn't be his puppet.. Hulk Hogan thought that he had been around far to long to let Vince Russo throw him into some ridiculous storyline.. Hogan & Russo butted heads several times trying to find a suitable storyline that made both parties happen.. Finally, Russo snapped.. Russo instructed Jeff Jarrett to lay down in the ring allowing a confused Hulk Hogan to pin him and win the WCW World Title.. only to have Russo proclaim that THAT World title was dropped, and a NEW WCW WORLD TITLE would be decided later in the night in a match between Booker T & Jeff Jarrett.. Hulk Hogan left the arena immediately and never showed up in WCW again..

  11. Plane Crashes With Ric Flair Inside:

  12. Get the "F" Out, WWE is Born: When the WWF went public on the stock market, the panda lovers at the World Wildlife Fund got money signs in their eyes and attacked Vince McMahon with several lawsuits over the copyright of the WWF name.. Instead of paying unrealitic royalties to the Wildlife Fund, Vince decided to "get the 'f' out" and put in an e which stood for Entertainment.

  13. Vincent K. McMahon Raids NWA Territories: When Vince McMahon Sr. passed away, Vince Jr. went on a shopping spree.. He began grabbing wrestlers from many of the smaller territories with the intention on taking HIS company to national status at the expense of all others.. His prime attraction being Hulk Hogan, who he snagged from AWA, he purchased Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling, bringing Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid into the fed.. McMahon also lured in his top heel, Roddy Piper, his 'biggest' attraction Andre The Giant, Iron Sheik, Junk Yard Dog, Nickolai Volkoff, King Kong Bundy, Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat and many many others..

  14. Kliq Farewell Disrupt WWF Flow: At the WWF House Show that was scheduled to be Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) & Diesel's (Kevin Nash) last appearance before jumping to the WWF, Diesel challenged WWF Champion, Shawn Michaels, in a CAGE match.. When HBK defeated Big Daddy Cool, Razor & Hunter Huerst Helmley (best friends in real life, but enemies in storyline) gathered in the ring to wish eachother well.. The 123Kid (aka XPac) would have been there, but he was injured.. Hall & Nash left, Michaels flurished as champion, and Hunter was punished for a year, getting booked in Hog Pen matches with Henry Godwin..

  15. The Gay Wedding - Raping the Media: The WWE was getting really desperate during their ratings slump, and wanted to find something to get people talking.. Since nobody was watching their show, they had to get other shows to start talking about them.. But how? They created two outragous storylines; on RAW they had "Hot Lesbian Action", and nobody wanted to touch that, but Smackdown! played host to a "Gay Wedding" between two wrestlers, who were Straight in real life.. The media ate it up, and then the WWE spit in the faces of everybody who fell for it.. The ratings, didn't really change, but they really screwed themselves for future media coverage..

  16. WWF Writers Jump Ship to WCW: Vince Russo & Ed Ferarra suddenly leave the WWF to join WCW..

  17. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall Lured to WCW: Razor Ramon & Diesel were two of the most successful characters in the Mid-90s WWF.. Razor dominated the Intercontinental division while Diesel held the Federation title for almost a year.. However, the lure of more money and a more comfortable schedule was enough to bring Hall & Nash to World Championship Wrestling.. Hall & Nash appeared on Nitro, making it look like the WWF was 'invading' WCW.. This led to Hulk Hogan joining the due, creating the nWo and from there WCW dominated TV ratings..

  18. The new World order Dominates Wrestling: The nWo helped WCW Nitro defeat WWF RAW 84 weeks in a row.. Ironically, the company's reluctance to let the angle die aided in the eventual death of the company as well.. It all started with Hall, Nash & Hogan, but other memebers included Ted DiBiase, Giant, Bischoff, Macho Man, Syxx, Michael Wallstreet, Big Bubba, Scott Norton, Bagwell, Steiner, Vincient, Brian Adams, Hennig, Disciple, Dusty Rhodes & even a referee, Nick Patrick..

  19. Eric Bischoff signs with the WWE: Vince McMahon has done it now.. If you didn't believe him when he said that anything can happen in the WWF, then you should beleive it now.. The McMahons' hired their most ruthless enemy from the past.. Bischoff, the man who took World Championship Wrestling to its biggest success and nearly put the WWF out of business..

  20. A Von Erich Legacy: The Von Erich family is probably the most tragic story in the history of wrestling.. Fritz Von Erich is the father of six sons, all but one would die before the age of 35.. The Von Erichs first son, Jack died at age 7 as a result of electrical shock, Kevin, the oldest or the wrestling Von Erichs, is the only surviving member of the Von Erich family; David, in 1984 was found dead in Japan at the age of 25 due to acute entheritis; Kerry shot himself in 1993, at age 33; Mike took his own life in 1987 at age 23; Chris, the youngest also took his own life in 1991, at age 21.. Fritz passed away in 1997.. There is no disputing, however, the impact that the Von Erich family had on the wrestling world..

  21. Hulk Hogan Signs Contract with WCW: The fist big move that WCW made that cemented itself as competition for the WWF was to sign Hulk Hogan, who was coming off a successful tour of Japan.. Hulk defeated Ric Flair in his first match in WCW to win the WCW World Title for the first time.. This began a new era in WCW, an era of Red & Yellow, and perhaps the last legitimate battle between good and evil in the world of wrestling..

  22. The McMahons Botch WCW Invasion Angle: When Vince eliminated the competition by purchasing World Championship Wrestling, fans drueled over the impending storylines involving WCW & WWF wrestlers which had been dreamt about for years! The McMahons really dropped the ball and did everything wrong and completely botched what could have been the most lucritive angle in the history of wrestling.. One mistake after another led to the eventual elimination of the WCW name and brand.. Basically, out of the deal, we go Booker T, Chuck Palumbo, DDP, Sean O'Haire, Lance Storm, Billy Kidman, Hurricane, Hugh Morrus, Chavo & Jamie Knoble.. oh yeah Stacy & Torrie too..

  23. Benoit, Malenko, Guerrero & Saturn Jump Ship: WCW was in major turmoil.. The roster morale was at an all time low.. However much of the roster remained loyal and kept working hard dispit the faulty production.. Benoit, Malenko, Saturn & Guerrero were three of the hardest workers in the company.. And after having numerous promises broken by management, the decision was made to allow the four workers to leave if they wished.. They did in fact leave and showed up on RAW several weeks later as "The Radicalz"..

  24. Hogan, Nash & Hall sign with WWF: The WWF has just eliminated its biggest competition, WCW, and without competition, the quality of the WWF product was going way down hill.. So in an act of desperation, Vince McMahon signed three of the most controversial figures in the history of wrestling.. Three men who, by some, are indirectly blammed for the rise AND FALL of World Championship Wrestling.. Hogan, Nash & Hall came in as the nWo, soon after, Hogan split off on his own, and Hall was later fired as expected, and Nash suffered two consecutive injuries, having 3 official matches during the first 11 months back..

  25. Jerry Lawler & The Kat Fired: One day, WWF management got out of bed and decided to fire the Kat for no good reason.. The Kat hadn't been the best worker in the federation but she HAD been a team player and done everything she was told, including exposing her breasts on two separate Pay Per View events.. Kat was a model employee and many thought that there were other people who could have been fired for good reason.. In protest, Kat's real life husbund, announcer Jerry Lawler, left the company in protest.. Both were released and worked indys in and around Memphis, Tennessee.. Several months later, Kat divorced Lawler even though he gave up a huge job with the WWF for her.. A month later, Lawler mended his relationship with the WWF and returned as the RAW announcer..

  26. Whooooo! We're Partners Vince!: One night after Vince McMahon eliminated WCW & ECW from the WWF, he was surprised to learn that Shane & Stephanie had sold their stock in the company to The Nature Boy Whhoooo! Ric Fair.. Flair came out and proclaimed that he and Vince were now partners! This, of course, led to the roster split..

  27. Stone Cold Steve Austin Walks: The Stone Cold Steve Austin era ended on a bitter note when Steve Williams (aka Steve Austin) decided he was bigger than the company.. Williams' constant displeasure of his characters direction led to him literally walking out on the WWE hours before RAW was scheduled to begin, resulting in a paniced rewriting of the show..

  28. Macho Man Wins Wrestling's Biggest Tournament: In perhaps the most exciting one night wrestling tournament of all time, Randy Savage went through Butch Reed, Gret Valentine, One Man Gang & Ted DiBiase to become the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion!

  29. Goldberg's Failed Heel Turn: In one of Vince Russo's bonehead moves during his tenure with WCW, Russo thought it would be cool to turn the companys biggest fan-favorite, Bill Goldberg, into the biggest Heel.. However, he didn't take into consideration the fact that Bill Goldberg is an idiot.. Basically he couldn't pull of the character and within weeks, he had changed back to a ego-maniacal fan favorite..

  30. Vince Russo & Eric Bischoff to the Rescue: In one of their final attempts at salvaging the sinking ship that WCW had become, Eric Bischoff & Vince Russo were given a clean slate and several months to turn the company around.. Within a month, Eric Bischoff was out, and Russo was back to driving the company into the ground with his lame storylines..

  31. Goldberg's Winning Streak: If we've learned anything, we've learned that wrestlers have to be gradually developed in order to be successful for a long time.. Otherwise, you get Bill Goldberg, a guy who 1 year into his wrestling career, considered himself a veteran of the business and bigger than the business.. Goldberg is/was incredible hard to work with and usually caused more problems than anything.. But the WCW pushed Goldberg for a year with an undefeated streak of over a 100 wins..

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