Backyard Wrestling 2:
There Goes The Neighborhood

by Eidos Interactive (for XBox)

Description: A somewhat popular series of videos that debuted onto video game consoles a while ago. The first one needed a lot of work. I thought this one improved greatly. This game has the colorful Insane Clown Posse, garbage wrestlers Supreme and Rudeboy, and great wrestlers like Sonjay Dutt and Messiah. It also features the quirky El Drunko and Masked Horn Dog. Tera Patrick and Sunrise Adams are also available. Many people dislike this game, but I think people are being to picky. On to the core basics...

Graphics: The graphics are a much better than the last game's, but that doesn't mean that they are good. The character models are very "meh". The blood on the characters doesn't look good either. It looks like someone just threw some paint onto them and it just dried. The venues are actually pretty good looking. From the fast-food place to the construction site, the venues are probably have the best graphics. Attendants to matches don't look good at all; they look very 2-D. Final Rating- 5.5
Sound: Beginning at the soundtrack, I think it is very good. From either beating someone silly to Sick Of It All or chopping up someone with a weed whacker with Channel 3 playing, it's an absolutely huge soundtrack. Unfortunately, it will skip during play and the menu music (Kjell Vistad) is very irritating. The weapon shots and punches sound very generic. The voice work is good. Only 2 people couldn't provide work for the voices, but they still sounded good anyway. Final Rating-6

Gameplay: The CAW is way better than the first game's CAW, but this one is kind of generic. Even though there are about 20 independent wrestlers littered throughout the game, you can't really make any other indy wrestlers not included in the game. The best CAW I could make was the Wifebeater from CZW, but he's not really that hard to make.The actual game-play is repetitive but fun. There are a large variety of weapons to use in your matches. The new grappling system is good and also includes submission moves. The Enviro-Mental system is a good idea, but there isn't a lot of things to do with it. The A.I. is not the best. The opponents will either just stand there and block (which gets annoying quick), or counter your grapples a lot, which makes it seem unfair. The finishers are back and they are kind of disappointing. I mean, they are good, but the wrestlers who do them in the game don't use them in real life. Final Rating-6

Replayability: You can unlock a lot of things. No wrestlers available to unlock, but many videos to unlock. CAW parts can also be unlocked and used for your CAW.They are pretty useless though. The bad thing about the videos, they don't have audio. There are about 3 music videos to choose from though. Final Rating-4

Rating: Well, not really a lot for me to say. If you like death match wrestling, then you might like this. If you don't like death match wrestling but might be interested in it, rent it. If not, then don't buy this. Overall Rating- 6

Reviewed by M. Roach on February 16, 2006.

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