WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It

by THQ (for PlayStation2)

Description: One of the most eagerly anticipated games of the year finally came back to the playstation last Friday when Jakks Software and THQ released the latest installment of the Smackdown series was released for the Playstation 2.

The game boasts impressive Full entrances over 70 match types and over 40 of the World Wresling Federations top superstars including Stone Cold, The Rock and Triple H with some of the newer inductees the WWF such as Tajiri, Jerry Lynn and Rhyno. One of the main dissapointments of SD : Just Bring It was the lack of The Alliance . This however can be worked around. The brilliant create a superstar mode has all the body parts, clothing and entrance moves, but not movies, to create the alliance at your own will.
The Story mode is very different to the previous installments in the SD series. In previous versions the career mode gave the user a full season right from April to April with 4 Raws and 4 Smackdowns to compete in before finishing the month off with one of the WWF's many ppv's all in order with the season ending at Wrestlemania. SD3 However has a completely different format. Instead of having a season the player is to embark on a mini story line. It starts typically on a RAW is WAR show and Vince McMahon and you meeting in a corridor. Here Vince gives you the option of forming a tag team and going for the tag titles. However if you do not want to form a tag match you are given the option of forming a tag team or saying no. If you choose Tag Team you go into first person mode and search for a wrestler to tag with. On the other hand if you choose to go on a career path of a singels wrestler it cuts to the graphically remade RAW intro, not exact mind, but close enough to the original it makes your Jaw drop. Once your singles career has begun RAW starts with a random wrestler making his way to the ring, once there he begins calling out the current champ, only it is you who appears on stage. Once on stage you have the decision (again) whether to talk trash on the mic or to run to the ring and attack.

The game is regularly cutting backstage where you can talk to Michael Cole about a promo or a challenge you have made, you can chat to Earl Hebner and he will tell you The Commish is looking for ya or you can tell him to follow you as youre going for the Hardcore title to which it cuts to you running into the dressing room of the current hardcore champ and attacking, the match then takes place.

Little thing like these make the game more interesting than the previous installments and the user has more control over his selected characters career paths. The graphics are brilliant although the crowds look very flat and a little crappy, but having said this the other graphics as I have said are unreal. The characters features are more defined and the movement of the wrestlers is much more realistic and the finishing moves look much more punishing. Triple H and Jerichos entrances are particularly outstanding and a very funny Undertaker parody in the create mode with a superstar coming out on a scooter.

The Create mode is much like the other versions of SD's with much the same features only a lot more to it. More clothing, more moves, more creative options in general. The games Create section also has the same Create a Stable and Create A Taunt features from SD2 : Know Your Role. The newest and most innovaive option on the create a superstar mode is the fact that you can edit the Wrestlers in the game. You can change the entrance music, the way they walk to the ring their moves and taunts, everything that you can do to a created superstar. This is a brilliant option if you wish to change the clothes certain WWF wrestlers wear or you feel their entrance walk is too boring, I got Albert walking like a woman one leg infront of the other, needless to say he looked fruity.

Overall SD3 is an excellent wrestling simulation a must buy for every Playstation 2 owners with all the features the game boasts it will take a hell of a long time for anybody to get bored of this game.

Rating: Well Reccomended.

Reviewed by Darryl Craven on November 23, 2001.

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