WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007

by THQ (for PlayStation2)

Description: SmackDown! vs. Raw 2007 is obviously supposed to be a huge upgrade... and for the most part, it is... however, I think (and from playing, you'll know what I mean) they rushed the "perfect game" just a bit... I don't have a problem with that... it is f'n awesome, and I was anxiously waiting for it to come out. THQ knew that fans of the SVR series would be this way... and kinda got a bit rushy into releasing it. Now it's just about as awesome as they lead you to believe, but it has a few errors that may drive our sentimental fans up the wall...

So, let us take a look. shall we...
Graphics: The visuals are better than 2006. They obviously put much time into the appearance of the game. The Superstars look awesome, the divas... better! The movement of the characters is better than ever... I mean, I can't even begin to tell you how great it is... you have to see for yourself. But, there are still a few coding errors... such as where Benoit actually buries his hands in his opponents head during the Crossface... You'll find that I like to be a bit nitpicky when it comes to these games... and this is an example of my... well... nitpicking. But, besides that... The Graphic and such look AWESOME!!!!!! I also want to point out that entrances look pretty good, as do arenas...nice stuff. 9/10

Sound: Sound is better than it has ever been! They redid the Crowd noises from the random Superstars and placed actual crowd noises... it's more like being at an actual event... The Soundtrack is a lot better this time around... with music I can appreciate: Nonpoint, Godsmaack, 3 Days Grace, G-UNIT!!! Best Soundtrack in the series by far...(SVR second, 2006, SUCKED, w/ exception of 2 or 3 songs) All Superstar themes are reproduced and the classic Real American is here again, thank you... The grunts from the superstars is here, making it sound much more real... but I do wish they would fix the commentary a bit. Yes it is nice, and they did improve it a bit, but it's annoying when they talk about a wrestler that's not even in the match... and when J.R. says "Pedigree" when you do a Batista Bomb... but it's not bad. Also, there is the few sound errors: Cole and Tazz having JR and Kings voices in crossbrand arenas, Tony Chimmol having Lilian Garcia's vioce in crossbrand arenas, and the fact that only one person is introduced in stables. But erroers aside. sound is great. And I see that the Superstars actually sound good in Season mode... Also, sounds with entrances (Kennedy's entrance, Flair's WOO) I love that... 9/10

Control: Controls have been revamped completely with this new analog system setup. I don't like it at all, and if you don't either, do what I did and change it... cuz you can. The good thing is that they take the time to explain it to you... that's always good. There is this new grapple system with quick and strong grapples, and an ultimate grapple set that really takes things to the next level... you gotta see for yourself. The Stamina system has benn fooled around with a bit to adjust to the changes, and it's actually a challenge not getting tired. Love what they did with the controls... pretty much. 10/10

Gameplay: Hmm... new and better season mode... for once, we haven't seen this since Here Comes The Pain. I mean... they did a number on the season mode... It's way more than one year... I've been at it for a week and I'm not done... I heard it's supposed to be 10 years... It is annoying to put up with the constant roster trading thing though, but you can play just about every PPV, except for Great American Bash, Judgment Day, NYR, and Taboo Tuesday... More variety, more twists, more consequences of losing. I am in my third year on my first season with Batista, and so far, I am 2-time World Heavyweight Champ, 1-time WWE Champ, and am going for the World Tag Titles. What titles you get depends on the storyline though... All-in-all, it is by far the best season mode EVER!!! I still think it could be just a little better, but I'm just pushing it. The whole thing with hotspots and in the crowd fighting... fun... but not exactly the best in my opinion. Nothing wrong with it though... not at all... pretty decent. And the General Manager mode... revamped to say the least... it's more like a Franchise mode. Way better than last year... harder... that's for sure. You can choose whether people are face/heel, you get a POWER 25 that tells you what titles people should go for... pretty good stuff... Challenge Mode: You get 30 challenges... and yes, you can call some of these, actual challenges... I'm stuck on the Hardy/Edge one right now... it's a real challenge for once... complete these for a special challenge... wonder what it is? hmm... I don't think we'll get bored with this one for a little while. The match types... Personally, I liked the diva-type matches... but that's me. Overall, the diva match type wasn't popular... so they ousted it. But they did add a must have: the Money in the Bank match. They also made the ladder match and Tables match more realistic. The Ladder match makes you reach for the prize, and when you grab it, you gotta actually work to take it... but beware, working on it and getting stopped, means another person can pick up where you left off... I've lost that way, and won that way as well... The Tables match, you gotta use a "Table finisher" to win. But... I wish they would bring back the "I quit" match. I do like how "Last Man Standing" matches don't take hours now... good improvements here. Other noticeable gameplay features: you can use Season exp on regular superstars again... (You gotta go into GM mode to do it though. I have Batista at 101 overall... yeah!) and you can do more chain reversals... One more thing, you can actually have more fun with the Locker Room feature... 9/10

Roster: I have to say, this is the first time since... Just Bring It... I've been impressed with the roster... Sure, Daivari is listed as a RAW superstar and Nitro and Melina are listed as SmackDown! Superstars... while Khali is on SmackDown! and Nitro has the IC and WWE Tag Titles with Mercury... And you have one or two face/heel errors... but, good otherwise. Though you wonder, Why does Lance Cade have long blonde hair in the game? I like the Legends list... No Andre? oh well... you got the Hart Foundation, EDDIE GUERRERO! All 4 faces of Foley... Only one Hogan this time... good. And it's 80's Hogan, the only real legend of the three... Hollywood sucked! ok, so they could have kept modern hogan... as an alternate costume... I'm so glad Jimmy Hart's not in this one... He's so annoying!!!!!!! 10/10

Rating: This is a MAJOR improvement on the last game, the season mode is actually not a letdown. I say they should just build directly from this game, not rush it so much next time... and improve it little by little as they go. A good looking game, just a notch or two below perfect. 9/10

Reviewed by chris gaudet on December 20, 2006.

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007

by THQ (for PlayStation2)

Description: Get ready for the 8th game in the Smackdown series. Smackdown vs Raw 2007 is a really good game. But THQ needs to go back to the drawing board, the game has so many glitches the commentors talk about superstars not in the match.The game has good songs for the main menu, including Money in the Bank,Animal I have Become and more.

Features: The game has all new features like new roster, stamina,better GM mode than SDvsRaw 2006 and new storyline which has more storylines than SDvsRaw 2006.And a new match type Money in the Bank.

Graphics: The graphics are fantastic.(especially on Xbox 360) The superstars look life-like.On the Roster Ric Flair looks so real it freaks me out.(its weird!)

Season: This years season has inproved by more storylinesand a bigger locker room.This years season is way better than last year.And i think that everyoe who plays seaso will go on this weird storyline called "Its Magic" with Candice Michelle's "magic wand" and weird(but funny) stuff happen.

Roster: This year has a great roster but tons of people are missing. Theres no Jeff Hardy,Ashley,Paul London,Brian Kendrick and more. But the some of the roster this year features Matt Hardy,Finlay,Mr Kennedy, Bobby Lashley and a lot more.DX are also in the game and they have the dx entrance(now i can make the old members!) and moveset.The game has a lot of Legends like Dusty Rhodes,Eddie Guerreuo and a lot more.

Matches/Match Types: The match-types this year are pretty much the same,but it has Money in the Bank.(but the new ladder controls are hard to use) The diva matchs(like bra & panties or those kind of matchs) are not featured in the game.

Create a Wrestler: This years CAW is okay but last years was better there are new clothes and tatto's or designs.I have already made a lot of superstars.

General Manager mode: The new GM mode is better than last years.You get to pick what kind of rivaly, before your show you can do HEAT and hire storyline writers.It is so fun.

Challenge mode: The new challenge mode is a bit easy all you do is just win matchs with the wrestler that is chosen for you to play as.And there is a hidden challenge that you have to beat The Great Khali being Mickie James!Now that will be hard.

Rating: This game is really good.But it still needs inprovments.I hope next years game will be better.It needs more features.Like putting your own music on it(like RAW 2) and it should have 2nd clothes for the superstars.(like the old nintedo games)And this will be a classic game.

Reviewed by Lise Lucia on December 11, 2006.

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