Champion Date Location Notes

Mildred Burke 1937 Beat Clara Mortenson
June Byers August 20, 1954 Atlanta, GA Retired with the Belt
* The NWA recognized Mildred Burke as the World Champion. However, after her divorce from promoter-husband-NWA member, Billy Wolfe the NWA let the Women's title ride, but June Byers was Mildred's successor and recognized as the champion. After her car accident and retirement the death of Billy Wolfe the title became dormant in the eyes of the NWA.

Penny Banner 1964 AWA Women's Champion
* Penny Banner won the AWA World title on August 26, 1961 in Angola, IN; but was briefly recognized as champion by some of NWA promoters after Byers retired in 64/01.

Slave Girl Moolah 1960s Won a Battle Royal Final
* After June Byers & Billy Wolfe "retired" the NWA Women's belt, Moolah created her own and she took control (with her alleged husband, Buddy Lee) of booking most of the top women from the early 60's on. Her particular World title, even tho "won" in a battle royal (not a tournament as reported elsewhere) was never recognized as "the NWA Women's World title." It was basically mostly her creation until WWF bought it in 1984. [Click Here to View WWF Women's Title History]

Betty Boucher September 17, 1966 Seattle, WA
Fabulous Moolah [2] 1966
Yukiko Tomoe March 10, 1968 Osaka, JAPAN
Fabulous Moolah [3] April 2, 1968 Hamamatsu, JAPAN
Sue Green 1976 New York
Fabulous Moolah 1976 New York
Evelyn Stevens October 8, 1978 Dallas, TX
Fabulous Moolah [4] October 10, 1978 Ft. Worth, TX WWF withdraws from NWA

Debbie Combs April 10, 1987 Kansas City, MO Beat Penny Mitchell
Malia Hosaka May 9, 1996 Johnson City, TN
Debbie Combs [2] May 10, 1996 Fall Branch, TN Stripped by NWA in 10/96.
Strawberry October 14, 2000 Nashville, TN Defeated Leilani Kai;
Vacated in 11/2000 due to injury.
Madison August 23, 2002 Surrey, BC Beat Bam Bam Bambi.
Char Starr October 26, 2002 Corpus Christi, TX
Madison [2] 02/12/06 Port Coquitlam, BC
Leilani Kai 03/03/12 Nashville, TN Stripped by NWA on 6/19/04
Kiley McLean 04/06/19 Richmod, VA Defeated Kameo.
Lexie Fyfe April 23, 2005 Richmod, VA
Christie Ricci October 8, 2005 Nashville, TN Beat Fyfe & Tasha Simone
MsChif January 27, 2007 Lebanon, TN
Amazing Kong May 5, 2007 Streamwood, IL

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