Top 5 Most Underrated Wrestlers and Why -- by PedroManny1fan

Ok first off this is my first columm here and I plan on doing more but in this columm I will be talking about the top 5 most underrated wrestlers and why the reason i am doing this is because i have some favorites that arent really reconized like other superstars so here it is and feel free to reply thanks

#5- Matt Hardy \/ 1.0- OK #5 is Matt hardy version one and i have chosen this because he truly could be the next World Heavyweight Champion he should get at least a IC title shot the stupid storyline with Kane and him and lita should be done but anyways i chose him because he is a great wrestler and he has great mic skills and he is most often look over because of his brother they say theres jeff hardys brother but really he is more then that he is a wrestler that has great skills and he should not be looked over like he most often has been and his finisher and moves are great i especially like the side effect and lastly he should get a push from the wwe.

#4 Dick Togo- OK #4 is Dick Togo and i chose him because he is looked at and people think look a little japanese guy well he is more then that and when he was in the wwf he did not get the push he needed i mean i think he could have been the Light Heavweight Champion back when he was in the WWF and now he is in japan in matches mostly tag matches and mostly in the Michinoku promotion and he can land the senton bomb better then any superstar in the wwe

#3 Fit Finlay - Number 3 is Fit Finlay aka the Belfast Bruiser who once was in the WCW who is now in the WWE as a road agent he was a great wrestler over in Europe but in WCW he was the Television champion and the WCW hardcore champion but he could have gotten a push for the US title or even the heavyweight title and his version of the rolling fireman carrys slam is great and he currently training the WCW divas but anyway he was then forgotten about in the WCW and later took indy bookings and before that brian knobbs sent him through a table to almost end his carrer so therefore i am saying he was forgotten about and could have been a true champion

#2 is Vampiro his Nail in the Coffin is truly one of the best verisons of the Michonuki driver in years i have seen and truly an underrated wrestler after being in many independent federations and being in WCW he was ofter looked over as a friend of the ICP or a friends of Stings and is in many Lucha Liebre DVDs and doesnt think he would fit in in the current WWE today and i know all of us agree

now for the most underrated wrestler it is La Parka who is now LA Park and WCW just reuined his carrer by not giving him any title shots and never giving him a push he was on nitro and thunder once in a while and is one of the best Mexican wrestler ever and has some of the best moves i have ever seen and is trule the MOST UNDERRATED WRESTLER

Smackdown! GM vs. RAW GM: Who is the Best? -- by Jarrod Foreman

I would Like to say that at the present moment that Raw GM Eric Bischoff has come up with some great ideas in some of the WWE since he has been given the chance to be GM of Raw first of all there was the brutal Elimination Chamber Match a couple of years ago at Survivor Series to be used again at another PPV there was also there has been the whole Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bischoff competing for who is better at being the GM when Austin was Co GM Eric Bischoff has given all Raw fans what they want and what they expect in a WWE event now to the GM or should I say GMs of Smackdown we start of with Stephanie McMahon who while she was the GM there were some good matches and storylines coming up and the few that stick in my mind when she surprised Eric Bischoff by taking Brock Lesnar from Smackdown and leaving with Eric Bischoff screaming as they drive of in a limo there was also the gay marriage between Chuck and Billy that ended in Eric surprising us all and sending out Rosey and Jamal to attack Stephanie later on on Raw Stephanie showed up dressed as a leader of a IOW group and attacks Eric in the ring the next GM Paul Heyman who while as GM had very little to do in great matches and storylines there were a few good matches for example team Lesnar vs. Team Austin also being involved with whole FCC against Cena's raps he was there until the draft when he gets himself drafted to Raw and quits now Kurt angle as GM and what story lines came out of that especially how he hated Cena from the word go and wanted him stripped of his US Title there was the Big Show dropping Angle of a ledge after Show lost a match and had to quit then we come to the biggest story line of all how he screwed Eddie and cost him the title shot which caused him to be fired by CEO Vince McMahon

I just hope newly appointed GM Theodore R Long can do as well from what I have heard he is bringing the Big Show back and also Tough Enough which will be good for ratings but like I said at the start I like the Raw GM and the only reason is because he hasn't given up and has stayed with Raw unlike Smackdown

Comments About Rob Van Dam -- by Andre S.

I want to talk about Rob Van Dam. I mean he is one of if not THE most underrated current wrestler. He has done so much for the wrestling business and is treated like a jobber. I can't stand it! I'm going to tell you why RVD needs a push or something to help his reputation.

Rob Van Dam is the most entertaining wrestler in the WWE (In my opinion). He knows martial arts, acrobatics, and can grapple. Not to mention he has microphone skill and the crowd loves him. He will take a bump from any height.

RVD has no storyline options in Smackdown. He ends up fighting Renee Dupree or another mid carder for no reason whatsoever. I mean you looks at guys like the Dudleyz who are fighting other people for a reason. They don't have a random opponenet.

Now this fact pisses me off the most. Rob Van Dam has never won a WWE World Title! Now I know that some wrestlers and storywriters have wrestler "pay there dues" before giving them a World Title shot. But the problem is that RVD has already paid his dues! He has been wrestling since 1991 and will probably be remembered as the greatest ECW wrestler ever. How has he not payed his dues yet. I mean you got guys like Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton that just come into this business and win the title while more experienced, better wrestlers are stuck in mid card hell. And then you got champs like JBL that cant even wrestle. Now this remark will get me tons of hate mail. Number one contenders like Undertaker can't even wrestle. I mean lets face the facts. He does have a kick ass gimmick, but he has five moves in his move set. When the hell is RVD going to get the championship?! Only time will tell.

Brock Lesnar's Situation -- by Joseph Jaffray

I know this is a wrestling website, but I believe that having Brock Lesnar in the NFL is better than having him wrestling, so that's why I'm writing this.

Brock Lesnar scored his first NFL career tackle the other day in the Minn. Vikings pre-season opener. He then followed to receive a standing ovation from the crowd, and I, upon hearing this news, also begin to clap and thank God for blessing the wrestling industry.

Brock Lesnar was and still is an idiot, but an idiot we don't have to deal with anymore. He was supposed to be some tough guy from with a background from amateur wrestling. We've already got Kurt Angle, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. (Three people who actually deserve the kind of push Brock got from the WWE or even Goldberg from WCW) Now, like many people who bad mouth him, I continued to watch the WWE, hoping, each and every week that I would eventually get what I wanted, Brock Lesnar to either 1) Leave the WWE, 2) Lose the WWE title, 3) Lose to someone like Eddie Guerrero. I saw all of these three things happen in the beginning of the year and I was ecstatic!

Now, Brock has been bad mouthing the WWE and wishing he never went there and went straight to the NFL, myself, along with many others, wish the same thing. And I'm hoping he never returns. The WWE should have known that since he's a kid, and since he was pushed too far, too fast, would end up getting mad about something. Whether that would be putting somebody over who he thought was "lesser" than him, or the travel. Eventually it was the latter, and now he's decided on joining the NFL.

Good, let the NFL take him, because he was 'monster' who couldn't wrestle. All he did was beat people up (Spanky, Zach Gowen) and attempt to look good while doing it. He's officially on an NFL team, receiving far less from what he was getting in the NFL. He's dug his grave, and I hope the WWE and NFL force him to lay in it.

Three cheers for Brock Lesnar, because we no longer have to deal with him. Let the fans of the NFL take him, WE DON'T WANT HIM!

"Jobbers" -- by Corey Taylor

This is my first article and this has always really bothered me still today. There are many wrestlers who are in the category "Jobbers" to me a jobber is someone who is never given a chance such as Max Moon and Damian Demento. I personally think Damian and Max Moon could have been good gimmicks. PJ Walker was an unknown jobber who eventually made it big. He is now known as Justin Credible. They have more known jobbers who are given a chance then cast aside such as Scotty 2 Hotty, Johny Nitro and Val Venus. The Jobbers should form a faction not like the job squad a real Jobber faction I would enjoy watching them get there airtime.

Survivor Series Screwjob -- by karl dixon

Turn around is fair play,

Vince offered Harley Race a chance to sell out and come to the WWF with the title, but he didn't. The Briscos DID however sell out to Vince, a move which gave him national TV time.

So its not like Ric Flair did anything new when he crapped all over the territories in '91 when he took the NWA WCW belt up to WWF with him.. Alundra Blaze literally trashed WWF's women's title on Nitro.........

Bret had already turned down a huge amount of money from Turner and stayed loyal to Vince (before he was told to reopen negociations with them) The WWF/Vince had NO REASON to suspect that Bret would do a 'Flair/Madusa' on them

Although it's traditional to 'Do The Job On The Way Out' as I call it; Bret had previously stated he didn't want to loose 1) to Micheals 2) on PPV 3) at Montreal. However, Bret also previously stated that he had no problems dropping the belt 1) to Micheals 2) on RAW 3) after SS.

(Therefore even the 'Bret should have jobbed like he's supposed to' argument is flawed.)

But Hey..... "I'm Not Telling You Anything You Don't Already Know..."

My First WWE House Show -- by Ryan O'Leary

I was at the 6/05/04 RAW house show in boston, and let me say it was unbelievable, seeing the 16 time , whoooooooooooo world hw champs trunks being pulled down to far for comfort was a little bizarre. it was my first wwe event, but it will surely be surpassed by my first raw, or smackdown attendance, then again by my first ppv attendance. the best moment of the night was see benoit punk out hhh on the mic, quoting, the triple threat just ain't your game.

Lita Heel Turn Equals Bad Idea -- by Rydawg

I have recently heard rumors that WWE is planning on turning Lita heel and aligning her with Kane. Personally I think this would be bad move for the company and would be a slap in the face for all the fans that have stood beside Lita and supported her throughout her career and during her neck injury. WWE turning her heel would pretty much kill her popularity entirely and give a number of fans reason not to watch Raw. I have talked to many people and most of them tune into Raw specifically to see Lita. A heel turn would shy the fans away from Lita. This is where I believe the storyline should go. Make the baby be Kane's and then have Kane slowly turn into a fan favorite again and he does everything her can do to protect Lita from others that would try to hurt her (Evolution for example). As a face Kane can have a new push to his career and feud with guys like Randy Orton and the rest of Evolution and perhaps go on one more run as the Intercontinental Champion. Also with Matt Hardy leaving for surgery soon, a face Kane would give Matt a new partner when he returns thus forming a new tag-team. If WWE really needs to put Kane and Lita together then do it a faces instead of heels. Doing so would provide no damage to Lita's career and give Kane a fresh push as a face. Lita is one of those characters that needs to stay face for her career. Plus, turning her heel would really damage the face/heel situation in the ladies division. You would have Victoria, Stacy Keibler, and Nidia as the faces and Trish Stratus, Lita, Jazz, Molly Holly, and Gail Kim as your heels. You need to balance out both sides and keep it four to four. If they really need to turn a diva to the heel side then turn Stacy Keibler because she seems to be in most of the backstage skits with Lita.

I really urge WWE to keep Lita as a baby face and slowly turn Kane back into a good guy with Lita trying to show Kane to being a good man. Have her change him completely. Getting Kane away from his "monster" gimmick would be a good move to my opinion and I am not the only one who feels this way. Lita can be considered the most or one of the most popular women wrestlers of all time and the most beloved. WWE, don't take Lita away from the fans who love her and make her a heel wrestler.

The OWW Website Turns THREE! -- by Brad Dykens

Well well well.. We made it another year! We're another year older, and another year bigger. As the site continues to grow, so does its popularity, and I'm extremely proud of the rise in success we have enjoyed.

Some of the great features the OWW Website offers are roughly 3000 profiles, 100s of gallaries, countless event results, reviting columns, regular interviews, obituaries, promotional rosters, informational lists and archives, halls of fame, halls of shame, books, dictionary, wrestler of the week, wrestlinks and more! In addition to that we have affiliations with (News Source), Wrestling News Live (Wrestling Radio) and (Streaming Media)

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WWE Live Event -- by Mike Germano

As a long time wrestling fan, and a loyal mark of OWW and most other forms of wrestling, i just thought itd be nice to hear a good thing or two about the WWE for once. Yes, i agree it has its problems, but recently, WWE Vengeance was held in hartford CT, and i, being the loyal fan that i am, shelled out over 400 bucks for 6th row tickets. Why would someone do it, when it turns out that the most of the civic center was blocked off. Because its amazing, being that close to the action. If you have not treated yourself to a floor seat, take my advice, it is well worth the price at a live show. Every match seems ten times better, and in my opinion, the crowd was much more into it than most Raw and Smackdowns ive seen.

For the maybe thousand people that did show up for a pay per view event, i think we proved that while it may not make a lot of money, but the fans do appreciate it. Just hearing all the chants, being there as history is being made. Not only did we get to see many quality matches, but two match of the year candidates had the crowd eating out of the wrestlers hands. Randy Orton and Edge are two superstars who are going to be dominant players in the next year, and hopefully much longer. Chris Benoit continues to amaze, like he has always done, and Triple H proved that he deserves some of the politcal ranking he has.

Now this may just sound like a fan marking out, and i guess it is. But i want to specify on the little things that make an event like this so wonderful. The fact that Coach and Al snow would take time to sign autographs, even though they were basically taping sunday night heat constantly. That Ivory looks amazing in person, and acknowledge all the cheers. That Howard Finkel, coming out to Guns and Roses "Welcome to the Jungle", takes time to talk to all the fans near the front, listening and smiling. That when Al snow leaves, I get the crowd into a "We want Head" chant, and he just smiles at all of us, and shakes his head.

What saddens me is this. Every time there was a break between matches, i looked over and saw Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler just sitting there. I dont believe they spoke to each other, unless it was on tv. What saddens me is that we have to sit down during the matches, and arent allowed to hang out near the rails, like you see on tv all the time. What saddens me, is that half the arena is taped off, all on the side you dont see on TV.

This event was probably the highlight of my year, though. If you love wrestling as much as i do, then you can't deny that any live event is a dissapointment. Its always amazing to see people you look up to as heroes putting their bodies on the line.

Smackdown Is Dead -- by Ernest Gdog Gd

Ya'll all know its coming to an end for Smackdown. The show is just garbage right now. Your WWE champion is JBL. I'm tired of hearing ya'll defend this guy. He only got 2 moves when he wrestles and he's boring to listen to despite ya'll saying he's entertaining. I haven't been entertained yet by JBL when he on the mic and ya'll know ya'll haven't either so stop it with defending his mic skills. Guys like Booker T gets 1 title shot and RVD can't even get a title shot but JBL gets 2. And look who JBL beat for the belt, Eddie Guerrerro! This guy never deserved the belt, at least not yet. He goes from tagging with Chavo, to fighting Chavo, then fighting Angle, to winning the belt. Nice push. Want more proof that Smackdown is done, what about watching the same matches with the same guys involved in with the US Title. For a whole month I was forced to see Cena fight Booker T, RVD, and Rene Dupree on Smackdown then they wanted me to pay to see them all fight again on PPV. What kind of fool am I? They got Taker fighting the Dudleys in a Handicap at the same PPV, like I gonna pay to see that, come on now! Ya'll praise them about their Cruiserweights but for awhile I was only seeing Chavo and Rey fight for weeks. They would throw in Spike and Jamie Noble in every other week to make them happy. What a way to run a show. There's no huge storylines on SD like there is on RAW(HHH/Eugene, Lita/Kane). What made me the most angry was when SD camed to my hometown Fayetteville, NC and had me watching John Cena attempt to humiliate Kenzo Suzuki which wasn't funny at all and I'm a John Cena fan. Smackdown is not only finished but they're turning wrestlers into bitches now. Booker T was dominant when he first camed to the WWE fueding with Stone Cold and The Rock now he's fueding with RVD, Cena, and Dupree. How many Heavyweight titles do they hold? Ya'll know how dominant Taker was when he debut in the WWE, I ain't even got to explain it but now look at him. He had career best matches with Mankind, Kane(first encounter), HHH,HBK, Stone Cold, Kevin Nash, Sid Viscious, the list goes on but look at his last matches with Kane(like the 4th or 5th encounter), Dudleys, and now fixing to be JBL(already know how I feel about him). And its not the writers fault, its basically because he's got nobody to wrestle on the roster aside from Kurt Angle. Like I said SD is dead and finished and I won't be surprised that it loses its TV deal with UPN cause its getting to the point that I got something better to watch on Thursday nights. RAW is still worth watching. They have HHH who I can't stand because of his position in the company but the angle he's in with Eugene is interesting. They have Randy Orton who is the future of the business. Jericho, Benoit, Edge, Batista, and Kane can draw up big matches worth watching in which SD can't do that with its current roster. Also Raw had a women's division with Gail Kim(most talented), Trish, Victoria, Jazz, Molly Holly, Nidia, and Lita. SD has Jackie Gayda, Sable, Torrie, and Dawn Marie. Only Jackie is a trained wrestler and she don't even have enough training to call her that. Women matches are important because they take time away from the show so the writers and bookers can concentrate on time segments for bigger matches. They also entertain. I'm getting tired of seeing strip tease matches on SD, I'd rather see them wrestle each other competitively. No hairpulling, scratching, clawing, catfight. That would be better ratings but SD doesn't have quality women wrestlers so we get the same entertainment. This all proves my point. SM is dead and finished. Its over for it. You people that still watch it know it too you're just dedicated fans. And Raw ain't the superb show that is used to be when it was battling Nitro, I know that. But ya'll all know that Raw is worth watching every week then SM. Ya'll know SD is dead. Its only a matter of time before it comes off the air. And its gonna be sad because Vince and the crew could of stopped it.

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