Potential and No-Talents
January 8, 2006 by Lance Crucifix

You may or may not remember my other column, Ultimate Form of Flattery, where I took a quick overview of Backyard Wrestling. But that was indeed another column, in this one, I'll be talking about the superstars that have the potential to be big star, and the no talents that take the spot light. We all have or favorite wrestlers, and we'll all defend them no matter what. But sometimes, we don't always see or favorite wrestler in a proper feud, or being used to his full potential. Yet, we see no talent, garbage wrestlers winning WWE and World Heavyweight titles. I will now make a List of potentials and no talents, each of which will be compared...

Gregory Helms (Potential) vs Chris Masters (No Talent)
Gregory Helms, worked his way through the Indies, mostly in OMEGA, before breaking out into stardom in WCW. Chris Masters, trained at UPW's, Ultimate University. He worked a couple of shows there before making he jump to Ohio Valley Wrestling, a WWE Development Territory. Gregory joined WWE during the Invasion angle, forming a Character by the name of The Hurricane. Chris Masters works OVW for a little over two years before hitting the active RAW Roster. Gregory struggled to stay alive using the Hurricane character, creating some, very funny moments, in WWE history. Chris Masters, less then a couple of months into his career, is given a decent storyline (The Masterlock Challenge), and a ton of mic time. Gregory, has always been known for his funny promo's and ability to connect with the fans. So why did Chris Masters get a better push" You decide....

Shelton Benjamin (Potential) vs John Cena (No Talent)
Shelton Benjamin and John Cena both start out, as lower card wrestlers, on the Smackdown! side of thing. Shelton forms a successful tag team with Charlie Haas, called Team Angle (Until they broke away from Angle, and dubbing themselves, "The World's Greatest Tag Team"). John Cena, from the very beginning, was placed into good storylines and was given ample mic time. Shelton Benjamin is traded to RAW, and defeats Triple H in his first couple of RAW matches. John Cena goes on to WrestleMania, to defeat The Big Show for the WWE United States Championship. Shelton Benjamin wins the WWE Intercontinental title and has quite a long run. Cena loses, and regains the United States title, before dropping it to Orlando Jordan again, to build the feud between himself & John Bradshaw Layfielld. WrestleMania 22, Shelton participates in a Money in the Bank, Ladder match. John Cena defeats JBL in what could be a contender for worst WrestleMania match ever. Carlito is traded to RAW and defeats Shelton in his debut match, for the Intercontinental title (de ja vu from his Smackdown! debut), but unlike Cena, Shelton never regains his title, and is instead placed in a feud with Chavo Guerrero (Kerwin White at the time). John Cena, is traded to RAW bringing the WWE title with him, Cena is champion to this day. Why did Cena win the United States back within' months, and Shelton be subjected to poorly booked feuds" You tell me....

Rhyno (Potential) vs Randy Orton (No Talent)
Rhyno fought hard through the Indies, until reaching ECW, there he would have his greatest success, winning the ECW Heavyweight & Television titles, even becoming the last person to hold both titles. Randy started out, in a smaller level promotion called, Mid Missouri Wrestling Alliance. Rhyno joins WWE, around the time of the Invasion, and works WWE with almost no success, with the exception of a couple of Hardcore title reigns, as well as a brief WCW United States title reign, before injuring his neck in a match with Chris Jericho. Randy Orton jumped to OVW to sharpen his skill, while working a dark match, Orton receives a shoulder injury, at the hands of Brock Lesnar. Rhyno returns and is hyped as he remains on the Smackdown! Roster, until he begins to fade back into obscurity. Randy Orton, returns and joins Evolution, and defeats Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Title. Rhyno is traded to RAW and is given a World Heavyweight title match, for his RAW Debut, and is also given a short Tag Team feud with Tajiri, against La Resistance. Randy Orton goes on to become the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion, for a long time. Randy Orton is also kicked out of Evolution, for defeating Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight strap. Rhyno, after a domestic dispute, is Released from his contract. Amy Webber reports sexual harassment claim on Randy Orton, and is soon released from her contract. Rhyno joins up with NWA:TNA and soon, become NWA Heavyweight Champion. Orton was traded to Smackdown! and has been having the same feud for almost a year now. Was Rhyno, jumping to TNA a better idea, then having a year long RKO vs Tombstone feud" Hmmmmm...."

Christian (Potential) vs Batista (No Talent)
Christian works his way through the Indies, before he catches WWE's eye, and is signed to an exclusive deal. Batista works his was up the OVW ranks as Leviathan, and is soon signed to a deal. Christian in his debut match, wins the WWE Lightheavyweight Title, and join Edge and Gangrel to Form the Brood. Batista, is put into a storyline with Devon Dudley, as Deacon Bautista, but soon switches to his real name Dave Batista, shortly after, working a WWE Live event Batista tears his bicep, in a match with The Dudleyz, and misses a bit of time. Christian enjoys years of tag team success, before winning singles titles, like the European, and Intercontinental. Batista returns, and takes out Goldberg, joining up with Triple H's Evolution. Christian, becomes less and less used as time goes by. Batista, rides the coat tails of Evolution. Christian is traded to Smackdown! and he seems to be getting a proper push, until the push stops and Christian asks for his release. Batista wins the Royal Rumble, turns on Evolution, defeats Triple H at WrestleMania22 to become World Heavyweight Champion, and gets traded to Smackdown. Christian is granted his release, and he jumps to NWA: TNA where he is the current number one Contender for the NWA title. Batista remains World Heavyweight Champion to this day.

Upon review, it seems the people that 'look' seem to be the one's they get the good push, rather than the people who put their all into every match they have, these are just a few. There are far more but I don't have enough patience. So that is my column, feedback would be appreciated, negative or positive. It's all the same to me.

by Lance Crucifix

Christopher Flores wrote:
I can understand that many talents have and haven't been given the right pushes or breaks in the business. But in the world of wrestling you have to have some kind of talent or you wouldn't be in the business to begin with. You say these guys have no talent but you don't back it up with facts. Why doesn't Masters have talent because he is green in the ring and isn't the best wrestler. Is that his fault that the WWE pulled him up into Raw and pushed him" No it isn't his fault blame the writers.

John Cena, I am not a fan of his and never have been but again when the casual crowd chants for you and cheers you for a long period of time what is WWE suppose to do just sit and be a sitting duck" Cena was over and a run to the top was in the future regardless. Again he can get a crowd going on the mic, that takes talent sure he doesn't do what a Angle or Benoit do in the ring but working the mic takes talent just like wrestling in the ring.

Randy Orton built perfectly as a cocky heel and a family generation that works well to him. What is there not to like he was slowly built up through Evolution and then put into the main event. Yes his face turn sucked and was a joke but again it wasn't his fault the creative team felt he should have been champion.

Batista, he has made great strides and improvement in the ring and he loves the business. What so passion isn't a key anymore" Christian has stated that he was frustrated with the creative team and felt he needed a new start. Is it Batista's fault also that the crowd was getting into him" Also the creative team gave him the ball and he ran with it"

The reality is that you need talent to make it whether that be via a microphone, what you do in the ring or how you have developed your character. All of these men have talent in that sense. Now it is up to the creative team and the casual marks as they say to define who they feel should be the ones at the top and the ones at the bottom.
Will Gonzalez wrote:
Why do the typical internet sheep seem to think that they know everything" To say that Chris Masters and Randy Orton have no talent is just a typical internet sheep opinion. Both of them have done pretty well so far and are still young, and both will be major superstars in the future. As for Cena, he may be stale and currently boring in the ring, but he has done well before. As for Batista, he is at least popular and decent in the ring. To say that any of them have "no talent" is disrespect and not true.

If you want real "no talents", look at Heidenreich, Rob Conway and Mark Henry
ChiChi Cardiel wrote:
This is a fairly good column.But i AM tired of people saying Randy Orton Doesnt have any Talent.he has made wrestlers past their prime like Foley,Flair, and michaels look good in his matches.Let's face it he is the only promising Young Talent out there Carlito"masters" they seem to be only fit for a career full of US and intercontintal Gold.Shelton Benjamin is promising but i dont think WWE will push him as far as wwe or world belts...he might need more spark in his character, Orton has that really good Legend Killer gimmick which made him a good heel back in 2004. On another note heels that turn to baby faces dont really work unless they started as a babyface.Orton was boring as a Fan favorite and Batista is too...i mean..remember the beast tearing boring 'Spear" Goldberg apart" and remember tha Elimination chamber batista" but ive gone from my point. To say Randy Orton is no talent is just plain dumb jealousy.Cena has talent too but his character does not let him wrestle...thugs dont wrestle they are "brawlers"..but im not defending Cena tha character..i despise him.Dont say Orton doesnt have talent. admit it .he's all WWEs future has to hope for..him and Edge like him or not.Good column.
William McCracken wrote:
While I agree with most of your characterizations, I do have to argue that Randy Orton does have potential. His in-ring work is solid, he's the kind of heel that almost everyone loves to hate, and he is strong enough on the mic that he can keep a crowd shouting at him for a reason other than boredom for a Triple H-length promo. And as to Orton vs. Taker, although that feud has been home to one of the more despicable moments of late in WWE programming (not that there has been any shortage of those), it has provided a number of high quality matches for the fans to enjoy, and was frequently the best thing on the SmackDown! card.
Jesse Lee wrote:
The only statement I agreed on was your second and last. If you read my column over Chris Masters last year on June 9, labeled, "Chris Masters: The Masterpiece At Large" (back when there were only three Christ Masters fans) then you'd know that I mark out for Masters. I know he's not a technical expert, nor is he a cartwheel master who can do 90 flips in six seconds. I mark out for him, because he entertains me. Does this mean I hate Helms" Of course not, I love this new role of his. However, in WWE-where size does matter-there's no way Gregory Helms can become the WWE Champion. Is Chris Masters ready for the big title" No way, but he's closer than Helms. I despise Cena. Yet, I love to watch Shelton. With the Helms/Masters, it's understandable, but here, it baffles me. Cena, whom has the amount of talent as a mole-rat and Shelton, who has the potential to become a Wrestling God (JBL's gonna sue me) but yet, the mole-rat is being viewd as a "future legend." Rhyno vs. Randy Orton isn't much. You have a very hardworking wrestler like Rhyno and what I call a "genius" of wrestling. Not because of his "vast array of moves" which is about 435 headlocks per match, but with Orton, it all seems to come natural. With Rhyno, it just shows how much hardwork it takes to become a potential major star. It was just WWE's decision not to build Rhyno, not for a main reason with exception of the potential risk of injuring others. No argument over the Christian/Batista comparison.
Hbk9991 wrote:
Firstly I want to say this was a good article, but I do not agree with the stuff said.

Helm vs Masters - Actually I agree here. I am not a fan of Masters he has one move and as Steven Richards knows first hand is still very green and can injure stars.

Shelton vs Cena - Disagree/Agree. I like Shelton and think he deserves better, but to say Cena has no talent is just pure ignorance. "Duh I do not like Cena so he has no talent." You all can hate him as much as you want, but Cena is going to be around for a long long long time and their is nothing you can do to stop it. ( Yeah go ahead all you people and flame me cause I do not agree with you. It makes you feel good to talk down to those online who you will never meet ( and yes I just put you in your place ))

Rhyno vs Orton - Disagree. I never got on Rhyno's bandwagon in WWE or TNA. I think his title run elevated him to a new level, but it was too short to be a success and the only reason he won is cause Nash was not well enough to compete on the show. Orton's title reign was short, but I forsee him winning it back at Wrestlemania. I like Orton he is young and has talent.

Christian vs Batista - Agreed. Batista is like Warrior a flash in the pan who gets over totally on his size. Christian was a real contender and WWE let him get away. WWE's loss is TNA's biggest gain thus far.
DLMD9 wrote:
I have to disagree with many things you said about theses so called 'No Talent' wrestler. The wrestlers you have mentioned are talented in different ways, that's why their at the top of the ladder. These guys have good gimmicks, specific looks and promo skills. Cena, Batista amd Chris Masters are what you call brawlers in the ring. While Orton is without a doubt a good wrestlers, he has had some impressive matches over the years.

Two of the 'potential' stars you mentioned due have potential, but each has an issue as to why they're are not at the top in the WWE. Shelton Benjamin is one of my favorites but unfortunately he has bad promo skills and no gimmick, .However he has survived this long in the WWE and I feel that now with the addition of Big Mama Benjamin( A name I made up) as his manager he has a chance to go higher on top of the WWE ladder. Gregory Helms was better as the Hurricane, he may have been on a losing streak but the fans still cheered him, and the WWE was able to make merchandise off of him, he was placed in memorable feud with the Rock, and won, mostly thanks to Stone Cold but won the less. However I don't really like this Gregory Helm character because he's too dull, it doesn't matter if he is as good wrestler, he's still dull without being the Hurricane.

Rhyno unfortunately got fired due to his outburst at the WWE Hall of fame with witnesses. And as far as this whole Amy reporting sexual harassment on Orton I never even heard of anything like that, obviously it didn't get too far and there was no witness to it so Orton was okay. Rhyno is intense and a former ECW champion but I thought of him nothing more than a mid card despite his accomplishments. Christian problem was due to his "Captain Charisma" issue in which WWE had to stop all of his merchandise, they even stopped calling him "Captain Charisma" in WWE. Both Christian and Rhyno have ascended to the top in TNA based on all there work in WWE.

And to say that these wrestlers you call trash don't put their full effort into wrestling is garbage, I believe all wrestlers put everything they got in the wrestling business. Just because they don't due a bunch of wrestling holds or a lot off top rope moves doesn't mean they don't put their effort into it. Now I do agree with you on the fact that these wrestlers who have a certain look get a good pushed, that has been done for years.
Ieuan Johns wrote: I'm sorry but what utter stereotypical-IWC rubbish.

Helms vs. Masters - Helms has had a long career already and has been reasonably entertaining, his best work was with the Rock, but then it was the Rock talking 80% of the time there. In ring he is good but not fantastic, he has constantly failed to make the fans care about him unless he was the Hurricane. Masters has the look, attitude, charachter and is improving very quickly in the ring, anyone who saw the Elimination CHamber and doesnt see his potential is an idiot. Helms had potential but never realised it, at 23 Masters is the future still.

Benjamin vs. Cena - BOTH have great talent and potential. Benjamin needs a few good fueds to be there, Cena aleady is, remember Cena can talk, can actually wrestle (see his early matches if you disagree) and can play a gimmick, which if youd seen him in OVW you would know.

Rhyno vs. Orton - This is the worst of your comparisons, Rhyno had the look and was a decent enough worker but that is all. Orton is a better talker, better charachter, better worker and is still improing whereas Rhyno is probably all he's ever going to be.

Christian vs. Batista - I agree fully on Christian, he had and still has great potential, when you consider how Edge has done Christian could have been pretty close behind. I disagree about Batista though, he is quite possibly the most convincing world champion they have had for some time, the man just looks and acts like he could beat the shit out of people and does it. He is also a decent talker and a very good worker for a man of his size, only his age is against him (as his current injuries will attest)

Of the 8 you mentioned, NONE of them are no-talents, the least talented all round is probably Helms, not that he is bad but he lacks in some areas most than others.

Next time try taking a balanced view of things, frankly this loos like you just took the values from EWR and believed them to be real. Wrestling is more than just in-ring gymnastics.
Juan Cadavid wrote:
Now see I was with you until the Randy Orton part of no talent. Randy Orton is very talented. He can work, has charisma and can entertain with the best of them. I agree with all your potentials and No Talents. I am not the biggest Batista fan but any REAL wrestling fan and observer can see that he is working better and has at least improved a bit on inetrviews. He's no Christian but the guy is trying. Overall good column.
Erkka Järvinen wrote:
I know this is mostly a matter of opinions and i think your column was BS. You pride yourself being a smark, right" So why you jump on John Cena while the man himself is a good wrestler (see OVW matches) and is not responsible for 200 products on shopzone or the 9 month title reign. And come on...Randy orton no talent" You are saying he sucks in the ring" Time for a bathroom break... The next one was the funniest in my opinion...Christian potential and Batista no talent" You see, John Cena has bored the hell out of me due to his over push by writing management but Batista has kept me on the edge of my seat. He has been improving in the ring all the time and is funny in the cutscenes. Now i tell you, TNA is really good in my opinion and it has some great great wrestlers...but christian isnt one of them. Making Christian the number 1 contender for the NWA heavyweight title is a bad move by TNA, it makes TNA look weak since christian was a jobber in WWE(rightfully so) and TNA makes him a main eventer. In his first month he beat Monty Brown(one of my favourites) and goes on to main event in final resolution, now THATS bs. The way i see it, Christian No talent and batista potential.
LanceCrucifix wrote:
First and for most I'd like to say, no I'm not a Smark. Second, Randy Orton, while he has had some good matches, (Infact one of my favorite matches is from and episode of RAW, Edge vs Randy Orton) he was placed into matches, with people that have been putting the younger guys over. Mick Foley, while Foley is a hardcore legend he's not a very good all arounder, and I give Randy credit for carrying him to a good match. But Randy is very un imaginitive in the ring. The same goes for John Cena, he has had decent matches in WWE, aginst Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels and Christian, four guys who have been putting people over for a long time. Chris Master, has the look, and is still in need of development, enough said. Batista, is getting older, in what is still, near the begining of his career. His matches have been improving but not much, but will give Batista credit where credit is do, he seems to want it, more then most people. And for someone to say that Batista is more talented then Christian, is laughable. Christian is a solid worker, he can throw some nice ones, or chain you into a submission or, as he did most of the time with WWE, he can put you over, which is far more important then hogging the spotlight. I don't remember who said it, but Billy Graham comes to mind "Wrestling isn't about makeing you're self the superstar, it's about makeing you're opponent look just as good as yourself.". Cena, Batista, Chris Master, and Randy Orton, really have never done that, aside from Cena, the other three don't really allow there opponents much offense. I have seen some of Cena's work, but I never really liked him, while he has the mic skills, he lacks technical skills, and all around ring psychology. Someone mentioned him picking up Big Show, it's not that hard, for a man Cena's build. 500 pounds is heavy to lift, but when picking someone up in a Fireman's Carry, it's alittle easier then jump lifting 500 pounds of deadweight. Big Show jumped onto Cena's shoulders, just like any little guy does, and the match sucked. But the hole point of Big show and Cena's match d wasa for Big Show to job to Cena, thus meaning John Cena has defeated a 7 foot tall 500 pound giant. Big show was a Transition champion, one that wins the belt, gives it alittle face, and drops it to someone who has had a push as of late. But aside from all this, I used "No Talent" for lack of better term, in some of the cases, I stand by what I said about Masters, Batista and Cena. Orton may have potential, but he has failed to entertain me week after week, so until then I stand by what I say.
Angela Clark wrote:
First off, I respect your opinion because we all have one are allowed to voice it, plus your article was good because it actually got me worked up enough to write a response. Nice work. However, you cannot honestly tell me that you believe Chris Masters, John Cena, Randy Orton, and Batista have no-talent. ALL eight of those men you compared have talent, otherwise they wouldn't be in the WWE (or in Christian's case, apart of the WWE for so long) to begin with.

I think Gregory Helms has tons of potential and so does Chris Masters. But I think both of their gimmicks were a little stupid. The superhero thing was not interesting to me at all. Helms could have had great tag team success without being The Hurricane. And I don't think the Masterlock challenge was that great either. Luckily, WWE has gotten rid of both. And both aren't that good on the mic either. However, Masters is young and has time to work on that. Helms did his thing and should know how to give a captivating promo. Maybe Masters shouldn't have been brought up so early but how are you gonna know if he's ready for the big stage without giving him a shot"

John Cena does have talent. Flat out, plain and freaking simple. His talent might not be the best in-ring work but it is obviously something else. (But we all know he CAN wrestle...look at his work in OVW ,thank you very much.) One has to understand that Cena can completely captivate the audience with what he has to say. He can give a promo that rings in my head for days. Do you see Shelton Benjamin doing that" No. Now that may be because he doesn't get any mic time anyway but when he does, are you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what he has to say" I'm not and I don't think many other people are either. Also, Cena's gimmick of a rapper worked and so did Shelton's( his tag team with Haas). But it's not his fault that it eventually fell off and people were still interested in Cena. Plus, even though now Cena is getting boos from the crowd, at least people are into his matches and care enough to give him a reaction. I don't hear a lot from the crowd when Benjamin is in the ring....except for that one match a couple weeks ago...against CENA!!

Randy Orton and "no talent" Just might be one of the biggest oxy morons EVER! He has more talent in his right foot than Rhyno has in his whole friggin body...and I am a huge Rhyno supporter. And i'll tell you why. Charisma. Charisma is a big part of the package when you work for the WWE and all of the people you listed as no talent have that...ESPECIALLY Randy Orton. He was a perfect fit for the Evolution story line, as he does represent the future of the company and Rhyno did not. Orton's babyface run was not accepted because it just wasn't the right time. And that wasn't his fault because he didn't write it...creative did. He just did what was asked of him. Rhyno got released because he made a decision to act like an idiot on the biggest night in wrestling. Personally, no matter what Orton does, I'd take him over Rhyno ANY day to be apart of my company, based on his marketability alone. He's guaranteed money, which is what Vince and the rest of the McMahon's look for. And i'm pretty sure Amy Webber ASKED to be released from her contract, just for the record.

Finally, you compare Batista and Christian. They both have extreme amounts of talent but it's neither one of those two men's faults that WWE Creative couldn't come up with a good idea for Christian and they could for Batista. Christian had a great run with the storyline involving himself, Trish Stratus and Chris Jericho a little while back and WWE just wanted to go a different direction. Batista, like Orton, fit the mold of Evolution as the up and coming superstar. They eventually had to find a way to dismantle the faction and since you have to eventually take the title away from Triple H, he was the likely opponent because of how amazingly over Batista was and was the most likely babyface opponent for Hunter. It was his time to be the break out star. Christian had already had his great and most memorable run, which was as a member of one of the best tag teams ever, Edge and Christian.

Now I do agree with your point about the look being the source of whether a wrestler gets a big push or not but I think it's because that is what draws a lot of people to the product. You can't deny that some people will want to see a chiseled body over an uncut, loose, flabby one. And i'm not saying this is right but that's just how it is at the moment. But it isn't always the case. Shelton Benjamin has a great body but his push isn't coming because he lacks the mic skills. I think that Orton, Batista, and Cena have the full package of what it takes to be a main-event guy in the WWE. Chris Master's will too if he learns how to deliver a better promo and he might get better with age, as he is only 23 years old. You need to have the ability to speak, wrestle, and bring in the money and that is something they all do(minus Masters). It seems to me that you think they don't have talent because they might not put on the best "wrestling" matches. Wrestling is obviously important but when you work for WWE it's not only about that. And even if Orton, Masters, Batista and Cena can't wrestle for shit, they can bring in money regardless. That, my friend, is talent at it's best.
statpride25 wrote:
Here's my take on the wrestlers you named...

Gregory Helms (Potential).. Sure he has potential, but he weighs 200 pounds soaking wet. Also, no wrestler who ever wore a goofy green mask could ever be taken seriously as a World champion.

Chris Masters (No Talent).. 100% fully agreed.. he's a modern day Hercules.. no charisma, and has the same finishing move, a full nelson. However, he does have some talent... he guarantees me a bathroom break during RAW.

Shelton Benjamin (Potential).. Shelton was the MAN in the Money in the Bank match. He is great... I hope the WWE truly sees what they have in him.

John Cena (No Talent).. Whenever he says "You can't see me", it reminds me that I really don't want to see him. Lanny Poffo had better poetry.

Rhyno (Potential).. Rhyno is like Tazz... just too small, but he's no longer in the WWE.

Randy Orton (No Talent).. He's very injury prone, and I feel there's something missing. I can't put my finger on it. But dammit, I want this guy to be the future of the industry.

Christian (Potential).. I like Christian, but he's no longer in the WWE.. too bad.

Batista (No Talent).. This man is Sid Justice, 2006. Which, by the way, is not good. He bores me. Please unleash this Animal from his WWE contract.
Tony Bruce wrote:
None of the people on ur list are no talents. the problem with wwe is they keep pushing people to the big time while they're still too green. Chris Masters, while watching him work in the ring makes me wanna slap some paint on the wall and watch it, has potential to be a lex luger sorta character, not that i really liked him either but he was way over in his day. They've already been maximizing cena's potential he's the only one who really sells merchandise, though he's still pretty green too he needs to get ring psychology down a bit better. Randy Orton has the most future potential on the roster, when he won his title he was green then, but now i think he's ready. he's just gonna have to wait behind edge or angle cos they're both way over due. Batista, i dont rate at all, he's crap at promo's, and pretty standard in the ring, he can only really work one sequence in a match. but he was still over so he clearly must have been doing something right.

Gregory Helms is never gonna win anything except the cruiserweight or the tag title in wwe, he'd be creatively at home either in tna's x division or in roh, but u know wwe has financial and security so i dont see it happening.

Shelton Benjamin definately got potential, just needs to develop more of a character, i mean he's great in the ring but character wise he still seems like a glorified run in buddy like he was for angle, personally don't like the way its goin with his 'mama' but meh whatever works.

Rhyno's a diamond in the rough, when he's workin in a bingo hall infront of a cult following. Big time he ain't. He got the promo skills of a brick, his in ring work is pretty decent, nothing special.

Christian is great and in tna is now realising his full potential. he could get himself over as 'The Rock' of tna if he cut is promos with a bit more energy and wrestled with a bit more snap, i cant believe how big time he looks over there.

I guess this just shows everythings a matter of opinion eh. thats my rant
Kevin Hill wrote:
i agree on alot. But i think you have mistaken "no talent" with "quick push".

Orton has talent. He has a great build, great on the mic, and knows his way around the ring. He knows how to get the fans attention. Just because someone worked through the indies does not make them better than people that started in OVW.

Sure it usually means they have been wrestling longer, but that doesn't necessarily make them better. Most cases your right (mainly Shelton/Cena). But I still think you got "no talent" mixed up with "quick success" (except in cenas case. he truely has no talent)
Mike D. wrote:
I don't agree with almost everything you said besides the Shelton Benjamin. John Cena is my all time favorite wrestler and he has excellent mic skills which I compare to Stone Cold or Hulk Hogan. When he was in his feud with JBL he made me laugh and he still does. He may not be that great of a wrestler but if you have noticed kids cheer for him when old people boo him because there not hip or cool. John Cena is hip and in the now he knows what is cool and what isn't. That's why kids are cheering for him. My friend stopped liking him when he was going into Wrestlemania because he said he was always winning but now that he' s lost the title he's been doing great.

I do not like Gregory Helms new character at all. I think he is a good wrestler which brings some ground wrestling into the cruiserweight division but he's just like a regular person and I enjoy characters or gimmicks more. I think he had something going with Rosey and him but WWE just didn't use it the correct way.

Shelton Benjamin is one of my top favorite wrestlers and I think if he keeps going with Carlito they'll get better with each other and become the future of the industry. I believe that Chris Masters has talent and could become a believable champion in the near future. He needs a new finisher to add on to his Masterlock that isn't a submission. Somethi ng like Kurt Angle and Cena do. And I think he's better at promos than many are such as Haas, Viscera, and most recently the Spirit Squad.

Batista I think is a good wrestler that can get the crowd going. He has some in ring talent and may be a muscle head, but look at Lashley he can't cut a promo and talks like a white guy but hey he's on his way to the top (if he doesn't get released during his time to let his liver heal.) Batista is old and is so muscular will probably not be around that much longer anyway do to injuries unless he stays around too long like Ric Flair.

Rhyno I've only seen in TNA and some old ECW tapes I have, but if you saw his promos recently he's been looking great and can wrestle. I do not think he could have went far in the WWE because he didn't have a gimmick in TNA he's "The War Machine" and he's been beating the crap out of people.

Randy Orton has some problems with his attitude, but he's young and young men hit on chicks it's the law of the world. He may have chosen a bad time but he's a good wrestler and can cut a promo. Although he does do a billion side headlocks a match and the RKO doesn't looks like it hurts that much, but hey he's the future for the business.

And Christian I know many of you people are going to hate me for this, but I think Christian is boring plain and simple. He was better back in his time with edge and he hasn't been able to change and adapt like edge has. Plus, he's always complaining and has an annoying voice. The only part I like about him is his finisher looks like it hurts. Much like the pedigree or the Dominator, and not like the FU (done to me many times doesn't hurt that bad), sweet chin music, or the angle slam. Oh and he has a hot wife if his wife in the promos with Abyss attacking his home was his real wife.

All in all I agree with all the potential people except Christian, and disagree with all your No Talent. Which if they didn't have talent how would they be at the top and be a wrestler on TV being paid butt loads of money.

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