When Macho Madness Ran Wild..
by Brad Dykens (Originally Posted in 2001)

Randy Savage has achieved more in wrestling than most could ever dream of. He is legendary. The Macho Man is truely one of the greats in the industry. He first came to the WWF shortly before Wrestlemania II, with his manager, Elizabeth, as an egotistical heel. He soon won the Intercontinental Title from Tito Santana and found himself travelling around the globe wrestling none other than Hulk Hogan. Savage dropped the title to Ricky Steamboat at Wrestlemania III, in what was arguable the greatest match of the 80s, and a contender to top five of the century. A year later, Mach was a fan favorite and at Wrestlemania IV, he went through four men in a tournament to be crowned the Undisputed Champion, pinning Ted DiBiase in the finals with help from his new friend, Hulk Hogan. For the next year, The Mega Powers dominated the WWF; But gradually tension began to tear the team apart, Savage's jealousy of Hogan turned him heel again, and after a year-long program, Savage challenged Hogan for a showdown at Wrestlemania V.

Hogan accepted and won the title. Two years later, at Wrestlemania VII, Savage was in for the fight of his life, in a career match with The Ultimate Warrior, which he lost and was forced to retire. However, a ticket holder by the name of Elizabeth jumped the rail following the conclusion of that match. Savage and Elizabeth were together again in an emotional reunion. A unusually shy Randy Savage worked up the courage to ask Elizabeth to marry him at the upcoming Summerlam PPV. The two were married in the ring (in reality the couple were married years before). Macho Man made appearances here and there in the WWF, mostly as a commentator. At the Summerslam Wedding reception, Jake Roberts proved to be a pest by crashing the party. Shortly after the wedding, Savage was attacked by Jake Roberts, who allowed his snake to actually BITE Savage on the bicep on WWF Television! This began a campaign to reinstate Randy Savage, which did eventually happen. Savage continued his WWF Career until 1996 when he jumped to the WCW where he joined his pal, Hulk Hogan, again. He had a lot of success in WCW as well, but no wheres near the glory he attained in the World Wrestling Federation.

Thank you,
Brad Dykens

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