The Rise and Rise of Victoria
January 20, 2002 - by Darryl Craven

Born Lisa Marie Varon in San Bernardino California, Victoria quickly and dominantly ensured herself a top spot in the WWE. Debuting as the "lead Ho" in the Godfather's reign of pimpin' in the late 90's and early 2000's. She was quickly recognised as someone with a hell of a lot of potential. A few years later Victoria was born and made an immediate impact on the WWE.

Its not just that she is beautiful and sassy like the other "divas" (I hate that phrase) she is a good solid wrestler and legitimately strong, take for example the bump she took going through the table on the December 9th edition of Raw and got concussion because that useless Trish Stratus botched it slightly. Like Jacky and Molly and completely unlike the crap that Torrie, Stacy, Terri, Lita (she only has one move people) and yes Trish (sorry Brad) show us. She puts on a good solid show every week.

Her background just emphasises her strength and fitness in 1995 she won 1st place in the middleweight bodybuilding competition of the NPC Inland Empire competition which she also won her IFBB Pro card and has twice competed in the ESPN2 Fitness America Test which she won in 1997 and came 2nd in 1998, these are just a few of many examples of her fitness and bodybuilding acheivements. And her acedemic acheivements are on a par too, having attended UCLA's Bio Med course.

After her extensive training down at Ohio Valley Wrestling Victoria was unleashed on the World Wrestling Entertainment audience on August 5th, 2002 edition of RAW defeating Trish Stratus with a brilliant ending to the match. Victoria went down holding her knee in which looked like a legitimate injury and as Trish held the ropes for her she turned around and kicked Trish in the face and got the pinfall.

A fued was built up with the womens champion Trish over the next couple of months as her character began to take shape in the form of a psychotic neurotic headcase hell bent on revenge on Trish Stratus for unknown reasons which came to fruition at the Survivor Series in November 2002. Just three months after debuting in the WWE as a wrestle in a hardcore rules match she picked up the win and the WWE Womens title.

Now I have never been a big fan of the womens wrestling division, there are only a handful of female competitors that could really wrestle well those being Molly Jackie, but it's nearly time for her to hang up the boots I'm afraid, Ivory and Jazz.

But Victoria has added a little something to the mix here and its something the WWE should capatilize on big time if they are serious about the womens division. I think this year could see a big turn in fortunes for the former Ho and could very well lead the womens division to all new heights builing up decent feuds with the likes of Jazz and Molly whilst the other ladies, Trish, Torrie, Stacy, Dawn Marie and Lita could hone up a little on their skills and turn the womens division upside down. I genuinely see great things for Victoria if she continues to show the early potential she has shown thus far, a little bit of mic work and she is complete.

I am genuinely happy to see her come down to the ring which is rare for a female match up, her gimmick is awesome, she's like the Ken Shamrock of the womens division, intense isn't a strong enough word to describe her personality.

All I hope is that Victoria wasn't the WWE manangement teams flavour of the month and although I'm glad Steven Richards is finally getting the push he deserves for his hard work and work ethic. I just hope she doesnt become second fiddle to him and lose her well deserved, completely refreshing and utterly entertaining time in the spotlight. And don't you just love her entrance music and video...........

Joe Joe writes::
Its nice to see another person who respects the wonderful beauty that is Victoria. Victoria is truly one of the best females ever at wrestling, being a character, and being so beautiful. I hope to see her go far in her wrestling career as she deserves it. While she may not be in the title picture at the moment she is still one of if not the best around and she continues to prove it, so you could kind of say she is the Chris Jericho of the Women's Division.


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