I Gotta Say This #4
The Online World of Wrestling Challenge

September 22, 2003 - by Brad Dykens

I gotta say this: I'll be the first person to admit, the WWE IS getting better, their Pay Per Views have been consistently entertaining and I haven't heard the phrase "I can't believe I wasted my money on that" in a long time, with the exception of Bad Blood. Television has its ups and downs and the frustrating part is that the most entertaining stuff (like the Iron Man Match) gets raped in the ratings and that discourages Vince McMahon from trying something like that again!

Which begs the question, where can we get fresh new storylines combined with great athletic wrestling matches from talented wrestlers who love the business, not just the money?.......

In the words of the late, great, Owen Hart -- Enough is enough, and it's time for a change! I think it's time for a changing of the guard in this monopolized world of professional wrestling. Fans of TNA have to unite and work towards a more accessible TNA product. But what can the average mark (fan - face it we're all marks) do to help?

I was absolutely thrilled to hear about NWA:TNA sending a handful of staff to WWE House Shows in Alabama & Tennessee to spread the word about NWA:TNA, specifically the 1cent Pay Per View they were aggressively promoting! What was even more refreshing, was that a bunch of regular TNA fans joined in and volunteered their time and energy to help the cause, by passing out flyers -- oh yeah and Punk'd out Goldberg -- I thought "that is so fantastic!" --- When the euphoria wore off, I was left with an uneasy realization. This was Alabama & Tennessee, or more to the point -- TNA's backyard! I would have been a lot MORE impressed if a crop of fans in California, or even Philadelphia, took it upon themselves to spread the word about NWA:TNA..

So, with that in mind, We at are issuing a challenge to ALL professional wrestling fans across the country to promote the hell out of TNA at WWE House Shows, as well as RAW & Smackdown! TV tapings. We challenge you to chant TNA during important on-air segments! As you may or may not know, WWE censors fans who bring signs to shows promoting potential competition or insulting their own product, but they cannot censor your voice. They're a bunch of dirty bastards but I don't think they'd put duct tape over your mouth just for chanting TNA slogans!

So when WWE comes to your town, buy a ticket, and let your voice be heard! When someone comes out, who you really don't think deserves the push they are getting (Triple H, Goldberg, The Coach for example) get your section to chant for TNA! TNA! TNA! When misused talent such as Spanky, Paul London, Tommy Dreamer & Lance Storm (guys who reflect TNA's product) are in the ring, then open your lungs and chant for TNA, to let them know that is where they SHOULD be working. The best way to trick unknowing fans into chanting TNA is when Torrie Wilson, Sable, Dawn Marie or any other diva is out there; get them to chant for T&A, it sounds the same! You'll have fans tilting their heads and saying, "That TNA show must be pretty good!"

So if you believe in the TNA product, and anybody who has watched it probably does, then let your voices be heard and share your discovery with wrestling fans that may not have been exposed to it yet! Get out there and talk about it, tell them how good it is, it's time for an alternative to take over!

I have never heard anybody use the words "wasted my money" during discussions of NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPVs. They always seem to deliver, especially when they hype a major show! The hard part is getting the word out to wrestling fans. And if every fan of TNA bore just a little of the weight, it would go a long way!

Now onto some other random thoughts for the week..

Well it's officially the end of the world, as we know it. Bill Goldberg is your NEW World Heavyweight champion (the WWE version of the World title at least). So who is next for Goldberg? Chris Jericho? Kane? Randy Orton? None of those sound very appealing to me. Ratings will fall, Goldberg will be exposed as the worthless piece of trash that he is, and Triple H will return from his sex-filled honeymoon and win back the title and be a hero!

Let's look at this from Triple H's point of view; By now he must have realized how hated he is, not just as a wrestling heel, but as a human being and a manipulative politician by wrestling fans around the world as well as his own co-workers in the locker room. Triple H knows his title reign will be a stain on his career and legacy. What better way to clear the memories of fans than to pass the torch to a guy whose negative regime will overshadow that of Triple H! It's brilliant; I never said Triple H wasn't smart. He's the smartest man in wrestling in my opinion.

If you were Triple H, and had as much stroke as he does, would you pass the torch to a guy who will make a better champion than yourself? Hell no! Especially when you're scheduled to "go away" for a little while to get hitched (*cough* to the boss's daughter). Let's hypothesize for a moment shall we, if Triple H dropped the title to, say, Rob Van Dam, who went on to engage in feuds with Kane, Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels etc etc, and then Triple H came back, what would he be left with? He would take back his title, and then everybody would hate him again, but if he comes back and beats an equally despised Goldberg then people will be patting him on the back and saying, "thanks for that!"

Wrestling's Absurdity of the Week: On RAW a week ago, Triple H had the audacity to say that he is the "one true constant" in the wrestling industry, while you got two guys on Smackdown! wrestling for 60 minutes straight with no gimmicks and no extras. Of course, I was not surprised by Triple H's ignorance towards true talent..

Friends don't let friends chant for Goldberg..

by Brad Dykens

So uh...what if we like WWE? What if we like guys like Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, Brock and Benoit? What happens if we like Chris Kanyon? I'm just wondering, dude. Some people are acctual WWE fans and always have been. Sure WWE is in a spot right now, but things have been getting better. But no, instead of waiting it out and giving WWE a chance to make things better, you seem to want to post slanderous, extremely biased propoganda. I thought you were a WRESTLING site. I happen to love some of your articles, you guys really know what you're talking about...right up until this OWW challenge stuff. I don't get it? Why so biased? In my opinion NWA isn't even ready to compete yet. This is ESPECIALLY apparent seeing how the only way NWA can get attention is to take shots at WWE. WWE is in its place because of the writing, but its people like you who are going to stop it from getting any better.
Brad Dykens' reply:
The WWE is "in its place" because it's been around for 40 years, and it has bought up all its competition. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of WWE, I love all wrestling, but I think the TNA product is heads above the WWE right now, and the WWE just cannot get the job done.. A few years ago, the writers stopped working for the fans, and started working for Vince McMahon.. The talent in NWA:TNA deserve to get more exposure than they are getting right now and I'm just doing my part to get the job done.. If you like Chris Benoit, Matt Hardy and Chris Kanyon so much, you should be pissed at WWE for constantly misusing them! There is room in this world for more than one wrestling organisation..
Hach wrote:
I enjoyed your column on more and more people should watch TNA and promote it. But I also challenege you to take in a ROH event. In the past few years ROH has become my new stomping ground. And well, after enjoying there past show on 9/20, I beg of you and highly suggest for you to check it out. So please take in some of ROH.
Brad Dykens' reply:
I'll second that, ROH is also an amazing product, but TNA is the first promotion since WCW to get anywhere close to the level of exposure that could lead to success.. ROH has a long way to go as far as exposure goes, but in a way, that is what makes ROH so great..
Manny T had this to say:
Now >I< gotta say this,

Every week I have been tuning in to this tripe that you call a wrestling site, and I have heard nothing but bitching. Bitching about Goldberg, the WWE, Pay-Per-Views and quie frankly, I am getting sick and tired of hearing the same shit week in and week out.

No, dismiss the very thought from your mind, I am not a sheep. I am a smark (a SMART mark). Yes, I see too that the WWE has shown a decline in their chain-of-events. I too am sick and tired of Triple H's constant manipulative politics backstage, I too am sick of Vince McMahon continuously ramming it into us that he's the boss and us as fans can do nothing about what we see in front of us, but seriously, I, along with millions of other wrestling fans don't do HALF the amount of pissing and moaning you guys do. At the same time while seeing all the bad that's in front of me, I also see the good, and that's one thing I have yet to see on your "site".

This whole thing about Goldberg, you guys need to seriously take a step back. Yes, Goldberg is still in need of some fine-tuning. My God, didn't you watch the WWE during the whole "Invasion Angle"?! Half of these wrestlers did nothing but stumble around the ring. Booker T looked like he was having a fit whenever he wrestled. But look at him now, he is a well respected and admired member of the WWE roster, because people GAVE HIM A CHANCE! How long has Goldberg been @ the WWE? Not even 6 months, and you guys have already written him off. Goldberg is a good wrestler. Not a great wrestler, but a good one nevertheless, and all he needs is a little TLC during his title reign. Listen to the fans man! Look out into the crowd! Are you blind?! There is nothing but a gruelling desire for a NEW champion, rather than some egomaniac with a sledgehamer calling himself the champ.

Trust me, I wouldn't piss on WCW. I absolutely despised these people who did nothing but rip-off the golden traits of the (then) WWF. All my life I have stood by the WWE, and until the day when it's "run into the ground by Goldberg", I will continue to do so, while you sit there at your computer and continue to bitch and moan about the next diamond in the rough that comes along. If you don't like it, go and watch SmackDown, or that God-awful TNA that you constantly jerk yourself off over (and bravo to Goldberg for shutting down those idiots that claim that Vince Russo @ TNA will lead them to the holy grail!).

Mark M (from the UK) had this to say:
I totally agree with you up until the point where you say that TNA should take over because i feel that at the moment WWE is good and i enjoy watchin the show and i feel that all that is needed is for Vince to get his finger out and make some new top liners like i see they are doing with Eddie Guerrero at the moment. But the Smackdown Main Events are still stale because it has been only four men who have been in the Smackdown Main events in a long time i dont feel that i need to list them but just incase i do (Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Kurt Angle and Big Show) now each of those men has talent in their own right, erm well except the Big Show, but anyway they are getting stale and i think to spice up smackdown they should get Rob Van Dam and trade him for someone like Sean O' Haire who is just wasting away anyway and that would give smackdowns Main events a needed boost. RAW on the other hand just needs someone new as World Champion. now i know that Bronzeberg has just become champ but i mean come on this guy is all hype, the best person to give it too would be Chris Jericho or even Randy Orton because this would allow some fresh matches to air on both shows and that is my personal opinion.
Brian P. said:
Now i started to like your website but im starting to dislike it more and more. I'm sure that most of you started watching wwf/wwe before any of that tna crap, so why if wwf/wwe inspired most of you to watch wrestling why do you criticize it so much i mean why would you make fun of the wrestling industry that made you like it in the first place? i would like your website better if maybe in just one collum you said something good about wwe.
MAVERIC had this response to Manny T's comments:
Hey Brad, here's a comment for that billy goat in the flock of sheep who calls himself a smart mark.

I have already compared WWE to NWA: TNA. First off TNA has a lot of damn good talent that WWE just can't afford. They are still trying to get Sting but he's going to stay in TNA for a little while before thinking about possibly STAYING in NWA. Unlike those former WCW wrestlers that said that they wouldn't become Vince McMahon's little bitch, Sting is one of those guys that will actually WRESTLE and THINK for a change. Not only that, but NWA: TNA has a slew of independant guys that are a lot better than the basic crap that everyone is being exposed to on WWE television.

Now I know I'm sounding bias. WWE does have their fair share of talent but they don't emphasize on it anymore. The only two that they push now is practically Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, and Chris Benoit. What about on the Raw side? They're giving Goldberg the title just to give him more of a win streak again but for what? More merchandise? I stand by my column saying that Raw is more appealing but they never give good talent their dues anymore. Tommy Dreamer is out of action for a while I'm guessing but then there's more guys like Rob Conway who has to get stuck with La Resistance only to piss all over himself while they break little Spike's neck.

And then you bring up WCW using old WWF storylines? Have you even seen the WCW storylines now on WWE television? Goldberg grabbing the hype by gaining the title, The Coach acting like Eric Bischoff circa 1997 with the nWo. Hell that US title tournament is a bit remeniscent of the title tournaments they had on Nitro and Thunder for a few weeks, don't it?

NWA: TNA is different in most ways. They have ORIGINAL storylines for once. Wow what a change! No more bringing up crap like good teams turning on each other only to have the other guy head for a different show, no more self-help guru bullshit (I made the connection with DDP and Matt Hardy, think about it), and no more big man equals big matches. Again it's a hell of a lot better than the basic crap that we're subjected to. Unlike Vince McMahon, the Jarretts are utilizing all their talent with AJ Styles, Frankie Kazarian, America's Most Wanted, S.E.X., Shark Boy, and a whole mess of independant talent and giving them the freedom to go on their own personal runs in ROH and other independant federations because they love the action and it's damn good money. The WWE barely lets anyone go off for an ROH hit or any independant stuff. Not since Bret Hart have I seen a mainstream superstar go into MLW or UPW or even TCW for anything lately. The only guy I've seen leave WWE for a promotional match was Jerry Lawler when he took on Dusty Rhodes for a TCW event a week after I interviewed (the rumored fake) Dusty Rhodes. But as far as storylines go, TNA still holds that lead with The New Church/Gathering storyline as well as the Shark Boy/Glen Gilberti angle. It's proving that this stuff is juicy and now everyone will want a nice taste of what they are missing.
Jo' Karkula had this to say to MAVERIC:
Yeah, but haven't we seen the flock angle 1 too many times? TNA is really filled with overglorified mid carders. I watched Kurt Angle wreste last night and I said to myself "This man is a world class athelete." the kids from TNA are just farm boys from the independents. And letting your superstars run around to other feds is not a good thing! Thats the problem with TNA, guys just seem to come and go all the time. Its hard to establish a roster when there are all kinds of cameos happening and other stars are performing elsewere. The point is, WWE has world class atheletes that TNA wouldn't even begin to know what to do with. They are too busy putting the world title on every single superstar that signs with them. I agree that the NWA is filled with great guys who really know how to inovate in the ring but they are just kids compared to the guys of WWE. In other words, any federation that D-Lo Brown can be a headliner, makes you pay whenever you want to watch and is filled with inconsistent superstars isn't going to challenge WWE. They still have a VERY long way to go. All they can do at this point is keep taking shots at WWE to make themselves look like competition.
Manny T had this rebuttle for MAVERIC:
Trust me Maveric, I'd rather be called any kind of farm animal, just as long as I'm not known as a TNA fan. Plus, yes, WCW was an organisation that did nothing but stand by and sponge off the WWE. Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo: ENOUGH SAID. They stole the WWE's finest wrestlers just so they could get their names on the map. They wanted to be so much like WWE that... wait, come to think of it... oh that's right... THEY ARE NOW!

TNA is still inferior if you ask me. Yes, the in-ring capabilities are bursting with potential, but the quality of just about everything else sucks. The writing, the sets, the sheer intensity you're supposed to feel when you're at or just watching a wrestling match. It ain't there. I'm not gonna write it off just yet, but seriously, dump Russo. You'll have a better chance of surviving that way.

Congrats to Karkula for pointing out all the stuff in Maveric's flimsy arguments. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Finally, yes, as I said, the WWE needs to pull their thumb out of their ass, and there are fantastic wrestlers they have yet to give a chance (as Dykens pointed out, Storm, Rhyno, Ultimo), but seriously people, don't question the WWE. They've been operating for two decades for a reason: they know what wrestling's all about.
Brad Dykens takes a jab:
Manny is an example of a fan who puts too much stock into the lights, cameras, glitz, glamour and fireworks as opposed to the actual talent of the performer -- far too many Manny's out there IMO..
MadCurves6969 says to Brad Dykens:
I know it's been well documented that you think Triple H is a "Worthless piece of trash" and, I guess you have a right to believe that, but why do you continually take things that he says in character and hold them against him as though he really meant them? I.E. the "Paper champion" ordeal. Please get a clue. Remarks made on Raw are rarely made out of character. If you believe he actually meant it, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

And on to the "Backstage Politics". In order for these arguements to be valid, one would have to believe that Triple H is the most cunning, manipulative, conniving, evil SOB ever to step foot into a wrestling arena. (And if your name happens to be Brad Drykens, you probably believe that) The truth is he is a tremendous talent and for once I would like to see him get the respect he deserves, if for only once.
Brad Dykens reply to MadCurves6969:
Throughout time (which I'm going to go out on a limb and say, you are too young to have much of) the World's Wrestling champion, for whichever promotion, has been the one guy who can carry the entire roster. The one guy who can get a good match out of 90% of the guys who step foot in that promotions ring, and for that matter, any other promotions ring. Hulk Hogan is the one and only exception to that rule, as Hulkamania was a phenomenon that broke all the rules. In the case of Hulkamania, it was up to the opponents to make him look good. But getting back to Triple H, yes, I understand that it is his character, but there is a right way and a wrong way to portray a character in wrestling. You don't willingly admit that someone in your own company is "bad", especially if the term you are using, is the exact definition of yourself! That's like a Major League baseball team having a first baseman call the short-stop a crappy player! It makes the whole team look bad, and Triple H has made the whole "WWE RAW Team" look bad. Roddy Piper wrote in his book that an early lesson he learned from his mentors was to never say that your opponent "sucks" or "is not worthy of being in the ring with you" because when you beat him what are you left with? You beat a guy who sucks, what's the fun in that?!

Looking back at some of the greatest champions of all time, Lou Thesz, Buddy Rogers, Bruno Sammartino, Harly Race, Ric Flair, and the list goes on and on, every single one of them wore their World title with honor and dignity for years and years and defended it against hundreds of challengers all over the world and made them look fantastic. Jerry Lawler wrote in his book, that Ric Flair was the World champion in the 80s, and he would come through Memphis and wrestle Lawler and Flair would make him look like a million bucks. Even though he never won the title, the legions of Memphis fans were left believing that some day he could! Triple H hasn't done that, and he was champion for less than a year. With every challenger that stepped into the ring with Triple H, the fans know the outcome -- Triple H retains (usually with a sledgehammer shot).. Triple H has buried challenger after challenger; look what happened to Scott Steiner? look what happened to Kevin Nash? what happened to Booker T? Challenging for your promotions World title should be the one event that elevates you to a brand new level in your career. Instead, Triple H's opponents are left without a prayer in the World. Don't even get me started on Chris Jericho & Rob Van Dam.. Where are THEIR title shots?!?

You never hear anybody talking about "gosh I wish the Smackdown! title would change hands soon, their champion is getting stale!" Kurt Angle & Brock Lesnar put on amazing matches and they make their opponents look dynamite - just ask Big Show! I just wish they'd let Kurt Angle hold the title for 9 months! So for Triple H to come out and say that Smackdown! is represented by a "Paper Champion" is just unfathomable, you're insulting your own product, and anybody who actually believes RAW & Smackdown! are separate entities should be bathed in banana juice and locked up in a monkey cage. It all comes down to business, and there is a right way and a wrong way to do business. That is just WRONG.

To further my cause, I also would like to point out that history tells us that whenever a champion does NOT draw money, they are quickly uncrowd. Triple H has been bringing down buyrates and ratings since the beginning of the year. Do you think the WWE would keep the strape around his waist if he wasn't engaged to Stephanie? Don't kid yourself. Yeah I'll admit one thing, Triple H is an amazing athlete, and he got to the top of the business in the year 2000, and that was without Stephanie, although he was probably having an affair with her at the time, but that doesn't matter, his matches were incredible! He WAS, in fact, my favorite wrestler back then. And Triple H IS STILL one of the best performers in the business, but he's not a World champion, he's NOT the guy you want leading your locker room..

I hate to go back to praising TNA, but the fact of the matter is this; Most of the NWA World Heavyweight title matches are incredible. They're filled with exciting moments and thrilling conclusions, but since you are a member of the the "Vince McMahon kiss my ass club" you probably don't agree..
MadCurves6969 rebuttle:
Wow you have many good points in your response, I'll give you that. But let me just ask this: Why is it that when Kurt Angle (No offense to him) fights and beats an up-and-comer, it's seen as giving that person "Rub", but when Triple H does it to someone like Maven on Heat, it's frowned upon as "Burying" him. Does anyone remember when Kurt defeated Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin BOTH in the SAME NIGHT? If Triple H had done that, every Smart Mark on the planet would be sacrificing a herd of black sheep to their sun god for Triple H's reprehensible actions. Everyone always brings up the fact that Triple H buries the roster. Granted, it is possible to bury someone in one match if that person is beaten beyond belief. But has Triple H really done that to anyone? He's always managed to just barely slide by with his title in tact. And isn't it kind of up to the writers to "Bury" or not bury people? They do it by taking people out of the title picture, not the wrestlers themselves.
Brad Dykens reply to MadCurves6969:
Because.. when Kurt Angle gives the rub, he gives a good match and his opponent benefits regardless of the outcome, look at John Cena (his debut), look at Edge (back when he was on the rise), look at Benoit (always a good match), look at Rey Mysterio (first big fued), look at Spanky (tryout match), hell Big Show even has good matches against Kurt Angle -- Brock Lesnar himself owes a portion of his success to Kurt Angle because everybody anticipated the first Kurt vs Brock match for so long.. Is HHH vs Maven on HEAT the best example you could come up with? You make it too easy.. what did THAT match do for Maven???

Using your example of defeating Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin in one night; when Kurt Angle did it, he made those two guys look great, and they were just breaking out from Angle's shadow, and they were catapulted to a second great tag team title run.. If Triple H was the one who beat them, I garantee you the next week we'd see them jobbing to Funaki & Spanky -- It's a pattern, and people notice..

The arguement here isn't so much that Triple H buries people, it's that he doesn't elevate them, and that is what a champion can do.. The champions I listed; Lou Thesz, Bruno Sammartino, Ric Flair, they fought new opponents night in and night out in hundreds of citys in dozens of countries all over the world, and they did it over 3, 4, some times 5 years!

This arguement can go on for ages, it just boils down to the fact that I so elegantly wrote about a few weeks ago (Click Here To Read) that RAW & Smackdown! are two different products catering to two different fan bases; 1) Fans like me, and 2) Fans like MadCurves.
MadCurves6969 concludes:
Well I guess we should just agree to disagree. We're never going to agree on anything so we should stop trying to convince each other. And yes, I actually DO enjoy Raw more. If Smackdown had more compelling storylines, it might be a different story. The characters themseves must be entertaining or I don't find the matches to be entertaining. That isn't to say that I don't watch Smackdown!, because I do. I just look more forward to Raw every week than I do to Smackdown. Not to mention the fact that I don't neccesssarily find that watching a big, greasy Chia Pet (My pet name for the A-Train) every thursday night to be compelling television...
Tralfaz wrote in with this:
I'm from Australia, and in August I order a TNA Pay-Per-View (which we only get once per month). I had also ordered the ones we got in January, February, March, April, and the 1 Year Anniversary Show. I thought all of those shows were fantastic, even though it was only 2 hours of wrestling, they seemed to pack it in and entertain me.

But the one I purchased in August only went for 1 hour and a half, and cost me $25! And the only half decent match was the 6-Man Tag Match between Raven, Julio & CM Punk, and Sinn, Slash & Shane Douglas! I thought that was utter bull shit. I can just watch Raw or Smackdown for free if I wanted to see 1 and a half hours of crap.

Don't get me wrong, the talent in TNA is amazing, but the WWE roster(s) also have great talent. However Vince McMahon tries to limit their talent. Brad Dykens, do you know what the E in WWE stands for? ENTERTAINMENT! Nobody wants to see a boring old school wrestling match anymore. And sure, Goldberg and Triple H may not be the best technical wrestlers around, but they get the fans in the stands hyped up. They put the asses in the seats. And no matter how good the TNA talent is, TNA won't get any bigger if they charge money every week for 1-2 hours of wrestling, continue to hold events at the same place, and don't bother to sign a full active roster. WWE has global television deals, travels all over America and the world, and has a much bigger fanbase. Sure, TNA has only been around for just under a year and a half, but these days it doesn't take that long to build a good product. Lately, the TNA product has been sinking.

Hulk Hogan Vs. Jeff Jarret? What's that gonna be, a walking frame match? Yeah, people want to see the new blood, but they don't want guys who have been wrestling for 2 years (75% of the TNA roster), and they don't want them all to be from the south. Randy Orton, John Cena, Rob Conway, they're all different, they have more experiance. They're still fairly new, but they haven't just graduated from wrestling school like half of the TNA guys have.

Until TNA gets a TV deal (and no Xplosion crap, I'm talkin national TV deal) at LEAST, then it won't be able to even lick the toes of WWE.

In my opinion, Juggalo Championshit Wrestling has a better chance of competing with WWE. Insane Clown Posse (the owners of JCW) have a HUGE fanbase, and draw huge crowds to their shows, even though they only have them every month or so. But if JCW was to get a TV deal, they would pound the crap out of TNA and all the rest. Hell, Nosawa, who is now competing in TNA, is from JCW, and he's brilliant!

Before you diss WWE, think about how much more money they make and how much more people they draw compared to TNA. Don't compare a 40 year old fed to a 1 year old fed, TNA CANNOT compete with WWE. I mean, Zach Gowen, Alexis Laree, Paul London all accepted WWE Contracts. Has anyone from WWE jumped to TNA? No. Think about it.

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