Index of Antonio Figueroa Columns

1. 03/21/05: Why SD! Is, Was, Will Always be Best .
2. 04/23/05: DRAFT 2005: Can it Save the WWE?.
3. 06/06/05: Batista vs John Cena vs Randy Orton.
4. 07/04/05: Draft Lottery 2005: What Are The Effects.
5. 08/11/05: And Then There Was One..
6. 09/05/05: WWE's Career Killer.
7. 10/30/05: RAW vs. SD!: 3 Years In The Making.

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Full Name: Antonio Michael Figueroa | Born: June 6, 1986

Stats: 5'10" - 234 lbs. | Hometown: Fairview, New Jersey

Career Highlights:

857-match Super Smash Bros. winning streak
Beat world's fastest time for Super Mario Bros. 3 by 30 seconds, but there were no witnesses

Other Information: I was introduced to wrestling at the age of 4 or 5 by my older cousin, who as I remember was a huge fan of Andre the Giant. I didn't actually start watching wrestling until about 1997, and even then I was not a huge fan of it. The first Pay-Per-View I ever saw was Wrestlemania 2000 (aka WM 16), where I found myself fascinated by the Fatal Four-Way Match. I got involved in some back-yard wrestling, where I was dubbed "Mr. Sunday Night", by my ECW-loving friends. My finishing move was the "Sunday School", which was basically the F-U. (Ha-ha Cena, I had it first!) The next PPV I saw was Vengeance in 2001, where I was enthralled by Chris Jericho. In my opinion, there is one event in every wrestling fan's life that turns him into a true wrestling fan, and for me it was the brand extension. I went from a casual fan to a full-fledged one, and have never looked back. On July 11th, 2005, I attended my first live edition of RAW, and we all know what a blast that one was. My next goal is to save up some money and order a replica championship, but I'm not sure which one yet. I am currently working on my next 2 columns, and I hope they generate as much buzz as my earlier ones. Remember, in the words of a great man, "It's not who I am underneath, but what I do, that defines me."

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