The Poison
It's more effective than you think!
March 21, 2002 - By Charles Bickford

Remember back in late January/early February when we first learned the New World Order was returning. Remember when Vince referred to the nWo as "poison". Vince said that he was going to inject this "poison" into the WWF. This "poison" was supposed to destroy the WWF and so far it has done a pretty good job at that. Confused" Well don't be. By the end of this article you will understand what I mean.

Let's go back to the glory days of WCW. Remember May 26, 1996 when Scott Hall first arrives on Nitro. This was the beginning of the arguably the greatest angle in professional wrestling history. It was the advent of the nWo. This also marks the beginning of the end for WCW. You see from this point on the inmates (nWo) began to run the asylum (WCW). Slowly the nWo begins to gain momentum. Eventually it becomes the major and only storyline the writers work on. Fast forward to today. The nWo is currently a major storyline. In fact the commentators have spent entire TV programs talking about them. Also if you know anything about the current WWF writing situation, you would know that Vince McMahon takes sole priority in writing the storylines for his top stars. As of late Vince has been spending a little too much time working on the nWo storylines. Don't believe me, then just ask Steve Austin why he hasn't shown up for Raw & Smackdown this week. Apparently Mr. Austin is a little upset that Vince isn't focusing enough time on his character. History seems to be slowly repeating itself.

The New World Order will forever be remembered for it's backstage politics. With all the creative control clauses and multi-million dollar contracts that were given out, the WCW was losing its grasp on the company. The nWo seemed to be controlling who got signed and for how much. They were just lining up their buddies for contracts. Now the biggest politicians had to be Hogan and Nash. Fast forward to today. One thing has changed since days ago. Hogan is no longer the backstage politician he used to be, although it has been said that Hogan has talked to some of his old WCW buddies about working for the WWF. I wish I could say the same for Nash. Apparently Nash thinks he's back with Eric Bischoff and Ted Turner. He's already tried to be a backstage politician. Just for this week's Smackdown he showed up to work 4 hours late. Then he has the nerve to bitch to Vince McMahon that he didn't like Rock calling him Big Daddy Bitch on Raw. It seems to me that this tiger hasn't changed his stripes and it is upsetting the rest of the locker room. In fact the latest rumor that I heard is that the entire locker room is pissed off at Hall and Nash (Nash for his back stage politics and Hall for some remarks he made. In Hall's defense though no one is sure if he said anything to get under someone's skin or if he's just not realizing what he's saying.)

We all know by now how the WCW turned out to be. The nWo was in control until 1998 when it started to lose some steam. Once the angle finally wore out its welcome, WCW began to go down. What will happen to the WWF when the nWo is gone" Will Hogan, Hall and Nash once again get the power they once had" How long will it be before Vince stops focusing on the nWo and realizes just how poisonous they are"

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