Whooo! We're Partners Vince!!
November 20, 2001 - By Brad Dykens

Survivor Series is in the books, and Vince McMahon has successfully abolished World Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling, The Alliance, Shane & Stephanie, Paul Heyman, the WCW Championships and reestablished himself as the dominant man in Sports Entertainment.

Kicking off RAW, it was apparent, Vince's ego had already become to spin out of control. Vince renames the remaining WCW Title, held by The Rock, to "The World Title", and proceeds to punish the surviving members of the Alliance, pitting Rob Van Dam against The Dudleyz in a HANDICAP HARDCORE TABLES MATCH..

Later, Vince brought his son and daughter to the ring, just so he could tell them to get lost.. But not until Stephanie humiliated herself by begging her father to forgive her and blaming everything on Shane.

Vince Concludes the evening with a ceremony to present the recently "stripped off austin's waist" federation title to a deserved Kurt Angle. However, before Vince would speak, a very familiar sound came over the speakers... The Nature-boy Ric Flair came to the stage and made his way to the ring..

Flair proceeded to explain that months earlier Shane & Stephanie sold their WWF Stock to him, and that made he and Vince McMahon partners! This did not make Vince happy, and Stone Cold made his way to the ring and attacked both Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon.

apparently Austin will be returning to his fan favorite position, guided by the greatest wrestler to step into the ring, against Vince McMahon and a bitter heel version of Kurt Angle.

The WWF has been restored to what it should be!

McMania Rules!!

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