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[NWA Florida 2003]
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  • August 16, 2003--IPW & NWA Florida in Pinellas Park, FL before 450 fans: J.R. Ryder b Dr. Heresy, Jerrelle Clark won four-way over Justice, Naphtali and John Brooks, Frankie Capone & Cannon & Pat Powers & Pat McGroin b Comic Book Guy Anderson & Pretty Fly & Lennox & Mark Zout, Danny Doring b Antonio Banks, Billy Fives (who is taking a few months off) b David Babylon, New Jack & Chaos b Mideon & Kubiak, Navy Seal b Mike Sullivan, Mikey Tenderfoot b Rod Steele in I Quit match, Mike & Todd Shane b Vandalz, Lex Lovett b Agent Steele, Roderick Strong b Sedrick Strong in a TLC match..

  • November 22, 2003--NWA Florida in St. Petersburg before an announced 347 fans: Bruce Steele b Frankie Capone, Chaos won three-way over Havoc and Maximum Capacity, Cuban Assassin & Breyer Wellington b Pretty Fly & Jobs Zout, Mike Sullivan b Rod Steel, Justice won last man standing match, Roderick Strong b Lex Lovett to keep Florida X title, Shane Twins b Mikey Batts & Eric Stevens to keep Florida tag titles, Steve Madison b Scoot Andrews to win Florida title..

  • December 6, 2003--NWA Florida at the St. Petersburg Arena: James Hendrix b Kevin Divine, Frankie Capone b Cuban Assassin-DQ, Chaos b Maximum Capacity, Navy Seal b T-Bolt, Jerelle Clark won three-way over Justice and Breyer Wellington, Mark Zout b Mikey Batts, Todd Shane b Eric Stevens, Stash & David Mercury won three-way over Mike Sullivan & Scoot Andrews and Naphtali & Mikey Tenderfoot, Steve Madison b Bruce Steele..

  • December 13, 2003--NWA Florida - Season's Beatings in St. Petersburg: Mikey Batts & Eric Stevens b Mikey Tenderfoot & Rod Steel, Danny Doring b Sedrick Strong, O.G. Scarface NC Chaos, Billy Fives b David Babylon, Frankie Capone won Bunkhouse Battle Royal to get shot at Florida title, Cuban Assassin & Navy Seal b Mike Sullivan & Bruce Steele, Jerrelle Clark won four-way over Naphtali, Justice and Roderick Strong to win Florida X title, Steve Madison b Scoot Andrews to keep Florida title..

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