September 16, 2002
Denver, Colorado
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Justin Credible defeated some local wrestler..
    • Tommy Dreamer & Mark Jindrak over Chris Nowinski & Doug Schaeffer (local guy)

    • Goldust defeated Raven
    • Big Show defeated Johnny Stamboli
    • Steven Richards defeated D-Lo Brown

  3. KICKOFF: Eric Bischoff + Rico..
    • Show begins with Bischoff sitting on a steel in the ring with a dual spotlight..
    • Bischoff talks about what he did to Stephanie McMahon on this past Smackdown!..
    • Bischoff introduces Rico to the RAW audience!
    • Rico says "Hi there!"..
    • Bischoff rewards Rico with a match against RIc Flair tonight!
    • Bischoff talks about Triple H vs Rob Van Dam fighting at Unforgiven..
    • Bischoff says HHH and RVD will defend their respective titles tonight!
    • Bischoff tells everybody to get ready for the best show in sports entertainment..

  4. IN THE RING: Triple H + Rob Van Dam..
    • Triple H talks about how everybody's saying he's afraid of Rob Van Dam..
    • Triple H tells the crowd that Rob Van Dam is not championship material..
    • Triple H gives one of his famous boring promos that fail to actually SAY anything important or relivant..
    • Suddenly, Rob Van Dam's music hits and RVD comes to the ring to go face to face with HHH..
    • RVD points out that Triple H is "seriously stressed out"!
    • RVD says that 'anger' is a negitive energy and HHH needs to get rid of it..
    • RVD says that the fans love him because he is RVD, and he is amazing!
    • Triple H says that his 'anger' is a gift that he's been given, and that is why he's World champion..
    • Triple H says that his 'anger' is the reason he sells out buildings and headlines Pay Per Views..
    • RVD butts in and says that HHH has proven time and time again that he can SPIT some water!
    • RVD immitates HHH's entrance routine, saying that he is impressed with that!
    • RVD says that "THAT.. takes talant!"..
    • Triple H looks to be getting frustrated with Rob Van Dam's popularity..
    • Triple H says that the fans love him because RVD is exactly like them, an underachiever..
    • Triple H says that with all RVD's ability, he is still not going to amount to anything in this business...
    • Triple H says that RVD will never be a World's Heavyweight Champion..
    • RVD says that he thinks he's located the source of HHH's anger..
    • RVD says that HHH is upset that all the fans are chanting RVD! RVD! instead of HHH! HHH!
    • RVD says that the fans like to chant the name of the next World Champion.. ROB... VAN... DAM!
    • Triple H tries to attack RVD but gets kicked in the nose!

  5. FOOTAGE: Outside the arena..
    • Footage of a group of women protesting outside the arena..
    • Chanting "I.O.W." with signs that say "Equality", "Woman's Rights" and such..
    • ...what the?

  6. MATCH: Ric Flair vs Rico..
    • Rico brings a chair into the ring but Ric Flair stops him from using it..
    • A minute later, Flair looks at the chair and thinks about using it..
    • Rico cheap shots Flair in the face with a superkick and gets the pinfall of Flair!!
    • UPSET WINNER: Rico!

  7. INTERVIEW: Terri & Booker T..
    • Terri asks Booker about wrestling his former partner, Test..
    • Booker says when he was growing up, one thing he never liked, was tests!
    • Booker says that tonight he going to pass the test with flying colors!

  8. PARKING LOT: The Mystery Protesters..
    • The female protesters trying to get into the building but stopped by WWE security..

  9. MATCH: Booker T vs Test..
    • Late in the match, Booker T hits a missle dropkick on Test!!
    • Test fights back and nails a pump handle slam on Booker... who kicks out!
    • Booker counters a powerbomb into a 'sloppy' hurancanrana..
    • Booker hits a lucha-style roll-up pinfall in the corner!
    • WINNER: Booker T (what's with all the new moves??)

  10. INTERVIEW: Terri & Ric Flair + Triple H..
    • Terri asks Flair about losing to Rico earlier..
    • Flair looks very upset with himself..
    • Triple H steps in and says he can't beleieve Flair held the World title 16 times!
    • Triple H says that Flair has 'lost it'..
    • Triple H tells Flair to 'get out while the gettins good'..
    • Triple H says that Flair is pathetic..
    • Flair stands up and defends himself to HHH..
    • Flair says that HHH doesn't even know what he (Flair) is capible of..

  11. PARKING LOT: International Organisation for Women..
    • The leader of the group introduces the IWO as "International Organization for Women"..
    • She says that they have notices that the treatment of Women on RAW has been horrible!
    • She says that they have no intention of going anywhere until they get to speak with Eric Bischoff..

  12. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Lance Storm & Christian vs Spike & Bubba Dudley..
    • Lots of tag team psychology by Storm & Christian during this match..
    • They beat up on Spike for a while, until Spike gets a hot tag to Bubba!
    • Bubba gets a bunch of offence on Storm & Christian..
    • Bubba sets up Christian for the Wassup Drop!
    • Spike slips on the top rope and nearly misses the headbutt!
    • Bubba tells Spike to "GET THE TABLES!" but Storm & Christian fight back..
    • Storm & Christian reverse the Dudley Dog and throw Spike over the top rope through a table!
    • Bubba rolls Christian up for the pin with no referee!!
    • Bubba checks on Spike, but is sneak attacked by Christian, who rolls Bubba for the win!
    • WINNER: Lance Storm & Christian to retain..

  13. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Chris Jericho + Security..
    • Bichoff wishes Jericho luck in his IC Title match with RVD..
    • Bischoff says that he knows Jericho will make a great IC champion.. AGAIN!
    • Jericho says that Bischoff has nothing to worry about..
    • A security guard approaches Bischoff and informs him that a group of women want to see him..
    • Bischoff tells the guard to let them in..
    • Bischoff says he's got 'a few minutes' and smiles..

  14. BACKSTAGE: Spike & Bubba Dudley + Triple H..
    • Spike is being loaded into an ambulance..
    • Bubba is telling him that it's gonna be alright..
    • Triple H walks up and stands over Spike, and begins to chuckle..
    • Triple H walks away as Bubba watches in frustration..

  15. INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: Ron Van Dam vs Chris Jericho..
    • Y2J & RVD have developed an amazing chemistry with eachother..
    • Rob Van Dam sets up Jericho for the frog splash and jumps to the top rope!
    • Rob Van Dam spots Triple H running down the ramp, and decides to jump onto HHH!
    • ...HHH fails to protect RVD, who ends up landing face first on the floor!
    • ...RVD punches away at HHH's head..
    • Jericho pulls RVD back into the ring..
    • HHH gets up on the apron, but RVD throws Jericho at him, knocking HHH into the ring..
    • RVD kicks HHH out of the ring, but is grabbed by Jericho from behind!
    • Jericho locks the Walls of Jericho onto Rob Van Dam... and taps!!
    • Jericho is the new Intercontinental Champion!
    • HHH comes in and nails a pedigree on Rob Van Dam..

  16. BACKSTAGE: Chris Jericho + Eric Bischoff..
    • Jericho celebrates with two bottles of champagne..
    • Jericho runs into Bischoff who looks happy with Jericho..
    • Jericho asks for a match with Ric Flair at Unforgiven..
    • Bischoff gives him the match.

  17. DESIRE: Jeff Hardy..
    • Our Lady Peace sings "Not Enough".. Apparently they're starting the "desire" videos again..

  18. BACKSTAGE: William Regal & Storm/Christian/Test..
    • Regal says that Kane represents everything that is wrong with America..
    • ...Regal says that Americans hide the horrors that everyone knows exists..
    • Regal says that maybe he can teach the "Pathetic" Americans a lesson tonight..

  19. MATCH: William Regal vs Kane..
    • Late in the match, Test runs in to interfer and gets Regal disqualified..
    • Storm & Christian run down and quadrupal team Kane!
    • Bubba Dudley first runs down to help out, and Goldust & Booker join in to even the sides!
    • Booker T gets on the mic and says that the UnAmericans have no spaldings!
    • Booker challenges the UnAmericans to a Four-On-Four at Unforgiven..
    • The UnAmericans accept the challenge..
    • WINNER: Kane by DQ..

  20. BACKSTAGE: The International Organisation for Women..
    • The security guard tells the woman that Bischoff will see them in the ring!

  21. IN THE RING: Eric Bischoff & The I.O.W.
    • Bischoff says he believes in equality..
    • Bischoff says that he believes that women are just as smart and powerful as men (laughs)..
    • Bischoff calls out the I.O.W., who come to the ring with their signs..
    • The leader International Organization for Women..
    • She says that Bischoff has exploited women by presenting Bra&Pantie, Mud matches and Pillow fights!
    • She says that Bischoff exploited two lesbians on RAW, having them perform sexual acts..
    • Bischoff asks if that is what this is all about!
    • Bischoff says that he's surrounded by a bunch of lesbians!!
    • Bischoff tells the ladies to 'get it on'!
    • Bischoff says that he wants to see some Hot Lesbian Action!!
    • Bischoff asks if this is all about their 15 minutes of fame?
    • Bischoff says he doesn't have 15 minutes..
    • Suddenly one of the girls rips off her wig and kicks Bischoff in the crotch!
    • It's Stephanie McMahon!!
    • Billy & Chuck hit the ring and attack Bischoff!
    • Chuck lifts Bischoff on his shoulders and Billy clotheslines him off the top rope!
    • Rosey & Jamal hit the ring and attack Billy & Chuck!
    • Billy & Chuck fight back and knocks Rosey & Jamal off their feet!
    • Stephanie, Billy & Chuck escape through the crowd!
    • ~Commercial break..
    • Bischoff, Rosey & Jamal in the ring..
    • Bischoff challenges Billy & Chuck to wrestle Rosey & Jamal at Unforgiven..
    • Bischoff says that if Billy & Chuck win, he will kiss Stephanie's ass in the middle of the ring!
    • Bischoff says that if Rosey & Jamal win, Steph will have to perform hot lesbian action on the PPV!

  22. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Triple H vs ?
    • RVD runs down and attacks Triple H before his challenger is announced..
    • Johnny Ace, Fit Finlay and a host of referees runs down and literally carrys RVD backstage!
    • ~Commerical..
    • Triple H is busted open, bleeding and waiting for his opponent..
    • Jeff Hardy sprints to the ring for his title shot!
    • Triple H wins after a gueling match with the sleeper hold!
    • RVD runs down and attacks Triple H after the match!!
    • RVD stands over Triple H holding the World title over his head!

  23. RAW goes OFF THE AIR..

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