September 23, 2002
Anaheim, California
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • D-Lo Brown b Shawn Stasiak..
    • Spike Dudley b Raven..
    • Johnny Stamboli b Justin Credible..

  2. WOMANS TRIPLE THREAT TITLE MATCH: Trish Stratus vs Victoria vs Molly Holly..
    • Molly & Victoria double team Trish for the first few minutes..
    • Victoria dumps Trish over the top rope to the floor! (ouch!)
    • Victoria tries to pin Molly but she kicks out..
    • After a few near falls, Trish pins Molly to retain the Womans title!

  3. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Goldust + WWE Wrestlers + Rico..
    • Booker introduces the WWE lockeroom to an "At the Movies" segment..
    • Booker shows the footage from Unforgiven of Stephanie performing HLA..
    • The RAW Wrestlers make ful of their GM, Eric Bischoff..
    • Rico peeks in the door and scolds the RAW wrestler for making fun of their GM!
    • Rico says he's going to tell Eric!

  4. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & ? + Rico..
    • Eric welcomes a mystery man off camera to RAW..
    • Rico steps in and says "What's he doing here? He's on Smackdown!"
    • Eric yells at Rico for not rescueing him from the stinkface last night..
    • Rico tattles on the wrestlers who were making fun of him in the locker room..
    • Eric yells at Rico saying that he should have known about this beforehand!

  5. IN THE RING: Eric Bischoff + Booker T + Rosey & Jamal + Rico..
    • Bischoff comes out and yells at the crowd to not start with him!
    • Bischoff complains about what happened to him last night..
    • Bischoff complains that not one of his RAW wrestlers showed up to help him..
    • Bischoff says that he has heard that his RAW wrestlers are laughing at him!
    • Bischoff says that he got a call from Vince McMahon's office..
    • Bischoff says that Vince has frozen all contracts..
    • Bischoff says that there will be not jumping ship any more, only trades..
    • Bischoff says that all current RAW superstars belong to him!
    • Bischoff calls out Booker T to the ring.. He demands that Booker come out..
    • Booker T comes out with a smirk on his face..
    • Bischoff asks Booker if he thinks what happened to him last night was funny..
    • Booker replies "You damn skippy, hippy!"..
    • Booker asks if HLA stands for "Hot Lesbian Action" or "Huge Lumpy Ass"?
    • Booker makes a few more jokes at Bischoff's expense..
    • Bischoff demands that Booker start showing him some respect!
    • Suddenly Rosey & Jamal attack Booker T from behind!
    • Booker throws them out of the ring but Rico attacks from behind as well!
    • Rosey & Jamal get back up and they beat up on Booker!
    • Goldust runs down and tries to help his partner, Booker T..
    • Goldust gets some offense in before he gets beaten up as well..
    • Rico raises the arms of Rosey & Jamal..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff, Rosey & Jamal & Rico + Chris Jericho..
    • The four men celebrating their destruction..
    • Bischoff says that he's putting Booker & Goldust in singles matches later tonight..
    • Rico says he wants a match with Booker T!
    • Chris Jericho enters and says that he wants a match with Goldust because of something he said earlier..
    • Bischoff says that Jericho will defend the IC title against Goldust tonight!
    • Bischoff and his men walk away as Jericho looks back..
    • Jericho says "I didn't say anything about the IC title, Eric!"

  7. MATCH: Jeff Hardy vs Big Show..
    • Big Show somehow defeats Jeff Hardy which makes so sense at all..
    • ~~~Jeff Hardy was on a major push lately and Big Show has been booked to look bad..

  8. INTERVIEW: Chris Nowinski + Tommy Dreamer..
    • ~Replay: Chris Nowinski & Tommy Dreamer from RAW two weeks ago..
    • Nowinski is in a Harvard Classroom and JR asks him why he's there..
    • Nowinski says that he's expecting Tommy Dreamer any moment..
    • Nowinski says that he's going to teach Tommy Dreamer to "Never mess with a Harvard graduate!"..
    • ~Commercial..
    • Dreamer walks into the Classroom and says "Sorry I'm Late!"
    • Nowinski attacks Dreamer with a singapore cane!
    • Nowinski & Dreamer tear the room apart brawling using everything in reach as weapons..
    • Dreamer ends up smashing Nowinski in the face with a singapore cane!
    • ~Editor's note: I guess this is their way of writing Nowinksi out of storylines..
    • ~Editor's note: Nowinski is scheduled for Jaw surgery soon..

  9. MATCH: Steven Richards vs ?..
    • Jim Ross enters the ring and introduces the newest member of RAW... Randy Orton!
    • Orton comes out and shakes Jim Ross's hand..
    • Orton defeats Richards after a flying crossbody from the top rope!

  10. ON STAGE: Union Underground..
    • Union Underground performs their song from the "Forcable Entry" CD..
    • Jacueline dances like a 3 cent hooker, and believe it or not, her boob fell out! (see right sidebar for photo)
    • Oh Stacy is out there too, I'm sure there are a few other Divas skankin up the stage too..

  11. IN THE RING: Ric Flair + Rob Van Dam + Triple H + Bubba Dudley..
    • Flair says that Triple H made him realize that he had lost his passion, his guts and his instincts..
    • Flair said Triple H even told him that he was pathetic.. and he was right!
    • Flair said he lost it cause he cared more about what the fans thought..
    • Flair says that Triple H & Ric Flair, side-by-side, will ride high!
    • Flair says he's going to teach Triple H to be a jet flyin', limousine ridin', etc etc..
    • Flair says that he is going to finish his career on top!
    • Backstage Rob Van Dam (taped ribs) enters the arena and throws some equiptment around..
    • Rob Van Dam makes his way out to the ring where Flair is bashing him..
    • Flair says that RVD learned first hand why Flair is the dirtiest player in the game!
    • Triple H runs down behind RVD and nails him in the head!
    • Triple H & Ric Flair double team RVD in the ring and goes right after his ribs..
    • Triple H yells at RVD saying that he can't get it done!
    • Bubba Dudley runs down to help out, but HHH & Flair beat him down as well!

  12. INTERVIEW: Coach & Bubba Dudley + Rob Van Dam + Eric Bischoff..
    • Bubba is upset..
    • Bubba says he's tired of seeing Triple H..
    • Bubba says that this is not the TRIPLE H SHOW! NOT THE RIC FLAIR SHOW!
    • Bubba says that this is RAW.. the fans' show! (Editor's note: Oh My God Bubba is a genius)..
    • Bubba says he's sick of listening to HHH & Flair..
    • Rob Van Dam walks in and suggests they go kick their asses!
    • Bubba & RVD walk away but bump into Eric Bischoff..
    • Bischoff says that RAW is HIS SHOW!
    • Bischoff says that if they want to get back at Flair & HHH, to do it in a match..
    • Bischoff tells RVD that he's sure Flair & HHH will target his ribs..

  13. INTERCONTINENTAL MATCH: Chris Jeircho vs Goldust..
    • Jericho pins Goldust to retain the Intercontinental title after a grueling match..

  14. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Lance Storm & Chrstian vs Kane & Mystery Partner..
    • Kane's mystery partner is none other than Hurricane Helms! (defection from Smackdown!)
    • Late in the match, after some back-and-forth action, Kane gets the upper hand!
    • William Regal runs in and nails Kane with the Tag title belt!
    • Nick Patrick bans Regal & Test from ringside, sends them to the backstage area!
    • Kane chokeslams Christian while Hurricane gives Storm a hurrichokeslam!
    • Kane & Hurricane win the WWF Tag Team titles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. INTERVIEW: Terri & The Hurricane..
    • Terri asks why Kane chose him as a tag team partner..
    • Hurricane says that it's cause they both wear masks, and they share the same physic!
    • Kane walks in and says that he picked Hurricane because he's a freak, just like all the Kanenites!
    • Kane let's everybody know that "Freaks are Cool!"
    • Kane gives Terri a kiss before he and Hurricane depart the area..

  16. INTERVIEW: The Coach & UnAmericans.
    • Christian says they didn't lose their titles, they were stolen!
    • Christian says that they are not going to take this!
    • Regal cuts in and says that they shouldn't come accross like whiney Americans!
    • Regal says that they should be more united now than ever!
    • Regal kicks Coach out of the lock room..

  17. MATCH: Booker T vs Rico..
    • Booker does a spinerooni just before defeating Rico easily!
    • Rosey & Jamal attack Booker T after the match!
    • Rico joins in and they triple team Booker..
    • Jamal nails Booker with a splash from the top rope!
    • Goldust runs down and clears the ring..
    • Rick hits Goldust from behind but doesn't phase him..
    • Goldust sets Rico up for the Shattered Dreams, and hits it!!!!
    • Rosey & Jamal enter the ring again and completely destroy Goldust!

  18. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & BookerT/Goldust..
    • Bishcoff asks Booker if he respects him now!
    • Bischoff says next week in Booker's hometown, they will take on Rosey & Jamal..
    • Booker T says that Bischoff 'is what he eats'.... an Asshole!

  19. BACKSTAGE: Bubba Dudley & Rob Van Dam..
    • Bubba & RVD preparing for their match with Flair & HHH..
    • RVD says that they took his IC title away from him, and they took his World title shot away from him..
    • RVD says that it doesn't matter if he's hurt, cause he's got nothing to lose..

  20. THE MAIN EVENT: Triple H & Ric Flair vs Rob Van Dam & Bubba Dudley..
    • Flair comes out and demands that the referee hold the ropes open for him..
    • ~Editor's note: If they wanted Flair to be oldschool heel, hire some prostitutes to be his valets!
    • Bubba brings a table into the ring and he and RVD set Flair up on it..
    • Rob Van Dam goes to the top rope to jump on Flair..
    • Triple H knocks RVD off, landing head first on the guard rail outside the ring!
    • Inside the ring, Ric Flair rolls Bubba up for the pin!
    • Bubba goes after Triple H after the match..
    • Triple H & Flair double team Bubba and throw him out of the ring..
    • Triple H gets a sledge hammer while Flair holds RVD's arms..
    • Bubba comes back in to make the save!
    • Bubba botches a powerbomb on Triple H and appears to have injured himself..
    • Bubba's botched powerbomb sends HHH to the side of the table..
    • RVD improvises and sets Triple H on the table..
    • RVD leaps off the top rope dropping his legs on Triple H, sending him through the table!!

  21. RAW goes OFF THE AIR..
    • Bubba's arm was legitimately injured during the main event which is why he botched the powerbomb..
    • Porn star Kendra Jade, who has been trying to get into wrestling, was near ringside..

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