Ring of Honor - How We Roll
May 12, 2006 - Lake Grove, New York

  1. OPENING MATCH: Matt Sydal defeated Jimmy Yang..

  2. IN THE RING: Delirious & Colt Cabana & Christopher Daniels + Christian Cage + American Dragon..
    • Delirious & Colt Cabana & Christopher Daniels came out for their scheduled 4-Corner Survival match..
    • Christian Cage made his first appearance in ROH saying he came out for one reason - to talk to Colt Cabana..
    • Christian Cage did some comedy and asked Colt Cabana to be his tag team partner against American Dragon later..
    • American Dragon came out and bragged about everybody he's beaten and that makes him the best Champion in wrestling..
    • American Dragon said he's the only wrestler to not sell-out to corporate wrestling and stick by Ring of Honor..
    • Christian Cage interrupted and called American Dragon "John Cena with A.I.D.S." and also called him an asshole!
    • Christian Cage said he respected the Ring of Honor Championship and Dragon will respect him by the end of the night..
    • American Dragon said he defeated Colt Cabana in five minutes and then asked Christopher Daniels to be his partner..
    • Christopher Daniels said he has no problem with Colt or Christian but he's hurt that Cage didn't pick him first..
    • Christopher Daniels agreed to be American Dragon's partner, only if he gets one more shot at the ROH World title..
    • American Dragon said if they win tonight he will give Christopher Daniels a shot at the Ring of Honor title..

  3. TRIPLE THREAT: Delirious defeated Nigel McGuiness (ROH Pure Champion) and Kikutaro..
    • Colt Cabana and Christopher Daniels left the ring leaving Delirious to wrestle the 4th guy Nigel McGuiness..
    • Nigel McGuiness (the 4th scheduled opponent) came out and they were joined by substitute Kikutaro (aka Ebassan)..
    • Lots of comedy in this match including a hilarious "slow motion" spot by Delirious and Kikutaro..
    • Delirious eventually made Kikutaro tap out to the Cobra Stretch to win the match...

  4. TAG MATCH: The Embassy (Jimmy Rave & Alex Shelley) defeated Homicide & Ricky Reyes w/Julius Smokes by DQ..
    • Daizee Haze wanted a piece of Homicide before the match, but Prince Nana held her back as Homicide taunted her..
    • Mid-way through the match, Prince Nana and Julius Smokes got so riled up they jumped in the ring wanting to fight..
    • Homicide was really over with the crowd and so was Julius Smokes but Ricky Reyes was his usual disgruntled self..
    • Prince Nana interfered behind the referees back but Julius Smokes interfered and was caught causing the DQ..
    • After the match, Homicide said "F*ck Ring of Honor and F*ck this company!" and walked out....

  5. IN THE RING: Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli (wearing the CHIKARA Tag Team title belts)..
    • Chris Hero said Homicide doesn't give a damn about Ring of Honor and neither should any of the fans..
    • Claudio Castagnoli called out Commission James E. Cornette -- but he was not there because he's a coward!
    • Claudio Castagnoli said Jim Cornette is a smart man and he realizes Ring of Honor is a sinking ship..
    • Chris Hero said the Kings of Wrestling are the reason Ring of Honor is a sinking ship..

  6. INTERPROMOTIONAL TAG MATCH: Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli defeated Adam Pearce & B.J. Whitmer..
    • There were two referees appointed to the match, ROH's Todd Sinclair and CZW's Bryce Remsburg..
    • Todd Sinclair was about to count the 1-2-3 for Ring of Honor when Bryce Remsburg interrupted the count!
    • CZW's Necro Butcher interfered and helped the Kings of Wrestling score the important victory over ROH..
    • The three CZW guys continued the assault over BJ Whitmer & Adam Pearce until Samoa Joe made the save!
    • The Kings of Wrestling dragged Necro Butcher away and Samoa Joe challenged Butcher to a future match..

  7. MATCH: Samoa Joe defeated Apocalypse (from Stampede Wrestling in Calgary, Alberta)..

  8. MATCH: Mark Briscoe defeated Roderick Strong..

  9. MATCH: Jay Briscoe defeated Austin Aries by Submission..

  10. MAIN EVENT: Christian Cage & Colt Cabana defeated American Dragon & Christopher Daniels..
    • Christian Cage nailed Christopher Daniels with the Unprettier and scored the 1-2-3 to win the match!
    • American Dragon had the opportunity to break up the pinfall but waved it off and abandoned Chris Daniels..
    • Christian Cage & Colt Cabana shook hands with Christopher Daniels as American Dragon retreated with his belt..
    • After the match, Christopher Daniels talked on the microphone about being apart of both ROH and TNA..
    • Christopher Daniels said both promotions were about professional wrestlers..
    • Christopher Daniels said he didn't want to hear F-TNA or F-ROH any more..
    • Christian Cage started a "Fallen Angel" chant as the show ended..

  11. And that's a wrap..

*** Official ROH DVD Reviews by Brad Dykens ***
May 12, 2006 - HOW WE ROLL - Lake Grove, NY

Appropriately titled "How We Roll" this DVD home release featured the ROH debut of NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Christian Cage. It just goes to show that it doesn't matter if you made a career in the sports-entertainment industry, as long as you have pure talent and natural ability, you will still be treated like a God in Ring of Honor -- this is one of many aspects that make ROH so popular. Christian's match tonight would be against ROH Champion American Dragon, but it would be a tag team match where both men got to choose someone on the roster to be their partner. Fans were in for something special tonight, as it was a rare opportunity for the NWA World Champion and the ROH World Champion to be in the ring together.

The opening bout was a fast paced encounter between Jimmy Yang and Matt Sydal. This was shortly after Yang has resigned with WWE and at least one fan verbally pointed that out to the audience. Matt Sydal scored the victory and continues climb the ladder in ROH -- I'd like to see him get a shot at the ROH World title soon. ( 6.5 / 10 )

Christian Cage made an early appearance to cut a promo and said he had been watching the ROH DVD's and the man he was most impressed with was Colt Cabana. So you can't have Christian Cage and Colt Cabana in the same ring without having some comedy involved. When Christian explained that he was supposed to choose a tag team partner, one clever ROH fan yelled "pick Gangrel!", which Christian quickly acknowledged and pointed out that Gangrel wasn't there. They made a few more jokes and eventually agreed to team up in the main event against American Dragon and whoever he chose as his partner. American Dragon then showed up and convinced Christopher Daniels to be his partner, but only by promising him another ROH title shot if they won.

So the scheduled match was Delirious vs Colt Cabana vs Christopher Daniels vs Nigel McGuinness. Cabana and Daniels left to prepare for the main event, so it was down to Delirious and McGuiness, and they were joined by a replacement opponent --- Kikutaro! If you've ever seen Kikutaro (formerly known as Ebassan) you know not to expect a five star wrestling match but you do expect to laugh your butt off. This hilarity was compounded by the antics of Delirious. Kikutaro and Delirious did a very funny "slow motion" spot inciting a sarcastic "holy sh*t" chant from the crowd. Meanwhile, Nigel McGuiness tried to inject some wrestling into the match but Delirious ended up pinning Kikutaro to win the match. ( 6.5 / 10 )

The Embassy combination of Jimmy Rave and Alex Shelley had a heated tag team match with The Rottweilers team of Homicide and Ricky Reyes. Homicide was extremely popular with the fans but Ricky Reyes not so much. It came down to which team was able to cheat the best without getting caught. Prince Nana jumped in the ring and interfered behind the referees back, but when Julius Smokes did it, he was caught and the Rottweilers were abruptly disqualified in a very controversial decision. ( 7 / 10 ) -- During a pre-show interview, Adam Pearce had called out to Homicide to join ROH in the war against CZW. Homicide felt like ROH had screwed him at the end of his match so he shouted "F&%# ROH" after the match -- not a good sign!

CZW's Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli invaded the ROH ring and hijacked the microphone to make scathing remarks about Ring of Honor. This brought out ROH's knights in shining armor, BJ Whitmer and Adam Pearce, for a vicious inter-promotional match/fight. It was interesting to see two referees in the ring, one from ROH, and one from CZW, and this would factor into the finish. The ROH referee got squashed by the CZW referee, who conveniently allowed Necro Butcher to freely interfere and help the Kings of Wrestling score the victory. ( 8 / 10 ) -- Samoa Joe showed up after the match wanting to get his hands on Necro Butcher, but instead set up a match for the next show between the two hard-hitting monsters.

Samoa Joe didn't have the night off, but he did have it easy. He had a squash match with a Calgary-based wrestler named Apocalypse. Guess who won ( 2 / 10 ). After that there were two singles matches in a row featuring each Briscoe brother taking on either Austin Aries or Roderick Strong. Mark Briscoe beat Roderick Strong ( 7.5 / 10 ) and Jay Briscoe beat Austin Aries ( 8 / 10 ), setting up a Tag Team title match the following night and making the Champions (Aries & Strong) major underdogs.

Finally it was time for the much anticipated main event. Christian Cage was actually a perfect fit for the ROH style and meshed well with his opponents, especially American Dragon. Christian Cage downed Christopher Daniels with an Unprettier and got the 1-2-3 while American Dragon backed out of the ring, choosing not to break up the pin, but rather to screw Daniels out of his title shot. It was a perfectly logical finish to the match and left Cage save face and pressed several other future storylines. ( 8 / 10 ) After the match, Christopher Daniels shook hands with both of his opponents and cut an important speech encouraging fans to stop being so negative about TNA because TNA and ROH are both about professional wrestling.

Final Thoughts: If you would like to purchase this or any other ROH DVD, please check out ---- if you need some convincing, you can check out streaming video of various ROH matches for free at

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