February 8, 2008
Corpus Christi, Texas
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jonathan Coachman

  1. DARK MATCH: Vladimir Kozlov defeated Sho Funaki in a dark match...

  2. IN THE RING INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Batista + MVP + Big Daddy V. + The Great Khali + Fit Finlay + The Undertaker..
    • Batista said that his experience will lead him to win the Elimination Chamber and go on to WrestleMania 24..
    • Montel Vontavious Porter came out and got into Batista's face saying he's never been in the Chamber with him..
    • Big Daddy V. came out next and Matt Striker said Big Daddy will crush everyone inside the Elimination Chamber..
    • The Great Khali came out and Ranjin Singh translated his incoherant promo saying he would go to WrestleMania...
    • Fit Finlay came out with Hornswoggle and said he's got a new pair of boots to break in and came here for a fight!
    • The lights went out and The Undertaker appeared in the ring and everyone scattered except for Batista..
    • They booked a six-man-tag-team main event - gee where have I seen this before? Oh yeah RAW..

  3. MATCH: Shelton Benjamin defeated Kane by Countout..
    • Both were on the floor, Shelton Benjamin went to the top rope and Kane actually punched Shelton back into the ring..

  4. GRUDGE MATCH: Chuck Palumbo defeated Jamie Noble w/Michelle McCool..
    • After the match: Chuck Palumbo brutally assaulted Jamie Noble and forced Michelle McCool to stand there and watch..
    • Michelle McCool started crying and yelling "Stop, Chuck, stop!" but he ignored her and continued the viciousness!
    • Chuck Palumbo walked away and Michelle McCool checked on Jamie Noble - but Chuck came back for more punishment..
    • Michelle McCool continued to beg Chuck Palumbo to "stop!" but Chuck dragged Jamie Noble over to his motorcycle..
    • Chuck Palumbo threatened to drive over Jamie Noble's unconsious body even after Michelle threw herself on Noble..
    • Chuck Palumbo drove his motorcycle up the ramp with a crazed expression on his face - what a son of a bitch!!!

  5. TAG MATCH: Jesse & Festus defeated Deuce & Domino w/Cherry..
    • Jesse brought Festus out with a paper bag over his head to reveal the "new and improved Festus" (exactly the same)..

  6. THE CUTTING EDGE: World Heavyweight Champion Edge + SmackDown! General Manager Vickie Guerrero + Rey Mysterio..
    • Edge came out and demanded that the fans show their respect for Vickie Guerrero, who came out in a wheel-chair..
    • Edge said that next week in honor of Valentine's Day he wanted to ask Vickie Guerrero a "life-altering" question..
    • Edge ordered Rey Mysterio to come out and be a man and apologize to Vickie Guerrero for what he did at the Rumble..
    • Rey Mysterio came out and Vickie Guerrero slapped him and said she was tired of the excuses and slapped him again!
    • Rey Mysterio blocked the third slap and Edge attacked Rey Mysterio before he could tell "his side of the story"..
    • Rey Mysterio fought back and they battled for a few moments before Edge got the upper hand and got two chairs..
    • Rey Mysterio recovered and hit the 619, knocking Edge out of the ring, then knocking him onto the announce table..
    • With Edge out of the way, Rey Mysterio grabbed the microphone and approached Vickie Guerrero to say "I'm Sorry"..

  7. INTERVIEW: [The New Girl] & Edge..
    • The new girl asked Edge if he was going to propose to Vickie next week and he told her to tune in next Friday..

  8. TAG MATCH: The Edgeheads (Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder) defeated Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang..

  9. 6-MAN TAG: The Undertaker & Fit Finlay & Batista vs. The Great Khali & Big Daddy V. & MVP ended in a No Contest..

  10. And that's a wrap folks...

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