TNA Impact! on SpikeTV
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

Location: Orlando, Florida
Taped: November 15, 2005
Aired November 26, 2005

Monty Brown vs Hellvis;
3-Live Krew becomes 4-Live Krew;
AJ Styles vs Chris Sabin;
Jeff Hardy vs Abyss;
Jeff Jarrett vs Kip James;
Jackie Gayda debuts with TNA!

  1. OPENING MATCH: Monty Brown squashed Hellvis in about 25 seconds!

  2. IN THE RING: BG James & Konnan & Ron Killings & Kip James..
    • BG James asked Konnan & Ron Killings to trust him and accept Kip James or else they would have a problem..
    • Ron Killings & Konnan both agreed, and hugged Kip James, and BG James proclaimed they were the 4-Live Krew!

  3. NON (X-DIVISION) TITLE MATCH: AJ Styles defeated Chris Sabin..
    • Samoa Joe came out and watched the match from the stage with the bloody towel around his neck..

  4. PARKING LOT: Larry Zbyszko & Raven..
    • Larry Zbyszko once again offered Raven the chance to sign a release form to get out of TNA forever..
    • Raven called Larry Zbyszko an "insignificant little toad" and said he had a "misguided sense of importance"..
    • Larry Zbyszko booked Raven in a "House of Fun" match next week with another enemy from Raven's past..

  5. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Christian Cage + Gail Kim + America's Most Wanted..
    • Christian Cage talked about Monty Brown and the "Pounce" last week but says the story ain't over..
    • Christian Cage said he knocked on Larry Zbyszko's door and got himself a match with Monty Brown at Turning Point..
    • Gail Kim came in and said Christian Cage made a good choice of joining TNA, just like SHE did..
    • Gail Kim said Christian Cage made a bad decision by not aligning himself with Jeff Jarrett & AMW..
    • America's Most Wanted showed up and told Christian Cage that paybacks are a bitch..

  6. MATCH: Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss w/Father James Mitchell..
    • Late in the match, James Mitchell slid a chair into the ring and Abyss grabbed it just as the lights went out!
    • Sabu appeared when the lights came back on and distracted Abyss with a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire..
    • Jeff Hardy capitalized and scored the pin to gain victory over Abyss!

  7. VIDEO PACKSTAGE: Great video featuring Rhino talking about growing up and getting into the business..

  8. NON (NWA WORLD) TITLE MATCH: Jeff Jarrett w/Gail Kim defeated Kip James...
    • The referee immediately ejected BG James, Ron Killings & Konnan from ringside -- but Gail Kim stayed..
    • Late in the match, Jackie Gayda showed up and caused a major distraction for NWA Champion Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jeff Jarrett lost his concentration and tried to stop Jackie Gayda, but she got past him to catfight with Gail Kim!
    • Editor's Note: I am of the impression that Jarrett and Gayda are linked somehow and Gayda is jealous of Gail Kim..
    • The girls (or Knockouts as TNA calls them) were dragged backstage and Jarrett & James continued their match..
    • Bobby Roode showed up and smashed a hockey stick over Kip James' back, leading to Jeff Jarrett scoring the pin!
    • BG James came back to the ring to protest and attacked Jeff Jarrett but Bobby Roode made the save for Jarrett..
    • Ron Killings & Konnan hit the ring to attack Jeff Jarrett & Bobby Roode..
    • Eric Young, Petey Williams & A-1 joined in the fight as Jeff Jarrett slipped out to go find Gail Kim!

    • Shark Boy & Matt Bentley w/Tracy Brooks defeated The Beasts of Vermin (Hellvis & Sinn)..
    • Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas & Lance Hoyt defeated Simon Diamond & Elix Skipper & David Young..

  10. END OF SHOW....
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