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  1. January 22, 2005--Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling in South Korea at the Jam-Shil Indoor Stadium: Rikki Nelson b Buff Bagwell with interference from Terry Taylor, The Barbarian b Andrew Bane in a Hardcore Match, Billy Gunn called out Sting but he failed to appear, Gail Kim & Lollipop b Malia Hosaka & Nidia, Diamond Dallas Page b Raven in a TLC match, Dusty Rhodes & Buff Bagwel b Terry Taylor & Rikki Nelson to win the Tag Team titles, Jeff Jarrett b AJ Styles to retain the NWA World Heavyweight title, Sting b Billy Gunn..

  2. February 26, 2005--Ultimate Wrestling Alliance - February Fiasco in NSW, Australia: Johnny Dundas b Bishop Sommers w/Mark Williamson & Will Phoenix to win the Elite title, Will Phoenix (w/Bishop Sommers & Mark Williamson) b Kasey Jackson, Angeleeka b Aiko Nakitomi w/Wayne Pickford by DQ, Kasey Jackson b Wayne Pickford in an Impromptu Challenge Match, Devlin De Skyes (w/Discord & Salem) b Dementor, Scarecrow w/Darkfyre vs Troy The Boy ended in a No Contest, as a result of interference from Bishop Sommers & Will Phoenix..

  3. March 5, 2005--Joint Promotions Wrestling in SA, Australia: Kinkaid/Mad Dog b Will Power/Tyler Daniels, TJ Rush b Bustar, Jag b John E. Radic in a comedy classic, Blarzay b Misfit via DQ, Jayson Cooper b Damian Slater in a crazy lightweight title #1 contenders match, Chopper Colman b Havok & Tony Stone to win the SA Heavyweight Title..

  4. March 12, 2005--Promociones Zona Wrestling in Buenos Aries, Argentina: Histeria b Lothario, Kid Simonini (Mankind rip off) vs Conde ended in a Double Count Out, Vampiro I (not the famous one) & Sombra Vengadora (also not the famous one) b Medico Asesino & Apolo (also not the famous ones), The Ripper b Jaider Lee, Juana & Claudia b Lasa El Exotico & Maro Antonio, Rocky Bolando b "Bolivian Giant" El Gigante Walter Tatake Quisbert (said to be more than 7 feet tall) --- They are doing an Argentina vs. Bolivia feud as the main program..

  5. April 23, 2005--Flemish Wrestling Force - Survival of the Sickest PPV in Belgium: The Nightstalker b Kid Metal, Scavenger b White Coma, The raWior b Dr. Gangreen to retain the Heavyweight title, ThoraX & Sniper b Jack D & PSYClOwn to retain the Tag Team titles..

  6. April 23, 2005--Independent Wrestling Federation - Wrestleada 2005 in Moscow, Russia: SSPW (USA) VS IWF (Russia), Press b Big Bear Matouch, LokoFlex b Male Factors and PPP in a 3-WAY tag team match, Lokomotive b SupeRRus. Tony Roy b Vulcan, Richard Byrne b Bob Rush (SSPW Championship), JP & Daniel James b Double Extreme (Shocker and Junior), Sledge b Predator..

  7. April 30, 2005--Joint Promotions Wrestling from Adelaide, Australia before 370 fans: Will Power wins 13 man Battle Royale for MPW Title #1 contendership, Anella b Michelle, Tyler Daniels b Damian Slater by DQ, Havok b Cannonball, Pure Anarchy b B-Unit & T.J. Rush, John E. Radic b Jayson Cooper to retain the Lightweight Title, Chopper Colman b Tony Stone by Countout to retain the Heavyweight Title as Stone was hospitalised early on, Will Power b Jag to win the MPW Championship

  8. May 6, 2005--IPWA - Passover Bash 2005 in Isreal: Gery Roif b Allen with Yossi the Bull as the guest referee to win the Heavyweight title, Evgeny Lyder b Omry Balely, Bar Peled b Rom Unger, The Red Executioner b The Psychopathn, Gery Roif b Bulldozer Zeedan after paying him to lose, Sharon Palty b NYR in a great technical match, Gilad Daliot b "Tough" Asaf..

  9. May 22, 2005--Independent Wrestling Federation - New Brood 2005 in Moscow, Russia: Big Righteous b Torrero, Junior b Blue Thunder, The Gladiator b The Rave, SupeRRus b The Hospital Attendant Lenya, Arthur Nurmukhametov b Kent, Shocker b Victor "The Moscow Terminator", Big Righteous, LokoFlex b Alex Hardy (Handicap 3 on 1), LokoFlex b Press&Sledge (c) (Tag Team Championship)..

  10. May 28, 2005--Joint Promotions Wrestling Charity Event from Adelaide, Australia before 60 fans: Rocky Menero b Bustar, Chopper Colman b T.J. Rush, Jayson Cooper b Damian Slater via DQ, Tony Stone b John E. Radic, Will Power b Kinkaid to retain the MPW Title, Rocky Menero won a 10 Man Charity Bash to earn an MPW Title shot on June 11..

  11. June 11, 2005--Joint Promotions Wrestling from Port Adelaide, Australia before 400 fans: Pure Anarchy b TJ Rush/Tyler Daniels, Jayson Cooper b Havok w/Anella via DQ, Tony Stone b The Misfit, The Misfit was then fired from Pure Anarchy, Blarzay b Damian Slater, John E. Radic b Dan Stazer, Nitro & Kevin Viper then Bustar b John E. Radic to win the Lightweight Title, Damian Slater then viciously attacked Bustar and turned heel-er, Will Power b Rocky Menero to retain the MPW Title, Chopper Colman w/Diablo b Cannonball to retain the SA Heavyweight Title..

  12. July 1, 2005--PCW in Keysborough, Australia: Diaz b Carnage, Jerick Craven b Harry Hellander, BroNo1 vs. James Pace vs. John Dudley, Sinister b Mason Halifax, Young Angus & Flying Dynamite b Unholy Legion, Slikk Steev b BroNo 1 & John Dudley & James Pace, Ricky Diamond b Craig Cole, Vanilla Ace b Psychotic-DQ..

  13. July 1, 2005--PCW in Rowville, Australia: Slikk Steev & Vanilla Ace b Carnage & Charlie Marciano, Sinister b Mark Montana, Chuck E. Chaos b Ivan, Pitbull b Psychotic, Adrenaline & Terra Australis b Gran Tetsuo & Sho Kasugi, Slab b Diaz, Swagger b Ricky Diamond..

  14. July 2, 2005--PWA Jordanville in VICTORIA, Australia: Retus b Rave, Cletus b Cremator w/Vida Loca in a #1 Contenders match (Victorian Title), Brave Dave b Steve Frost w/Benny English in a #1 Contenders match (Australian Title), Stephen James & Foxx w/Valentine b Jay Andrews & Champagne Pyro w/Samantha Stunningham, Krackerjak b Mad Dog in a Victorian Lumberjack match, Slex w/Ruby b Lee Starr to retain the Australian title..

  15. July 3, 2005--PWA Ballarat in VICTORIA, Australia: Brave Dave b Retus and Cletus in a 3-WAY, Logan b Jay Andrews w/Benny English, Lee Starr b Cremator w/Vida Loca, Steve Frost w/Benny English b Mad Dog, Krackerjak b Pyro w/Samantha Stunningham, Slex w/Ruby b Rave..

  16. July 9, 2005--Joint Promotions Wrestling from Adelaide, Australia before 250 fans: Pure Anarchy b Tony Stone, Damian Slater b Bustar to win the Lightweight Title, Rocky Menero b Will Power by countout so Power retained the MPW Title, Man Mountain b Tyler Daniels, John E. Radic b Blarzay, Tony Stone b Chopper Colman in a Chain Match to win the SA Heavyweight Title..

  17. July 16, 2005--Australian Wrestling Federation - Fight For Your Pride in Minto, New South Wales, Australia before 70 fans: Super Crimson Mask b Josh Sharwood, Dean Draven b Steven Ravenous, Stillborn & Zander Bathory b European Assasin & Mislead Youth, Club & Captain b Stillborn & Zander Bathory, Sinister Technologies b Club & Captain, Rick O'Shea b Billy Flyswat, TNT & Kid Dynamite b Teen Wolf & Sam White, Mark Hilton b Jo Nathan to retain the Heavyweight title..

  18. July 16, 2005--Independent Wrestling Federation - The Dangerous Zone #13 in Moscow, Russia: Big Righteous b Kent, Male Factors b New Kreuger boys, Lokomotive b The Gladiator, Vovochka b The Rave in a hardcore match, LokoFlex b Double Extreme, Sledge (c) b Vulcan (IWF Championship)..

  19. July 22, 2005--PWA - Dragonfly Restaurant Show in Australia: Stephen James & Foxx b Logan & Brave Dave and Retus & Cletus and Champagne Pyro & Jay Andrews in a 4-WAY, Chip b Chris Trance, Valentine b Michelle, Krackerjak b Lee Starr to retain the Victorian title, The Enforcer b Mad Dog, Steve Frost w/Benny English b Slex to win the Australian title..

  20. July 23, 2005--IPW Redemption from Auckland, New Zealand: Joey Kinkade b Jason Burns, Link Van Haggard b Vinny Dunn, Jon King & Alexander b Machines, Davey Deluxeo & Jordan Invincible b Jarvis Solid & Victor Lucid-DQ, Alfred Valentine b Ricky DeVinal, Joey Kinkade won sixway over Jarvis Solid, Jordan Invincible, Dal Knox, Alexander and Link Van Haggard, Economist b Luke Joshua..

  21. July 30, 2005--Caribbean Wrestling Federation (debut) on the Grand Cayman Islands before 150 fans: Spanky Malone vs Scott Davis ended in a Double Count Out, Kat Garza b Zebra Kid, Sean & Phil Davis b Vito DeNucci & Spanky Malone to retain the CWF Tag Team titles, Hector Guerrero b Ralph Mosca by DQ, Pantera b Jumbo Barreta, Mosca won Battle Royal..

  22. August 1, 2005--NWR Wrestling in Portugal: Da Pimp b Kid Joe (Junior Heavyweight Champion) in a non title match, Maria b Lady Evyan in a Womens match, Ivo Aranha b The Indian Guru Dipz, Mod b Bess, Adam Hate b Ravel to retain the Portuguese Heavyweight title..

  23. August 6, 2005--Joint Promotions Wrestling in Port Adelaide, Australia before 300 fans: Jayson Cooper b Jag to become the MPW Title No.1 Contender, Tony Stone b Southern Pitbull to retain the SA Heavyweight Title, Man Mountain b Cannonball, Havok/Damian Slater/John E. Radic b B-Unit/Luke Hazard, Will Power b Rocky Menero to retain the MPW Title in a No Holds Barred match

  24. August 13, 2005--Independent Wrestling Federation - The Dangerous Zone #14 in Moscow, Russia: Max Kreami b The Rave, Big Righteous vs all - loses The Gladiator, Arthur Nurmukhametov b Junior, LokoFlex (c) b Valeria&The Gladiator (Tag Team Championship), SupeRRus b Vovochka (c) (IWF hardcore championship), Sledge (c) b Vulcan (IWF Championship)..

  25. August 20, 2005--IPW in Lynfield, Auckland, New Zealand: Alexander b Jordan Invincible, Luke Joshua b Jason Burns, Alfred Valentine b Victor Lucid, Ricky DeVinal b Davey Deluxeo, Jarvis Solid b Halo, Machine b Jon E. King, The One b Link Van Haggard, Alfred Valentine b Dal Knox & Luke Joshua, The Economist b Joey Kinkade in a 2/3 falls match..

  26. August 20, 2005--MIW from Gold Coast, Australia: Cruz b Mason Childs, Coyote & Skhorn b Shock Therapy, Sweet Ass b Ovie, Shooter b Jethro-DQ..

  27. August 27, 2005--AWF - Metal Slam in Australia: Sinister Technologies (Future Shock & PC Virus) b Billy Flyswat & Gravity, Scotty Club b Stillborn in a Chain match to retain the Young Lions Cup, Rick O'Shae won a Battle Royale last eliminating Super Crimson Mask, KrackerJack b Mad Dog McRae by Submission in a Death match, Dean Draven b Mark Hilton to win the AWF Heavyweight title, TNT b Steve Ravenous in the main event..

  28. August 27, 2005--PWA in Australia at Rowville: The Blood Brothers (Cletus & Retus) b Jason Helton & John. E Radic w/Mark Williamson, Valentine b Michelle, Brave Dave b Champagne Pyro (w/Higgins & Michelle) in a Hair vs Hair match with Higgins being shaved bald, Enforcer & Lobo & George Julio b Team Metro (Ryan Eagles & Bishop Somers & Will Phoenix w/Mark Williamson), Foxx & Stephen James b Chip & Logan to retain the Tag Team titles, Steve Frost b Lee Starr to retain the Australian title, Slex b Jay Andrews (w/Joffa, Tamsyn Lewis & Benny English)..

  29. August 28, 2005--PWA in Australia at the Dragonfly Restaurant: Champagne Pyro (w/Higgins & Michelle) vs Chip ended in a Disqualification when The Ultimate interrupted, Mason Childs (w/Starr) vs Cletus ended in a Disqualification when Krackerjak interrupted, Team Metro (Ryan Eagles, Bishop Somers & Will Phoenix. w/Mark Williamson) b Brave Dave & Logan & Enforcer, John E Radic & Jason Helton b Maddog & Slex (w/Ruby), Krackerjak vs Steve Frost (w/Benny English) with both Victorian and PWA titles on the line ended in a No Contest, Logan won a Battle Royal..

  30. August 28, 2005--EPW - Cause for Concern in Australia: Justin Sane w/Lukey b Los Freemanos by Submission, Awesome Inc b European Union and Az Vegara & Chris Vice in a 3-WAY Tag match, Kiel E b Shane Haste in an Invitational Qualifier, FN Carnage b Devlin Reeves, Bobby Bad Blood b Davis Storm, Richter/Jimmy Payne & Forefathers b Jag & Mikey & Psycho when Jag joined the Forefathers..

  31. September 3, 2005--Major Impact Wrestling from Southport, Gold Coast, Australia: Sydonic won three-way over Checkers and The Kid, Rebecca Tenley b Lara Love, Mason Childs b Blunt, Obie b Jethro, Coyote & Skhorn b Harley Seth & Shawn Briggs, Weird one b Seoull, Nic XL & Jackaroo b Shock Therapy, H20 b Cruz, Sweet Ass b Shooter..

  32. September 10, 2005--Independent Wrestling Federation - The Dangerous Zone #15 in Moscow, Russia: The Rave b Kent and The Gladiator in a 3-WAY, Vulcan b Max Kreami (mix fight match), GoTTika b Vika Kamentseva (women's match), Double Extreme b The Hospital Attendants, The Gladiator b Lokomotive in a strap match, The Duke b Sledge (c) for the IWF Heavyweight title, Alex Kreuger b Yegor Gazaev and Ronnie Crimson in a 3-WAY for IWF Yaroslavl title, Super Russ(c) b Big Righteous and Blue Thunder and Press in a 15 minutes time limit match for the IWF Hardcore title..

  33. September 17, 2005--PWA in Melbourne, Australia: Mad Dog b Logan, Lobo b Ryan $Eagles, Jay Andrews b Slex, Richter b Enforcer, Retus b Foxx, Lee Starr & Brave Dave b Steve Frost & Champagne Pyro, Cletus b Krackerjack..

  34. September 17, 2005--Australian Wrestling Federation in Campbelltown, Australia before 350 fans: TNT & Kid Dynamite b Future Shock & PC Virus, Vulkan b Super Crimson Mask, Scotty Club b Jo Nathan, Mark Hilton b Steve Ravenous, Stillborn & Zander Bathory b Billy Flyswat & Teen Wolf, Dean Draven b Rick O'Shea..

  35. September 17, 2005--MIW in Southport, Australia: H20 b Machine, Briggs Brothers b Hawk & Jackaroo, Cruz & Obie b Coyote & Skyhorn, Sweet Ass b John Marshall..

  36. September 24, 2005--IPW in Auckland, New Zealand: Link Van Haggard b The One, Alexander b Jason Burns, Joey Kinkade b De Knox, Machine b Jon E. King, Ricky DeVinal & Jarvis Solid b Davey Deluxeo & Jordan Invincible, Economist b Alfred Valentine..

  37. October 5, 2005--World Series Wrestling - International Assault from Melbourne, Australia before 3,000 fans: Frankie Kazarian b TNT, Test b Samoa Joe (Test did the Fit Finlay fake knee injury spot), Nathan Jones b Lee Star in a short match, A.J. Styles b Christopher Daniels 1-0 in a 30:00 Iron Man match, Team 3-D (as Bubba & D-Von) b Lobo & Aaron Aguilera in a No-DQ Tornado match, Nidia b Gail Kim, Rhino b Jeff Jarrett to win the WSW Heavyweight title with a Gore after a ref-bump. Rove McManus, a major local TV celebrity, gave Rhino the belt. Mick Foley was not there. Ring announcer Dave Penzer claimed politics got in the way. Jeremy Borash was filming for clips for Impact ..

  38. October 7, 2005--World Series Wrestling - International Incident in Sydney, Australia before 1,200 fans: TNT b Super Dragon and Frankie Kazarian in a 3-WAY, Samoa Joe b Test, Nathan Jones b Mark Hilton, Christopher Daniels b A.J. Styles, Gail Kim b Nidia, Team 3-D b Lee Starr & Aaron Aguilera, Rhino b Jeff Jarrett to retain the World Series title. It was announced Mick Foley wouldn't be there due to contractual obligations..

  39. October 8, 2005--World Series Wrestling - International Incident in Newcastle, Australia before 1,200 fans: Frankie Kazarian b TNT and Super Dragon in a 3-WAY, Test b Samoa Joe, Nathan Jones b Mark Hilton, A.J. Styles b Christopher Daniels, Gail Kim & AJ Styles b Nidia & Christopher Daniels, Team 3-D b Aaron Aguilera & ????, Jeff Jarrett b Rhino to capture the World Series title!

  40. October 24, 2005--IPW in Auckland, New Zealand: John E. King b Alexander, Alfred Valentine b Savage Beast, Dal Knox b Luke Joshua, Lyte Playa b The One, Economist b Joey Kinkade, Lil T b Halo, John E. King b Kinkade, Alfred Valentine b T, Knox b Link Van Haggard, Economist b Lyte Playa, Alfred Valentine b John E. King..

  41. October 30, 2005--Independent Wrestling Federation - The Dangerous Zone #16 in Moscow, Russia: Lokomotive b Diego Gonzales, Kent b The Rave, Yegor Gazaev b Ronnie Crimson, Vika Kamentseva b GoTTika and Fox in a 3-WAY, Junior b The Gladiator, PPP b The Hospital Attendants, LokoFlex (c) b Male Factors (Tag Team Championship), Super Russ b The Gladiator (c) and Big Righteous and Vovochka in a 4-WAY for the IWF Hardcore title, Vulcan b The Duke (c) and Sledge for the IWF Heavyweight title..

  42. November 12, 2005--IPW in Auckland, New Zealand: Lyte Playa b Lil T, The One b Savage Beast, Alexander b L.J. Lightning, Link Van Haggard b Danny Jacobs, The Economist & Dal Knox b Alfred Valentine & Joey Kinkade, Jon E King b The Machine..

  43. November 17, 2005--Israeli Pro Wrestling Association - 5th Dimension Catch in Tel Aviv, Israel: Omry Balely b "5 Star" Bar Peled, The Red Executioner (the Israeli Undertaker/Kane) b Gilad Daliyot, Rom Unger b New York Rosenfeld, "The Russian Sickle" Ivgeny Lyder b "Turbo Lover" Chris Korvinn, Joey "The Moalm" Tylec b Yossi "The Bull" Kalmanovich by DQ, Omry Balely b Gery Roif and Sharon Palty and Hawaii Allen in a 4-WAY Elimination match to become the new IPWA Heavyweight Champion!

  44. November 26, 2005--IPW and MIW in Gold Coast, Australia: Checkas b Halo, Davey Deluxeo b Mason Childs, Shooter b Dal Knox, Jon E. King b Ovie, Cruz b Alfred Valentine, Jethro & Jackaroo b Skhorn & Kyote, Machine b Sweet Ass, H20 b The One..

  45. December 10, 2005--IPW in Auckland, New Zealand: L.J. Lightning b The One, Joey Kinkade b Lil T, Danny Jacobs b Jason Burns Economist b Link Van Haggard, Mucha Lucha b Style Cartel, Island Boy Si b Lyte Playa, Machine & Davey Deluxe b Smack Industries, Alfred Valentine b Dal Knox..

  46. December 16, 2005--Future Wrestling Force in Torhout, Belgium (Crowd 250+) : Steve Venom b Homeless Tom, Timmy D b Black Cobra, Belgian Wrestling School Title: Dr Gangreen (c) b Rob Raw..

  47. December 17, 2005--United Wrestling Federation - Christmas Clash in Bankstown, Sydney, Australia: Alex Rudka & Morbid b Mikey Lord & Bane Youngblood, Adam Lord b Travis McManis, C.J. Irwin b Viktor Volkov for the NSW Heavyweight title, Grynder b George "Bruza" Novak, Lightning Luke & Russell the Love Muscle & Jumpin' Jak b Warlock & Rex & Hank Armstrong in an Elimination match (Lightning Luke was Sole Survivor), Greg Stekker (who wrestled in the early days of Pancrase as Gregory Smitt) b Stephen Swann for the Australian Heavyweight title, "Extreme" Steve Hutton won a Battle Royal for the 2005 UWF Christmas Cup. Jim Barnett undercard wrestlers Tony & Charlie Kontellis and Clem Lakis were at the show..

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