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  1. January 4, 2006--Wrestling Xtreme Australia in Sydney, Australia: Blackstone b Three Brothers of Korruption, Chanced NC Cobra Tai, Youngblood b Psychotic Maniac, Cobra Tai & Big T b High Voltage & Mr. Saturday Night and Chance & Johnny Bombora

  2. January 10, 2006--IPWA WrestleNovella in Tel-Aviv, Isreal at the 5th Dimension Night Club: Gilad Daliyot b Tough Asaf, Chris Korvinn b Oded Rosenberg with the Texas Cloverleaf, Red Executioner b Omri Ilan with the J-Day Bomb, NYR b Degani & Unger (NYR turned on the fans and beat up a fan who constantly picked on him during previous shows), Gery Roif b Noam Amit when the referee got KO'ed during a Choke Slam by Amit (While Amit was checking the referee, Roif nailed him with a Yakuza Kick into the chair and followed with the Legdrop), Hawaii Allen b Bad S Palty to become #1 Contender, Yossi the Bull b Joey Tylec in a "Last Man Standing" match when his brother Udi (MC Nammer) helped him finish Tylec off, Lyder b Balely but Commissioner Oded Sella ordered the match to restart and Balely came out victorious to a defeaning ovation after the Diving Head Butt. Post match Hawaii Allen came out and teased a beatdown, but eventually shook hands with Omry.

  3. January 21, 2006--1PW in Auckland, New Zealand: Dal Knox b Economist, Machine d Davey Deluxeo, Lyte Playa b Mason Childs, Machine & Deluxeo tied in a Rumble match, Jarvis Solid & Victor Lucid b Alfred Valentine & Ricky DeVinal..

  4. February 4, 2006--IPW in Auckland, New Zealand: Lyte Playa & Link van Haggard b Lil T & Economist, Vinny Dunn b Joey Kinkade, Style Cartel won over Mucha Lucha, Naki Phullas & L.J. Lightning & Sam the Dancing Yam (what a name?), Savage Best won Battle royal, Jon E. King b Dal Knox, Alfred Valentine b Alexander in a lumberjack match..

  5. February 5, 2006--Middle East Wrestling in AlAin, United Arab Emerates: Lord Shadow b MoE cool, Mugger & The Skull b Abu Ali & Ramire to win the MEW Tag Team titles, The Samurai b Ahlawi.

  6. February 7, 2006--Middle East Wrestling in AlAin, United Arab Emerates: Stupid Mupid b Faisal, Mugger & The Skull b The Samurai & Wolf Boy to retain Tag Team titles, Basil Handash b Ramire and The Sudanian Warrior and Lord Shadow in a 4-WAY Elimination match to win the World title, MoE Cool b Ahlawi.

  7. February 11, 2006--New Korea Pro Wrestling in Seoul, South Korea: AJ Styles b Christopher Daniels in an Iron Man match to become the 1st Junior Champion, Riki Passan (who was Strong Kobashi #1 in the 80s) b Lance Hoyt to become the first NKPW Champion..

  8. February 11, 2006--Middle East Wrestling in Sohar, Oman: Crazy Sina b Stupid Mupid, The Handash Brothers (Basil & Abdulla Handash) b The Devastation Brothers (Mark & Mike Devastated) and Mugger & The Skull in a 3-WAY Elimanation match to capture the Tag Team titles, Ramire b Basil Handash to capture the World title, Crazy Killer b The Samurai & Wolf Boy in a Handicap match, Abu Ali b Lord Shadow and MoE Cool in a 3-WAY to capture the Cruiserweight title, USA (Ultimate American & Sam Destro & Adam the Anti American Killer) b Ahlawi & Faisal & The King of The Dead Zone.

  9. February 11, 2006--NWR - Survival of the Sickest in Portugal: Ravel b Ripper (Round #1), Mod b Poeta (Round #1), Kid Jo b Mike Lee (Round #1), Aranha b Bess (Round #1), Killswitch b DVD in a Best 2/3 Falls match, Ravel b Kid Jo (Round #2), Mod b Aranha by DQ (Round #2), Ripper b Rusty Rage in a Hardcore match, Mod b Ravel in the Finals to win the NWR Portuguese title (After the match , Aranha and Poeta came out to beat Ravel, aligning themselves with Mod as the team known as Murder Death Kill)..

  10. February 15, 2006--Middle East Wrestling in Nazwa, Oman: U.S.A.(Sam Destro & Ultimate Guy) b Devastation Brothers (Mark & Mike Devastated) and Los Idiots (Crazy Blazy & Stupid Mupid) and The Handash Brothers (Basil Handash & Abdulla Handash) in a 4-WAY Elimination match to win the Tag Team titles, Lord Shadow & Abu Ali b Mugger & MoE Cool, Soccer Invaders (Ahlawi & Waslawi & Aynawy & Nasrawi & Wahdawi) b Faisal & King of the Dead Zone & The Sudanian Warrior & Wolf Boy & The Samurai, Adam the Anti American Killer b Crazy Killer for the Heavyweight title when U.S.A. (Ultimate Guy & Sam Destro) interfered and helped Adam..

  11. February 18, 2006--?????????? in Auckland, New Zealand: Savage Beast b Vinny Dunn, Smack Industries b Lyte Playa & Dal Knox, Lil T b L.J. Lightning, Economist & Danny Jacobs b Link van Haggard & Jason Burns, Machine b Davey Deluxeo & Joey Kinkade, Alfred Valentine b Jarvis Solid..

  12. March 3, 2006--IPW in Wellington, New Zealand before 400 fans: Lyte Playa b Lil T, Adam Avalanche b Nick Silver & Dream Catcher, Smack Industries b Naki Phullas, Juice b Island Boy Si, Link van Haggard b Economist, Machine & Davey Deluxeo & Jordan Invincible & Joey Kinkade & Vinny Dunn b Saint & D-Hoya & NOS & Ram & Inferno, Alfred Valentine vs H-Flame ended in a No Contest..

  13. March 4, 2006--United Wrestling Federation - Bankstown Bash in Sydney, Australia at Bankstown PCYC: C.J Irwin & Bane Youngblood & Mikey Lord b Morbid & Alex Rudka & Viktor Volkov, The Mauler b Bruza, Phil Picasso b Wayne Pickford, Grynder b Adam Lord and Travis McManis in a 3-WAY Challenge, Greg Stekker b Stephen Swann to retain the Australian Heavyweight title (Stekker retained the Australian Title due to a DQ finish resulting from Pickford's interference).

  14. March 4, 2006--Action Western Australia in Port Kennedy, Western Australia at the AAW Wrestling Centre: Insane Shane b Jet West, Xander b James Draker, Mardigan b Craven in a Hardcore Match, Mark Valour b Chris O Mac and El Guapo in a 3-WAY, Xander b The Shark and Ravemeister in a 3-WAY to win the AAW title..

  15. March 5, 2006--Dutch Championship Wrestling in Poeldijk, the Netherlands: The Trouble Maker b. Danny Hope, Max Damon b. Joey Hayes, Mark Kodiak & Heresy b. JC Thunder & Damon Leigh, El Ligero b. Bubblegum, Damon Leigh b. Big Bull Johnson by DQ., Kenzo Richards & Big Bull Johnson b. Mike Santos & The Trouble Maker

  16. March 7, 2006--Middle East Wrestling from Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.: Adam The Anti American Killer with U.S.A. (Ultimate Guy & Sam Destro) made a promo saying that it is cool being the champions of MEW but got interrupted by The Hackers (Rabit Wolf Faisal & Wolf Guy & King of the Dead Zone) and the Hackers said that U.S.A. are not good enough to be representing MEW as Heavyweight and Tag Team champions, Adam got angry and put his heavyweight and his teammates tag titles on the line against the Hackers. The Unknown Magic b Waslawi, The Devastation Brothers (Mark & Mike Devasted) b Ahlawi & Wahdawi, Ramire won a battle royal (Including: Crazy Killer, Abu Ali, Basel Handash, Abdulla Handash, Mugger, The Skull, John Makenzy, Black Storm, Bro Omar). U.S.A. (Ultimate guy & Sam Destro & Adam The Anti American Killer) b The Hackers (Rabit Wolf Faisal & Wolf Guy & King of The Dead Zone) by cheating when Adam used the ropes for leverage to retain the Heavyweight title and capture the Tag Team titles.

  17. March 14, 2006--Middle East Wrestling from Doha, Qatar: The Devastation Brothers (Mark & Mike Devastation) went to the ring and said that they want their Tag Titles back around their waist and said if U.S.A. (Ultimate Guy & Sam Destro) have guts they would give them a rematch then U.S.A. (Ultimate Guy & Sam Destro) came on stage and said that their rematch is granted and that they are going to lose just like the Hackers the previous show. The Skull b Rabit Wolf Faisal, Mugger b John Makenzy, Wolf Guy b Black Storm and debuted his new gimmick and wierd entrance which he enters with a pack of wolves (but they are dogs), The Devastation Brothers (Mark abd Mike Devastated) b U.S.A. (Sam Destro & Ultimate Guy) to reclaim the Tag Team titles with help from The Hackers (Rabit Wolf Faisal & The King of The Dead Zone & Wolf Guy and his "wolves").

  18. March 25, 2006--IPW in Auckland, New Zealand: Link Van Haggard b Lil T, L.J. Lightning b Vinny Dunn, Davey Deluxeo b Joey Kinkade & Dal Knox, Mucha Lucha b Style Cartel, Danny Jacobs b Jason Burns, Jon E. King b Alf Valentine ..

  19. April 15, 2006--IPW in Auckland, New Zealand: Halo b Lil T, L.J. Lightning b Link Van Haggard, Danny Jacobs & Savage Beast, Dal Knox b Jordan Invincible, The Ant b Vinny Dunn, Davey Deluxeo b Joey Kinkade, Jason Burns b Jarvis Solid,k Alfred Valentine b Jon E. King.

  20. April 29, 2006--IPW in Wellington, New Zealand: Dal Knox b Jason Burns, Vinny Dunn b Halo, Jordan Invincible b Joey Kinkade, L.J. Lightning b Davey Deluxeo, Vinny Dunn b Jordan Invincible, Dal Knox b Danny Jacobs, Link Van Haggard b Halo, Xtreme Superstar b Alfred Valentine & Joey Kinkade, Vinny Dunn b Dal Knox

  21. May 13, 2006--IPW in Auckland, New Zealand: L.J. Lightning b Link Van Haggard, Danny Jacobs b Dal Knox, Mucha Lucha b Lil T & Victor Lucid, Ricky DeVinal b Jason Burns, Machine b Jarvis Solid, Davey Deluxeo b Economist, Alfred Valentine b Jon E. King & Jordan Invincible

  22. June 17, 2006--IPW in Auckland, New Zealand: Victor Lucid & Lil T b Mucha Lucha, Savage Beast b Jarvis Solid, Kyote b Machine, L.J. Lightning b Ricky DeVinal, Davey Deluxeo b Joey Kinkade, Jon E. King b Alfred Valentine

  23. July 15, 2006--IPW in Auckland, New Zealand: Victor Lucid b Phoenix, L.J. Lightning b Ant, Vinny Dunn b Machine, Alexander b Savage Beast, Link Van Haggard NC Alfred Valentine, Dal Knox b Economist, Jason Burns b Danny Jacobs, Jon E. King b Jordan Invincible

  24. July ??, 2006--All Action Wrestling - Intensity in Port Kennedy, Australia: Jet West b Cpt Awesome in a 2/3 Falls Match, Will Power & Killah b Mardigan, James Draker b The Ravemeister in a Ladder match to win the right to the name "Mr. Entertainment", Viper b Chris O Mac and Mark Valour in a 3-WAY, Xander b The Shark to retain the AAW title --- Notes: Xander has now broken the record as longest reigning champion in Western Australian history.

  25. August 12, 2006--NZPWI Invitational in Auckland, New Zealand before 450 fans: Lil T b Lyte Playa in a dark match, Sweet Ass w/Gary O'Davis b Deluxeo (1st Round), H-Flame b Joey Kinkade (1st Round), "Heartless" Alfred Valentine b Juice (1st Round), Jon E. King b Cruz (1st Round), Sweet Ass w/Gary O'Davis b H-Flame by Countout (2nd Round), "Heartless" Alfred Valentine b Jon E. King by Submission after Gary O'Davis accidentally hit Jon E. with a chair (2nd Round), "Silencer" Jean Miracle won a "First Invite Eliminator" Battle Royal, "Heartless" Alfred Valentine b Sweet Ass in the Finals to win the Invitational Tournament (70's wrestler John DaSilva presented the trophy to the winner) --- Notes:'s own Kirsty Quested was part of the NZpwi crew who put this show together. We would like to congratulate the entire NZpwi staff for a successful event.

  26. August 26, 2006--IPW in Auckland, New Zealand: Victor Lucid b Ant, Vinny Dunn & Gary Davis b Machine, Joey Kinkade b Link Van Haggard, Jason Burns b Danny Jacobs, Jordan Invincible b Alexander, Davey Deluxeo b Jon. E. King

  27. August 26, 2006--Main Event Wrestling in Goulburn, NSW, Australia: Shane Steele b Ricky Grayson, Alex Rudka & Morbid b "The Immortals" Mikey Lord & Bane Youngblood (with NSW Heavyweight Champion C.J.Irwin), Lethal Injection b The Mexecutioner, Steve Ravenous (AWF Champion) b Mark Hilton & Billy Flyswat & Futureshock in a Fatal 4 Way, Grynder b Adam Lord (with C.J.Irwin), Greg Stekker (UWF Champion) b Stephen Swann, The Mexecutioner won the 20 Man "King Of Goulburn" Battle Royal. Wrestlers from MEW, UWF & AWF on the card.

  28. September 2, 2006--AAW in Port Kennedy, Western Australia: Xander b Will Power in a Non-Tournament match, Jet West b Mark Valour in the 1st Round, "Mr. Entertainment" James Draker b Killah in the 1st Round, Dustin Dice b Murahashi in the 1st Round, Ravemeister b Cpt Awesome in the 1st Round, Jet West b "Mr. Entertainment" James Draker in the 2nd Round, Ravemeister b Dustin Dice in the 2nd Round, Mardigan b Craven in a Hardcore Match, Jet West b Ravemeister in the Finals to become first ever Independent Champion!

  29. September 16, 2006--Middle East Wrestling - The Ultimate Return in Dubai U.A.E.: U.S.A. (Ultimate Guy & Sam Destro & Adam "The Anti American Killer") b The Hackers (Rabit Wolf Faisal & Wolf "Adham" Guy & King of The Dead Zone), Pirate Pat Tanka won a Battle Royal to become the first ever Arabian Champion (Involving Lord Shadow, Abu Ali, MoE Cool, and Chris Columbus Colorado), Al Hindi b Bassel "Extreme Head" Handash in Car Crash Match to win the MEW Heavyweight title

  30. September 16, 2006--IPW in Auckland, New Zealand: Jon King & Alexander b Ant & Phoenix, Economist b Dal Knox, Halo b Ricky DeVinal, Vinny Dunn won Rumble, Alfred Valentine b Joey Kinkade, Davey Deluxeo vs Jordan Invincible ended in a No Contest

  31. September 22, 2006--Xtreme Pro Wrestling Australia - Adrenaline in Rockingham, Western Australia: Heretic b MDK with a roll up, Inferno b Razor with an RKO in a Street Fight to become #1 Contender, Bear b Heretic in a Best 2/3 Falls match to retain the XPW Heavyweight Title, Fox b MDK in Australias first Barbed Wire Match to become the NEW Extreme Champion of XPWA..

  32. September 23, 2006--Riot City Wrestling - Ascension in Modbury, South Australia: Achillies w/Savannah Summers b Noods, "The Enigma" Damon Matthews b Dienamic, Mimic b Steve Valex & Insano in a 3 Way match, Jack Williams b TJ Rush to win the Snake Pit Championship with help from Flawless, Kash Korageous b PNB to retain the RCW Championship despite interference from Flawless...

  33. October 18, 2006--Riot City Wrestling - Unscarred in Modbury, South Australia: Dienamic b Insano, Achillies b Ken Suki, Damon Matthews & Kash Korageous came to the ring and agreed that the Main Event will be No Disqualification for the RCW Championship, Dregan & Noods in a 4 Way Dance with help from Flawless, Steve Valex came to the ring and issued an open challenge, Daryl the referee b Steve Valex, PNB b TJ Rush with help from Flawless, Mimic b Jack Williams via DQ (Flawless interfered) to get a shot at the Snake Pit Championship, Kash Korageous b Damon Matthews in a No DQ match to retain the RCW Championship...

  34. October 21, 2006--Main Event Wrestling in Goulburn, NSW, Australia: Billy Flyswat b Jay Law, Bliss b Aurora (in a women's match), Mikey Lord & Bane Youngblood & C.J.Irwin b Alex Rudka & Grynder & Adam Lord (with Chris Sanchez) in a 6 Man Tag, Kyle Seminoff b Rick O'Shea, Stephen Swann b Shane Steele, The Mexecutioner b "Futureshock" J.T.Robinson (with Lethal Injection) in the "King of Goulburn Match". Wrestlers from MEW, UWF & AWF on the card.

  35. October 22, 2006--IPW in Auckland, New Zealand: Vinny Dunn b Lyte Playa, Jon E. King b Machine, Joey Kinkade b Savage Beast, X-S b Danny Jacobs & Kyote, Mucha Lucha b A-list, Jason Burns b Vinny Dunn, Dal Knox & Davey Deluxeo & Jordan Invincible & Link Van Haggard & Lyte Playa b King & Kyote & Jacobs & Kindake & Economist

  36. October 29, 2006--Middle East Wrestling - October's Arabian Warzone in Al Ain, U.A.E.: U.S.A.(Ultimate Guy, Sam Destro, Adam "The Anti American Killer" Destro) were seen argueing backstage. Pirate Pat Tanka defends his Arabian title by beating Sheikh Mustafa. Lord Shadow, Moe Cool, and Blood "Mugger" Virus beat Old Man Dan. Officer Jam Ham beats Japan's Lord Higa and then arrests him. The Roseries won a Team War involving The Islamic Revolution Gang( Saad "The Imam" Al-Dien aka Ralf Makenzy, Saif Al-Dien aka The Skull, Mahmoud Sameer aka Black Storm, and Kamal "The Midget" Cheito aka Lord Shadow), U.S.A. and The Tourist, The Roseries(Omar Nabil, Mohammad Awali, Mohammad Awni, and Mansour "The Genius" Sarsour), The Football Invaders( Ahlawi, Waslawi, Aynawi, and Nasrawi,) w/ Al-Ittihadi and Wahdawi, The Hackers(King of The Dead Zone Moh'd Yousif, Rabit Wolf Faisal, The Horse Adham aka Wolf Guy, and The Unknown Magic), The Los Idiots (Crazy Blazy and Stupid Mupid), The Legendary Jimmy James and Abu Ali, The True Middle East Wrestlers(Ramire, Chris Columbus Colorado, Liranzo, E-Head Basil Handash), Abdullah Handash, The Devastation Brothers(Mark and Mike Devastated), and AlHindi. U.S.A. were argueing again.

  37. November 25, 2006--IPW in Auckland, New Zealand before 300 fans: Danny Jacobs b Halo, Economist b Dal Knox, Mucha Lucha & Wife b A-List & Paul Starr, Link Von haggard b Joey Kinkade, Jon E. King b Davey Deluxseo and Jordan Invincible and Alexander in a 4-WAY

  38. November 25, 2006--Riot City Wrestling - Supremacy in Modbury, South Australia: TJ Rush b Achillies w/Savannah Summers to gain a spot in the Main Event, Tommy J came to the ring and demanded a No DQ match against Ken Suki, Tommy J b Ken Suki in a No DQ match (Flawless attacked Ken Suki) Tommy J demanded another No DQ match against Noods, Tommy J vs Noods in a No DQ match ended in a No Contest after Tony Stones got rid of Flawless and Tommy J, Dienamic b Noods to gain a spot in the Main Event, Dregan b Damon Matthews, PNB b Jared Gray, Mimic b Jack Williams to win the Snake Pit Championship despite interference from Flawless, Kash Korageous b Dienamic & TJ Rush in a 3 Way Ladder match to retain the RCW Championship...

  39. December 2, 2006--NWA Pro-Explosive Pro Wrestling - EMERGING (Debut Show) in Adelaide, South Australia before 250 fans: Jayson Cooper b James Street, Richter b Nate Dooley, Havok b Chris Spartan (SA Title Tournament Match), Devlin Reeves b Robby Heart (SA Title Tournament Match), Slex b Mikey Nicholls, Damian Slater & Shane Haste b 'Jag' Hartley Jackson & Davis Storm via DQ in an EPW Tag Title Match

  40. December 8, 2006--KPW in Wellington, New Zealand: Dr. Diablo b El Ninja, Mike Ryan vs Rogue Trooper ended in a No Contest, The Xtreme Superstars b Smack Industries, Inferno b Charlie Roberts, Jonnie Juice & Vinny Dunn b Gold & Dal Knox, H-Fame b Max Damage. Former Bushwhacker Butch Miller was there to honor New Zealand wrestling stars Al Hobman, Bob Crozier, Bruno Bekkar (big 70s star) and Rip Morgan.

  41. December 10, 2006--Pro Wrestling Alliance Canberra - Final Fight in Canberra, ACT, Australia. Jass b Rex, Russell b Seth Maxx, Jak b Earl Youngblood, Bishop Sommers b Marty Van Halen, Ryan Eagles b "Lightning" Luke Watts, Adam Gambino b Justin Cross, Crofty b Jay Andrews to win the PWA National Championship, Jason Taylor b James Edwards in a retirement match forcing Edwards to retire..[Reported by Chris Dalgleish]

  42. December 16, 2006--IPW in Auckland, New Zealand before 300 fans: Jason Burns b Jon E. King Alexander b Lil T, Economist & Danny Jacobs b Dal Knox & Lyte Playa, Link Van Haggard b Joey Kinkade, Xtreme Superstars & Mucha Lucha b Dr. Diablo & Max Damage & D-Money & Charlie Roberts, Machine b Vinny Dunn

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