Finally! Entertainment has come back to the WWF 2.
November 17, 2001 - by Brad Dykens

At the November 15, 2001 edition of Smackdown!, the fans were treated something they wanted to see for a very long time..

When it comes to promos, there's no one else better than Mr.ECW, Paul Heyman. Since joining the WWF in March/2001, Heyman has had one opportunity to show us his mic-skills.. That was the night ECW and WCW formed an alliance.

Only hardcore fans know of Heyman's abilities, through watching the old ECW shows.. My only hope is that WWF/WCW fans appreciate Heyman, even though his greatness is limited since entering the halls of MaMahon..

Here is the rundown of Paul Heyman's emotional tirade to Vince McMahon's face on the November 15/2001 edition of Smackdown!

    • Heyman says that he agreed with Mick Foley's comments on RAW.
    • About the WWF sucking.
    • The crowd boos.
    • Heyman says "Hey it does, have you seen the show lately?"
    • Heyman continues to butcher the name of Vince McMahon.
    • Vince's music hits and Vince comes to the ring and stands in from of Heyman, who is on his knees mocking Vince.
    • Heyman gets up and says he was on his knees because Vince McMahon was used to men kissing his butt.
    • Heyman examplies Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson who kiss up the most.
    • Heyman says he's waited so long to get Vince face to face like this, so he can tell Vince to his face, that he hates his stinkin' guts.
    • Heyman says Vince's children even hate his guts.
    • Heyman says he's waited his whole life to see somebody do to Vince what Shane & Stephanie are gonna do this Sunday at Survivor Series.
    • Heyman tell Vince that he is the most disgusting, vile, Son of a Bitch.
    • Heyman says Vince took Hulk Hogan's blood and built Titan Towers.
    • Heyman says Vince stole Bret Hart's dream and bought himself a Plane and put WWF on it.
    • Heyman says Vince stole Shawn Michaels' smile, took the WWF public, and made himself a billionaire..
    • But not a self-made millionaire.. A millionaire from other peoples work.
    • Heyman said Vince Sr went around the country and shook everyone's hand and said that he would never compete against them..
    • Heyman said Vince drove everybody out of business, from stealing ideas.. making himself a billionaire out of it..
    • Heyman said that Vince stole the most ideas from him, and ECW..
    • Heyman said Vince stole his dreams & legacy.
    • Heyman said that when Doink the Clown was in the WWF, Stone Cold was drinking his first beer in ECW.
    • While Bobby Heanan & Mean Gene was singing Tutti Fruity, ECW was producing the edgy TV that Vince called "Attitude".
    • Heyman takes off his hat and throws it at Vince in a RAGE.. SCREW YOU!!! SCREW YOU.. AND YOUR FAMILY!!
    • Heyman yells that this Sunday Vince is going to get what he deserves..
    • Heyman points out Tazz, saying Tazz was a killer, a machine, a wrestler, a great wrestler, a real man.. And now he's a fat, little obnoxious announcer..
    • Heyman says Vince made "wrestling" a dirty word..
    • Heyman asks Vince what kind of a man he is..
    • Heyman says that Vince is going down..
    • Tazz gets up from his announcing position and comes up behind Paul Heyman and slaps the Tazzmission on him.
    • Vince picks up the microphone, Tazz releases the hold and Heyman lays there..
    • Vince says "Paul Heyman, you are the epidemy of the Alliance, because this Sunday, at Survivor Series, the Alliance will.. choke!"
    • Tazz walks out.

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