2007 OWW Columnist of the Year

It is our pleasure and privilege to announce the following four columnists have been nominated for the 2007 OWW Columnist of the Year. This has not been an easy task; there have been many great columns submitted over the year, a year in which professional wrestling has endured some of its most testing times. Narrowing the chosen field down to four has been the result of careful consideration and review.

The nominees have displayed a consistently high standard of work throughout the year. All of them have been selected for Main Page consideration several times, and their work has been well-read and well-received by the international wrestling community. It is now up to you, the OWW Forum Community, to cast your vote to decide the winner!

The nominees are:

Posting under the handle of Hunteraustin, Pete was one of the very first columnists elevated to the main OWW Columns page. Throughout 2007, he has been selected no less than seven times. A mainstay of the OWW Columns section, Pete has also been an enthusiastic member, offering feedback on many other columns.

Pete's columns can be reviewed here:
January 20 - Are Dirtsheets To Blame?.
February 17 - Is Vince Russo GOOD for Wrestling???.
March 8 - A Hoganless 'Mania.
March 26 - Killing The Casual Fan.
April 10 - Why Not Owen Hart?.
September 12 - Kurt Angle: Injury in Waiting.
October 30 - An Anticipated Assassin.

Also known as Ray_Talon, Kenny has been part of the OWW Columns section since its inception. A four-time Main Page winner, Kenny's columns have often tackled the tough issues, and tackled them well. Kenny has been a valuable member of the OWW Columns community, offering advice and support to all other members.

Kenny's columns can be reviewed here:
March 8 - ECW: Like it or Not.
June 19 - Changes In Wrestling.
October 16 - The New World Order.
October 30 - Part of the Problem.

The always enthusiastic newyorksgreatest has been distinguished by Main Page selection four times over 2007. One of the first people to submit a column, Baraa's nomination comes as a result of his determination to always improve and his willingness to listen to feedback. Consequently, his columns have become some of the best on the site. Baraa has been a valued member of the OWW Columns community, always cheerful and friendly.

Baraa's columns can be reviewed here:
February 10 - The Business Behind Pro Wrestling.
April 16 - The Cinderella Man.
April 25 - MVP, the Next Don Muraco.
July 2 - A Final Goodbye to Sherri Martel.

Though not as prolific as her fellow nominees, the quality of Winter's work is what earned her nomination here. Posting under the handle damagegirl, Winter has been selected for Main Page consideration twice, columns of an extremely high literary standard.

Winter's columns can be reviewed here:
September 4 - Thoughts on American Wrestling.
October 30 - Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

You may vote ONCE by PM'ing the OWW Column Editor via the Forum over the course of the next two weeks.

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The winner will be announced on Sunday, December 16. They may select any item from up to $25, and will also be given the opportunity to choose the first Main Page winner of 2008.

Congratulations to all our nominees - the voting is now open!

JT & Kirsty
OWW Column Editors

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