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  1. September 17, 1983 - 10th Anniversary Show in San Juan, PR: Miguel Perez pinned Barrabas (3:42). Pete Sanchez beat Assassin #2 (0:21). Bob Sweetan pinned Gama Singh (6:27). Hercules Ayala pinned The Iron Sheik (4:10). Pierre Martel pined Don Kent (8:28). Abdullah Tomba pinned Gorilla Monsoon (1:11). WWC & Caribbean Tag Champs The Super Medics beat Chief Thundercloud & Chuy (6:02). WWC North American Champ Pedro Morales beat Ric Flair (11:28) via DQ. WWC Puerto Rican Champ King Tonga pinned Dory Funk, Jr. (15:59). Invader #2 pinned Ox Baker (8:23). Kendo Nagasaki drew El Gran Apollo (20:00). WWC Universal Champ Carlos Colon drew NWA World Champ Harley Race (60:00). Mil Mascaras & Dos Caras beat The Infernos (Tim Tall Tree & Gypsy Joe) (8:20). Andre the Giant beat Abdullah the Butcher (9:42) via countout.

  2. September 15, 1984 - 11th Anniversary Show in San Juan, PR: Buzz Sawyer beat Joe Savoldi. Hercules Ayala beat Tom Lintz. Wahoo McDaniel, Mark & Jay Youngblood beat The Super Medics. Invader #3 pinned Anibal to win the UWA Junior Light Heavyweight Title. WWC Puerto Rican Champ pinned King Tonga. Randy Savage pinned Pedro Morales (4:30) to win the WWC North American Title. All-Japan PWF Tag Champs Stan Hansen & Bruiser Brody DDQ Abdullah the Butcher & Carlos Colon (14:11).

  3. September 21, 1985 - 12th Anniversary Show in San Juan, PR: Sheepherders vs. Invader I & III in a "barbed wire" match. Abdullah the Butcher vs. Carlos Colon. Kamala vs. Jimmy Valiant. NWA World Champ Ric Flair vs. Hercules Ayala.

  4. September 20, 1987 - 14th Anniversary Show three PR locations: Jorge Clemente pinned Dominic Robles. Cipriano Armenteros pinned Armandito Salgado. Miguel Perez, Jr. pinned Crusher (not Lisowski). Hurricane Castillo, Jr. pinned El Gran Mendoza to win the WWC Junior Heavyweight Title. The Fantastics (Fulton & Rogers) beat Buddy Roberts & Iceman King Parsons via DQ. Stan Hansen beat The Missing Link via DQ. Mark & Chris Youngblood beat The Hunters (Dale Veasy & Bob Brown) to win the WWC Tag Title. Tony Atlas pinned The Iron Sheik. The Road Warriors DDQ Terry & Dory Funk, Jr. WWC Puerto Rican Champ Kareem Muhammad pinned Mighty Igor. Bruiser Bordy beat Abdullah the Butcher via DQ in a "dog collar chain" match. TNT pinned Mr. Pogo. Carlos Colon pinned Hercules Ayala in a "barbed wire cage" match to win the WWC Universal Title. Invader #1 pinned Chicky Starr in a "retirement vs. hair" match.

  5. September 10, 1988 - 15th Anniversary Show to PR locations: Dutch Mantell pinned Pez Whatley. Mike Graham pinned Don Kent. Jimmy Valiant & Rufus R. Jones beat The Wild Samoans. Ronnie Garvin pinned The Iron Sheik. WWC Puerto Rican Champ Ricky Santana pinned Mr. Pogo. Chicky Starr beat Invader #3. Wahoo McDaniel pinned Danny Spivey. WWC Caribbean Champ Buddy Landell beat TNT. Carlos Colon beat Hercules Ayala via submission in a "fire" match. Kimala pinned Jimmy Valiant. WWC Tag Champs Brad & Bart batten beat The Sheepherders. Hurricane Castillo, Jr. & Miguel Perez, Jr. beat Bobby Jaggers & Dan Kroffat in a "hair vs. hair" match.

  6. October 7, 1989 - 16th Anniversary Show in Bayamon, PR: Cuban Assasin & Jerry Morrow beat Miguel Perez, Jr. & Hurricane Castillo, Jr. to win the WWC Caribbean Tag Title. WWC Junior Heavyweight Champ Super Medico beat El Gran Mendoza. Manny Fernandez pinned Invader #3. Jimmy Valiant pinned Kareem Muhammad. Kevin Von Erich pinned Ron Bass. Chris & Mark Youngblood beat Rip Oliver & Abudha Dein to win the WWC Tag Title. TNT pinned Chicky Starr (4:57) in a "gimmick vs. hair" match. Invader #1 beat Ivan Koloff in a "Russian chain" match to win the WWC Puerto Rican Title. Carlos Colon pinned Steve Strong in a "barbed wire cage" match to win the WWC Unniversal Title.

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