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  1. August 7, 2004--WWC in Ciales, Puerto Rico before 400 fans: Maniac b Bad Boy, Delta Force b Brent Dail & Demolition X, Rico Suave b Chris Joel, Carlos Colon & Chicky Starr b Super Gladiador & Bronco, Diabolico b Alex Montalvo, Atletico NC Ely Rodriguez..

  2. August 21, 2004- 31st Anniversary Show in Caguas, PR: Kid Kash b Maniac to win the World Junior Heavyweight title, Rico Suave b Mike Youngblood, El Cabellero Misterioso b Dallas, Vengador Boricua b Super Gladiator, Delta Force b Alex Montalvo & Chris Joel to win the Tag Team titles, Chicky Starr b Diabolico, Eric Alexander b Abyss, Abdullah the Butcher vs Nene ended in a NO CONTEST (Abby retains Universal title), Hurricane Castillo b Bronco I by DQ, Carly Colon b Eddie Colon..

  3. August 28, 2004--WWC in Carolina, PR: Brent Dail b Draco Lee, Chris Joel b Maniac, Erick Alexander b Rebelde, Mike Youngblood b Super Gladiador, Carlos & Eddie Colon DDQ Delta Force, Chicky Starr b Rico Suave-DQ, Huracan Castillo b Bronco-DQ..

  4. September 3, 2004--WWC in Canovanas, Puerto Rico: Man In Black b Blue Shadow, Brent Dail b Maniac, Bad Boy b Demolition X, Da Beast (I'm guessing this is the OVW guy since he was Carly Colon's tag partner) b Eric Alexander-DQ, Rico Suave & Diabolico b Chris Joel & Alex Montalvo, Super Gladiador NC Huracan Castillo, Chicky Starr b Bronco I, Eddie Colon & Mike Youngblood b Delta Force..

  5. September 11, 2004--WWC in Guynabo, Puerto Rico: Alex Montalvo b Brent Dail, Chris Joel & Bad Boy b Maniac & Draco Lee, Mike Youngblood & Eric Alexander b Delta Force, Caballero Negro b Rico Suave-DQ, Super Gladiador DDQ Vengador Boricua, Eddie Colon b Joey Matthews, Huracan Castillo b Bronco I-DQ, Chicky Starr b Diabolico..

  6. September 12, 2004--WWC in Villalba, Puerto Rico: Eric Scorpion b Bolo the Red Bulldog, Rico Suave b Demolition X, Brent Dail b Dean Rosa, Huracan Castillo b Super Gladiador, Eddie Colon b Joey Matthews, Chicky Starr b El Diabolico, Caballero Negro b Maniac, Delta Force b Bad Boy & Alex Montalvo..

  7. October 1, 2004--WWC in Aibonito, PR: Brent Dail & Bad Boy b Maniac & Carlos Flores, Mike Youngblood b Cannon, Rico Suave b Alex Montalvo, Wizard b ?, Eddie Colon DDQ Bronco I, Diabolico b Chicky Starr-DQ..

  8. October 8, 2004--WWC in Villalba, Puerto Rico: Bolo the Red Bulldog b Eric Scorpion, Brent Dail b Rebelde, Diabolico b Eric Alexander, Super Gladiador b Chicky Starr-DQ, Eddie Colon & Huracan Castillo b Jim Steele & Bronco I, Caballero Negro b Maniac, Mike Youngblood b Exus, Delta Force b Alex Montalvo & Bad Boy..

  9. October 9, 2004--WWC in Gurabo, PR: Maniac b Bad Boy, Brent Dail b Alex Montalvo, Super Gladiador b Bakano, Caballero Negro b Rico Suave-DQ, Eddie Colon NC Jim Steele, Huracan Castillo b Bronco I-DQ, Delta Force b Eric Alexander & Mike Youngblood, Chicky Starr DDQ Diabolico..

  10. October 15, 2004--WWC in Santa Isabel, PR: Eric Scorpion b Bolo the Red Bulldog, Maniac b Bad Boy, Rico Suave b Brent Dail, Eric Alexander b Diabolico, Bronco I b Mike Youngblood, Eddie Colon b Super Gladiador, Delta Force b Alex Montalvo & John Blake, Huracan Castillo b Jim Steele..

  11. October 16, 2004--WWC in Gurabo, PR: Maniac b Bad Boy, Brent Dail b Alex Montalvo-DQ, Caballero Negro b Rico Suave, Eddie Colon b Jim Steele, Chicky Starr & Carlos Colon b Super Gladiador & Diabolico, Eric Alexander b Viper, Mike Youngblood b Cannon, Bronco I b Huracan Castillo..

  12. October 23, 2004--WWC in Camuy, PR: Bad Boy b Maniac-DQ, Genesis b Carmen, Eric Alexander b Viper, Alex Montalvo b Brent Dail to win jr. title, El Bronco I B Eddie Colon to win Puerto Rican title, Chicky Starr & Huracan Castillo b Diabolico & Super Gladiador, Cabellero Negro b Rico Suave..

  13. November 5, 2004--WWC in Guayama, PR: Brent Dail b Bad Boy, Delta Force b Demolition X & Mike Youngblood, Caballero Negro b Bronco II, Joey Matthews b Alex Montalvo, Abdullah the Butcher DDQ Eddie Colon, Bronco b Mr. Hughes, Huracan Castillo & Chicky Starr b Diabolico & Rico Suave..

  14. November 6, 2004--WWC in Guaynabo, PR: Bronco II b Bad Boy, Genesis & Brent Dail b Carmen & Maniac, Caballero Negro b Rico Suave, Alex Montalvo b Joey Matthews, Abdullah the Butcher DDQ Mr. Hughes, Angel b Ely, Eddie Colon b Bronco I to win Universal title, Eric Alexander & Mike Youngblood & Chicky Starr & Huracan Castillo NC Diabolico & Super Gladiador & Viper & Cannon..

  15. November 27, 2004--WWC in Anasco, PR: Brent Dail b Alex Montalvo, Exxus b Demolition X, Diabolico b Victor Jovica, Huracan Castillo b Balls Mahoney, Eddie Colon b Bronco-DQ, Maniac & Black Rose b Angel Rodriguez & Genesis, Chicky Starr & Castillo DCOR Tahitian Warrior & Delta Force Viper..

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