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  1. May 4, 2002--WWC in Caguas, PR before 1,500 fans: Mr. Casanova b Brent Dail, Wilfredo Alejandro b Superstar, Justin Sane & La Tigresa b Sexy Marie & Eddie Colon, Ray Gonzalez b Vampiro-DQ, Carly Colon b Bronco-DQ (keeps Universal title), Hercules Ayala DCOR Nene, Fidel Sierra b Rico Suave to keep Caribbean title, Thunder & Lightning b Super Gladiadores to keep WWC tag titles

  2. May 5, 2002--WWC5 in Mayaguez, PR before 400 fans: Mr. Casanova b Dail, Alejandro b Superstar 1, Marie & Eddie Colon b Tigresa & Sane, Vampiro b Gonzalez, Carly Colon b Bronco-DQ, Ayala DCOR Nene, Suave b Sierra-DQ, Thunder & Lightning b Super Gladiadores to keep tag titles

  3. August 31, 2002--WWC in Fajardo: Wilfredo Alejandro & Brent Dail b Mr. Casanova & Tommy Diablo, Rico Suave b Mighty Python, Reggaetones b Superstar & Mr. Hughes, Carly & Eddie Colon b Damien Steele & Ricky Santana, Thunder & Lightning b Super Gladiadors, Alejandro won Battle Royal

  4. September 14, 2002 - 29th Anniversary Show in Bayamon, PR: Brent Dail pinned Mr. Casanova in a "loser wears a dress" match. Sexy Marie pinned Ruben Pacino. Super Gladiator II pinned Bronco. Tommy Diablo beat Frankie Capone, Kid Romeo, and Damien Steele in a "four corners" match. Fidel Sierra & Ricky Santana beat Rico Suave & Wilfredo Alejandro. WWC Universal Champ Carly Colon beat Konnan (8:35) via DQ. WWC Junior Heavyweight Champ Eddie Colon beat XWF Junior Heavyweight Champ Kid Kash (13:02) via DQ. XWF Champ British Storm pinned Super Gladiator I (9:36). WWC Tag Champs Thunder & Lightning DCO Carlos Colon & Abdullah the Butcher (7:18). XWF Tag Champs The Nasty Boys beat The Reggaetones when Sags pinned ???.

  5. November 10, 2002--WWC at the Juan Sanchez Acevedo Coliseum: Brent Dail defeated Jessie The Latin Freebird, Black Boy defeated Tommy Diablo, Thunder & Lightning defeated Islander 1 & Damian Steele, Extranjero Misterioso defeated Tahitian Warrior by DQ when Wilfredo Alejandro interfered, Carly Col�n defeated Konnan by DQ when Chicky Starr pulled special referee Victor Jovica out of the ring when he was doing a pinfall count after Carly stunned Konnan, Wilfredo Alejandro defeated Super Gladiador after using a brass knuckles, El Nene defeated Chicky Starr when Carly Col�n interfered when the referee was knocked and applied a stunner to Starr and put Nene over Starr for the count.

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