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  1. May 4, 2002--WWC in Caguas, PR before 1,500 fans: Mr. Casanova b Brent Dail, Wilfredo Alejandro b Superstar, Justin Sane & La Tigresa b Sexy Marie & Eddie Colon, Ray Gonzalez b Vampiro-DQ, Carly Colon b Bronco-DQ (keeps Universal title), Hercules Ayala DCOR Nene, Fidel Sierra b Rico Suave to keep Caribbean title, Thunder & Lightning b Super Gladiadores to keep WWC tag titles

  2. May 5, 2002--WWC5 in Mayaguez, PR before 400 fans: Mr. Casanova b Dail, Alejandro b Superstar 1, Marie & Eddie Colon b Tigresa & Sane, Vampiro b Gonzalez, Carly Colon b Bronco-DQ, Ayala DCOR Nene, Suave b Sierra-DQ, Thunder & Lightning b Super Gladiadores to keep tag titles

  3. August 31, 2002--WWC in Fajardo: Wilfredo Alejandro & Brent Dail b Mr. Casanova & Tommy Diablo, Rico Suave b Mighty Python, Reggaetones b Superstar & Mr. Hughes, Carly & Eddie Colon b Damien Steele & Ricky Santana, Thunder & Lightning b Super Gladiadors, Alejandro won Battle Royal

  4. September 14, 2002 - 29th Anniversary Show in Bayamon, PR: Brent Dail pinned Mr. Casanova in a "loser wears a dress" match. Sexy Marie pinned Ruben Pacino. Super Gladiator II pinned Bronco. Tommy Diablo beat Frankie Capone, Kid Romeo, and Damien Steele in a "four corners" match. Fidel Sierra & Ricky Santana beat Rico Suave & Wilfredo Alejandro. WWC Universal Champ Carly Colon beat Konnan (8:35) via DQ. WWC Junior Heavyweight Champ Eddie Colon beat XWF Junior Heavyweight Champ Kid Kash (13:02) via DQ. XWF Champ British Storm pinned Super Gladiator I (9:36). WWC Tag Champs Thunder & Lightning DCO Carlos Colon & Abdullah the Butcher (7:18). XWF Tag Champs The Nasty Boys beat The Reggaetones when Sags pinned ???.

  5. November 10, 2002--WWC at the Juan Sanchez Acevedo Coliseum: Brent Dail defeated Jessie The Latin Freebird, Black Boy defeated Tommy Diablo, Thunder & Lightning defeated Islander 1 & Damian Steele, Extranjero Misterioso defeated Tahitian Warrior by DQ when Wilfredo Alejandro interfered, Carly Colón defeated Konnan by DQ when Chicky Starr pulled special referee Victor Jovica out of the ring when he was doing a pinfall count after Carly stunned Konnan, Wilfredo Alejandro defeated Super Gladiador after using a brass knuckles, El Nene defeated Chicky Starr when Carly Colón interfered when the referee was knocked and applied a stunner to Starr and put Nene over Starr for the count.

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