10 Off-air WWE Moments You Weren’t Supposed To See

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The overwhelming majority of what happens in WWE is scripted and everything goes the way the writers and executives intended. But despite it being scripted, that doesn’t mean that at least some things went off script. That also doesn’t mean that at least some of what is remembered as memorable in WWE, didn’t happen during those unscripted moments. After all, not everything always goes according to plan.

The reactions to some of the things that went off the air in WWE have been mixed; some have been praised, while others have been dealt with a negative reaction. But all have been hugely memorable, because they took the wrestling world and the fans by surprise. Sometimes it’s too hard to tell if a WWE moment was scripted or not, but we can at least discuss the ones that we know for sure went off script.

There are some off air moments on this list that we would definitively expect, like a fight or an argument behind stage, a post show segment, producers and announcers talking off the air, rehearsals, or backstage footage. Some of this footage is released, while others WWE sends to the vault or even the trash can. But because of new technology, we are able to access a lot of moments in WWE that were only seen by live audiences. Here are the top ten off the air WWE moments you weren’t supposed to see:

10. The Announcers Make Fun of CM Punk

During this moment, fans and audiences alike, were chanting the name CM Punk repeatedly, following his retirement. While everybody was chanting his name during a break on a live Raw show, some announcers joked about the chant. Eventually, a video with the announcers joking about the chant surfaced on the internet and spread quickly.

9. Feed From Kevin Dunn’s Headset

Kevin Dunn serves as an executive producer for WWE, so it’s not uncommon to hear him speaking into the microphone or in an announcer’s headset. But one time in 2010, another satellite feed picked up Dunn’s voice in his headset, and what he was saying transferred over to the next night’s episodes of NXT. Even though the audio levels were rather low, they were fairly easy to make out.

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