10 Questions with… Matt Logan (ECWA)

Thus far WrestlingClothesline.com has brought you “10 Questions With…” 2007 ECWA Super 8 participants Brian Fury, Rob Conway, Rob Eckos, and Human Tornado.Now WrestlingClothesline.com is pleased to bring you “10 Questions With… Matt Logan”

1. What made you decide to get involved in professional wrestling?

My brothers and I have been huge wrestling fans for as long as I can remember. I have always been intrigued by the showmanship of wrestling and have always appreciated the athleticism involved.

2. What have been some of the highlights of your career, thus far?

Being asked to participate in the Super 8 tournament is definitely my biggest accomplishment so far in the 5 years I’ve been wrestling. Other highlights include winning numerous tag team titles throughout New England with my brother Bryan, and also being the first ever 2 time Super 8 Summit battle royal winner.

3. You are a participant in this years’ ECWA Super 8 Tournament. What was your reaction when you were asked to participate in such a prestigious tournament?

I was both excited and honored when I was asked to participate in the tournament. I am really proud that even though I am mainly a tag team wrestler I was asked to be in the biggest singles wrestling tournament on the independent scene.

4. Any thoughts on how you’ll prepare physically for three possible matches in the Super 8?

I have been doing a lot more cardio as of late, and also watching my diet a lot closer than I did before. I have already trimmed down a bit and plan on being in the best shape possible for November 10th.

5. Prior to being invited to participate this year, had you heard of the Super 8? If so, what were your thoughts regarding the tournament?

I participated in the Super 8 Summit battle royal at the 2005 and 2006 Super 8 tournaments, so I am familiar with the tournament. Also, my brother Bryan and close friend Andre Lyonz were both participants in the 2006 tournament. When I first heard about the tournament, it definitely sounded like something I would want to take part in some day. However, being a tag team wrestler I never would’ve thought I’d be picked to participate. I guess I was wrong.

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Brett A. Schwan
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