The 5th competitor entered in the 18th Annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament is Ricky ‘The Model’ Martinez

ECWAFew things in independent wrestling are more storied or important than the annual East Coast Wrestling Association Super 8 Tournament. The eight tournament is single elimination and is in year 18 of showcasing the top young stars in today’s independent scene. A list of past participants reads like a who’s who of notable wrestling stars such as WWE’s Daniel Bryan, Christian, the Hardy Boys, Xavier Woods, Austin Aries, and Christopher Daniels. Over the years thousands of fans have came to witness the next phase of history and who will become the next breakout performer. This year is no different than any other year… the field of eight are being planned… and the first 2 entrants have been announced. We also will have a special guest host this year… last year’s Super 8 winner Damian Dragon who has since retired from the wrestling business.

The tournaments unique hard hitting fast paced style lead to the creation of Ring of Honor and has also lead to dozens of copy cat tournaments looking to bottle up the lightning that was created back in 1997. But there is only one original tournament that showcases wrestlers that are upcoming and the next break out star who could be on a television screen near you very soon. To this day, to get an invitation is considered a high honor and a signification of pure talent.

On Saturday April 5, 2014 at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club in Newark, Delaware the fans will witness the greatest happening in indy professional wrestling! Here’s a look at the man selected to be the fifth entrant into the tournament:

Ricky ‘The Model’ Martinez

Martinez is a man the ECWA fans know very well. He recently was the longest reigning Mid Atlantic Champion in the history of the company before losing it in December. Outside the ECWA, he’s appeared all over the east coast in places like LVW, EPWE, and ECPW. Known as a cocky pretty boy who would much rather check his hair than wrestle a clean match, he’s recently gotten a mean streak. His vast improvement in the ring has transformed him and turned him cold, bitter, and ready to hurt people to get what he wants. He’s added much to his offense in the technical department with the ability to weaken any opponent limb by limb. His Woofplex has won him plenty of matches lately. He is by far the most improved wrestler in the tournament this year and that could mean he has a chip on his shoulder to prove himself and gain respect from his peers. ‘The Model’ could very well strut down to the ring and shut down his high flying counterparts to his level. He has to be the scariest entrant into the Super 8 so far. Can he put aside his cockiness and do what he’s done for a better part of a year dominating all? Only time will tell but one thing’s for certain…. Ricky Martinez has arrived.

Martinez looks to prove everyone wrong in the ECWA arena come April 5! If you’re a fan of independent wrestling you won’t want to miss this amazing night. More names will be announced over the coming weeks along with more attractions coming for the Tournament day itself.

The next ECWA show is on Saturday March 1, 2014… ‘Spring Battle III.’ Traditionally the event before the tournament has HUGE Super 8 implications and this one will be no different. Tickets are on sale now for this show and the Super 8 Tournament. This year’s design for the annual Super 8 t-shirt is complete and they will be on sale as well on March 1. Here’s a brief overview of the next event:

East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) LIVE!
Sat, March 1, 2014
Greater Newark Boys’ & Girls’ Club
109 Glasgow Drive, Rt. 40 & #1 Positive Place
Newark, DE 19702
(302) 836-6464
Doors Open: 6:00 PM
Bell Time: 7:00 PM

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