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Abyss’ first-ever MNM appearance (as part of “The Summer Of Mayhem 2009”) is now available for free in Windows Streaming Media, or via The Mayhem’s official Podcast On ITunes:

“The Monster” Abyss/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (Streaming Audio): 

“The Monster” Abyss/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (MNM Podcast On ITunes):

Here are some of the highlights of Abyss’ interview, provided by The Mayhem’s correspondent, Paterson From New Jersey:


Abyss joined The Big Mosh, Blade, & The Mayhem’s National TNA Correspondent, “Wild” Bill Brown to preview this Sunday night’s TNA Slamiversary PPV at The Palace Of Auburn Hills in Detroit, MI. Abyss wished to thank The Mayhem Crew for finally making his long-awaited appearance on the program become a reality.

TNA, as a company has defied the critics, the naysayers, & the “armchair quarterbacks” for seven years, and this weekend will see a celebration on many different levels. Abyss, being there from the beginning, has seen it all & is happy to have been a huge part of the company…and yes, can even get nostalgic looking back on seven years of TNA. “If Abyss can get sentimental about anything, it would be the last seven years with TNA. Being a homegrown star of TNA being there since the beginning, seeing the Wednesday night Pay-Per-Views, all the way to FOX Sports Net, & onto Spike (TV), the video games, & the dolls, and now we’re doing house shows. Just to see the growth of the company has been exciting. He went to say that Slammiversary is a little more special to guys like Jeff Jarett, AJ Styles, James Storm, & Abyss, guys who have been there since the beginning. “We actually had an opportunity to do something with TNA that a lot of wrestlers haven’t…be at the ground floor of something big starting.”
This Sunday will see the first-ever intergender “Monster’s Ball” Match, as Abyss will team up with Taylor Wilde against Raven & Daffney. As many of TNA’s long-time fans know, Abyss has crossed paths with Raven several times beforehand…but this time, it’s personal. He described this particular contest in “The Motor City” as being “a battle, a war, & a fight.” Despite any past bad blood between the two within the confines of the six-sided ring, Abyss did wish to go on record & credit Raven as being one of the “smartest & ring-savvy” talents in the business.

During Abyss’s tenure in TNA Wrestling, he has had some amazing matches with plenty of TNA’s best talent/performers, but also with several current WWE superstars, such as Jeff Hardy & Christian (Cage), when they were with TNA. Mosh & Blade, in addition to several members of The Mayhem Nation (via the MNM/Sizzlin’ Sauces Inbox, MNM MySpace, & MNM Facebook) began to run down their favorite matches from “The Monster” over the past seven years that Abyss has had (including the “Barbed Wire Massacre with Sabu & several different incarnations of the “Monster’s Ball) & asked him if there are anymore he would put on the list. “I think you guys pretty close on the head. Those were great moments, and I enjoyed them so much…I think they are memorable moments.”

“Wild” Bill Brown made the point that Abyss was the one that brought the hardcore style of wrestling to TNA, with the thumbtacks & shards of glass. Bill wanted to know the limits of this style & if this style will have the fans thinking that they (the TNA performers) will always have to top the last spot “I always felt like the fans appreciates what we’re doing. TNA has the best fans in the world for that. As far as limits, there are no limits man. I’m a big believer in no limits, and if you’re going to have limits, then you’re in the wrong business.” He continued to say that he likes to wrestle first & bring in the hardcore element at the right time. “I think hardcore wrestling has a niche. I think you have to be a good worker first & then be able to move on to stuff like that. I think Mick Foley is great example of that, probably the best example in the world.” He did add that the fans’ reactions to the stuff he does is unmatchable.

One of the most-talked about topics within many circles & that fans of TNA are discussing is the rumored debut of Tazz next month, as he is reportedly scheduled to make his official on-camera debut with TNA this summer after leaving the WWE broadcast booth a couple of months. Blade wanted to know what Taz brings to TNA & how they has (as an organization) balances bringing established stars with homegrown talent. “I don’t even know Tazz, but I think he would be a acquisition for a lot of different reasons. He’s proven himself to be a great wrestler over the years, and he has proven himself to be a very good announcer I think as well over the last few years.”

Several years ago, Abyss was reported to have signed a deal with World Wrestling Entertainment, but the rumors & reports turned out to be false. Bill wanted to know the story behind it & if he was really going to leave TNA for the WWE. “There really wasn’t anything to it. I’m sure WWE is a great place to work, I’m positive of that but in the end, I’m happy and I’ve always been happy with TNA. I just don’t believe in fixing something that’s not broke. TNA has built the Abyss up from the very beginning from scratch, been there since the beginning, & that means a lot to me.”

More is included in this exclusive interview with “The Monster” Abyss, including his uncensored thoughts/takes on his former manager, Father James Mitchell possibly returning to TNA (as well as the reported mistreating he received at a recent FCW talent evaluation), more of his thoughts on his favorite matches/memories in his career within TNA Wrestling, having the opportunities over the years to perform in front of millions of fans (on television)/thousands of fans (in person) across the globe (including those in Buffalo: the hometown of “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio”), as well as his future as a weatherman (coming off of the heels of becoming an “internet sensation” doing the weather forecast in St. Joseph, MO prior to a recent TNA house show), & so much more! One of the first audio interviews ever conducted by one of TNA’s originals…available only on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network.
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