ACW Night of Legends Results 2/2

6the Annual Seagrove Supershow Results- ACW (Alternative Championship Wrestling) Night of Legends Feb. 2nd, 2008 Seagrove Elem School – 926 attendance

George South beat Jimmy Jack Funk Jr.

Jason Jones beat ACW US Champion Jack Spade by DQ when Manny Fernandez attacked Jones.

Jose’ Sanchez beat “Arrogant” Alan Smithee mng by Tim Blaze with Jimmy Valiant as special Referee.

Intermission: “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase came to the ring to comfirm “the true Million Dollar Team” would NOT be Watts & Greene as advertised. Instead DiBiase “bought” the services of Demolition ax & The Barbarian to take on Watts & Greene later that night.

Les Parker beat Tennessee Ernie Nord with his feet on the ropes.

“Ragin’ Bull” Manny Fernandez beat Jason Jones in a special challenge match.

“Million Dollar Team” Demolition ax & The Barbarian mng by Ted DiBiase beat Cowboy Willie Watts & Leroy Greene.

Sgt Sniper beat Rob Killjoy for the ACW Eastern title in Ladder Match.

“Beastmaster” Rick Link mng by Count Grog beat Scrap Yard Dog & Dick Foley mng by “Perfect Ten” Baby Doll when Baby doll deserted Foley and went with Link & Grog.

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