Ahmed Johnson talks about the famous incident when Goldust kissed him on the mouth, and more

Here are some of the highlights:

On what happened after he won the Intercontinental Championship:

“I go out to the parking lot and one of them boys scratched on my car Congratulations N*****!  Come on Dog what kind of s*** is that? I went straight to Vince and they acted all concerned but they didn’t even bring it up in the big meeting.”

Ahmed On what idea Vince had for him to change his character:

“You know I dress how I dress, relax and cool. Shane McMachon comes to me one time and says his dad wants him to change how he dresses. Now this isn’t on tv this is off tv. They wanted me to get a Gold Tooth, a bunch of chains, and wear my pants sagging.  That’s what they wanted me to dress like right before I walked out of there. They want that image of an unintelligent dumbass n***** that what they were shooting for.”

Ahmed on the famous incident when Goldust kissed him on the mouth on Raw:

“Oh he got me! Let me tell you how it was supposed to go down. First of all that was a live TV taping so whatever happened happened. So me and Goldust went over this s*** over and over again during the pre-tape. I told him when we did mouth to mouth don’t touch my lips put your hand over my mouth and do it to your hand, nobody is going to know. The camera won’t be that close up to where anybody would see that and we worked out the angle with the camera man and everything. So I’m lying there and Goldust thought it would be ah if he did it. So I’m lying there and the part is coming up and I feel this mother f***** lips and man I lost it!”

Ahmed also discusses the prank that Owen and Davey Boy pulled on him during WrestleMania weekend, what a fan did to him during his wrestling days at Global Championship Wrestling, the original plan for Harlem Heat in WCW and much more in this exclusive 60-minute interview on Under the Mat Radio.

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