Alexa Bliss, Paige, Mick Foley, and Rusev speak out against cyber-bullying

Former WWE star Rusev published a video and talked about the death of Japanese wrestling star Hana Kimura. Rusev brought up the concept of cyber bullying and how him and Lana get a lot of hate messages from people that become caught up with the characters and forget that wrestling isn’t real. Rusev said the following about bullying:

“Social media is great, don’t get me wrong. Nobody likes to be bullied, it doesn’t matter how famous or how un-famous you are. This shit has got to stop. It’s not a game. This is a life and death situation, obviously. If you see someone cyber-bullying, you have to stand up to it. You cannot do that same. There’s absolutely no excuse for that.”

Alexa Bliss posted a meme saying that social media is such a powerful tool. It can be used to market your brand, business, or communicate with friends and loved ones. The comment in her post was a heartfelt message after the news of Hana Kimura’s suicide broke.

Bliss didn’t know Kimura, but it is still heartbreaking. She stated that it’s time to start holding people accountable for the words they say online. Wrestlers are characters, but they’re actual people as well. Some fans forget about this fact and abuse their access by spreading hate.

Alexa Bliss encouraged anyone who is suffering from cyber bullying to reach out and get help. It’s not okay to take that kind of abuse.

I posted this back in Jan. it’s important to remind people that cyber bullying is a real thing & that your words carry a lot whether you mean them to or not. I didn’t know Hana Kimura personally, but my heart breaks for her and her family. & I’ve seen on social the amount of lives she’s impacted. It’s time to hold people accountable for their words and actions online. Sometimes people forget that no matter what character we may portray on tv or in the ring is just that…a character. Everyone is a real person with real feelings. If you are suffering from any kind of bullying or cyber bullying PLEASE REACH OUT to someone ? #RIPHanaKimura

This is a tragic situation and it all stemmed because of a scene from a Japanese Netflix reality show.

Our thoughts are with Hana Kimura, her friends, fans, family, and everyone else grieving this tragic loss. Cyber bullying isn’t okay and pack mentality can wear down on anyone if they are prodded enough. One unfortunate happening captured on reality television caused fans to throw so much hate at Hana Kimura that it came to this. It shouldn’t be this way and Alexa Bliss agrees.

Mick Foley@RealMickFoley
Hana Kimura was 22. Please let that sink in…22. She had her whole life in front of her. Online bullying should not be part of life. It damn sure should not be part of death. Hana Kimura was 22. #RIPHanaKimura
2x -. We are a family and what happened to Hana could of been avoided. Breaks my heart to see. So show some love please to anyone that’s in our world or yours. Please tag a wrestler below and show them they are so loved immensely!
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1x – I keep thinking about the online bullying right now. I see it everyday. I for one get constant hate online & I know many of my other fellow wrestlers get it too. BE FUCKING NICE. One bad word can ruin a persons life. Wrestlers work hard everyday to entertain YOU.

credit & PWS Stream Paige & Mick Foley

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