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On Tuesday July 10th American Combat Wrestling returned to Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US19N in New Port Richey, FL.  ACW Heavyweight champion “Rough House” Ralph Mosca and Sideshow made their way to the ring. Mosca said next week the promotion was going to bring back the ACW combat championship in an 8 man tournament of pure unadulterated violence. Names announced were Eddie Taurus, Dany Only, Austin Amadeus and Sideshow when Eric Cooper came out to talk to Mosca and the fans. Cooper said being a former Combat champion; he didn’t see why he had to wrestle Ray Beez for his spot in the tournament. That brought out Beez to protest Cooper’s objection.  

(1) Austin Amadeus of the New Movement (w/George Martel) defeated the returning Dany Only.Before the match Martel took the mic and reminded them the New Movement ran things in ACW and would begin the beatings with Dany Only. Amadeus tried to intimidate Only with a slap to the face but that just made Only fired up. Amadeus went to the floor to escape but Only followed out. The action came back to the ring where Amadeus went right to work on the recently healed left ankle and foot. With some help from Martel on the floor, Amadeus tried to do his own surgical work on Only’s leg. Amadeus went for the submission with a modified Cloverleaf but Only refused to quit. Amadeus went for a corner move but Only dropped down and tripped Amadeus sending his face into the turnbuckles. That didn’t slow down Amadeus who kept the attack going until Only blocked a suplex but Amadeus tossed him into a corner, sending Only’s leg into the post. Despite all this abuse, Only refused to quit and somehow hit Amadeus with a Rock Bottom. Martel argued with the referee but this cost Amadeus as Only spit red mist into Amadeus’ eyes and hit the Sky high Slam for two. Only dropped his good leg on Amadeus’ throat but that also got two. Only went to the ropes but Martel tripped him up and it set up Amadeus’s return to the leg submission hold which caused Only to tap out. Only was helped to the locker room by his former partner Sideshow. (2) In a triple threat match, ACW Cruiserweight champion Jaison Moore defeated Nick “I’m Not Gay” Fame and Naphtali. Fame went to lock up with Moore when Naphtali tripped him from the floor but Moore took them both out with a dropkick. Moore laid the boots to Fame’s ribs as Naphtali thought out a new strategy. A chest chopping contest switched to a European forearm toss until Naphtali locked Moore in abdominal stretch. But Fame talked Naphtali out of the move so he could attack Moore with a dropkick. Things got a little weird as a wheel barrel move by Naphtali led Fame’s face accidentally to Moore’s crotch. Moore didn’t care for that so he kicked Fame right in the back. Naphtali went to follow suit but dropped into a rear chinlock. Fame got out of the hold and hit Moore with an Otani kick to the corner. Naphtali and Fame seemed to make a semiotic bond of sorts as they attacked Moore but Fame jumped into Naphtali’s arms for a manly embrace that Naphtali wasn’t too happy with. So Naphtali picked Fame up for a multi and I do mean multi time airplane spin. Naphtali let the hold go and went up top but came crashing down on his own. With Naphtali out of it completely, Moore hit Fame with a full nelson sideslam into a rear naked choke submission victory.

 (3) Shan Hill defeated “the South Florida Phenom” Scott Commodity. Before the match Commodity tried to insult the fans but they drowned him out with a blah, blah and blah chant.” Hill decided to do his talking with straight up violence on Commodity’s chest with chops. Commodity avoided one but not a backdrop that sent him to the floor to formulate a new game plan. Commodity came back and tried to chain wrestle with Hill but he kept ending up with his left arm in some kind of submission hold. Commodity went for a test of strength but Hill slap the taste out of his mouth and went back to the left arm and shoulder. Commodity got free of the hold and tried to make nice with Hill offering a handshake. Hill refused and went back on the attack with suplexes and chops. That was until Hill sent Commodity to the ropes and Commodity stopped, making Hill pursue and be hit with a Hot Shot. Commodity kept Hill off balance with an upper body attack. Twice Commodity locked Hill in a rear chinlock with his knee buried in Hill’s spine. The problem is Hill kept fighting back no matter what Commodity threw at him. Hill escaped the hold but collided mid ring with Commodity and it was a race to clear the proverbial cobwebs. Hill won that race with three clotheslines and a spinebuster for two. Commodity fought back but his RKO was blocked twice and Hill won with what was an excellently executed Dragon Suplex.  (4) In a hardcore match, Ray Beez defeated Eric Cooper. Cooper took the house mic and said there would be no wrestling, just a straight out fight. Which took the match to the floor where Beez hit a Russian Legsweep into the ringpost and ring apron. Beez hiptossed Cooper into several rows of chairs and then out the side door used for bands to load their gear in. Beez dragged Cooper back to the ring where he his several suplexes in and out of the ring. Cooper fought back with a suplex that landed Beez upside down on the ring apron. Beez fought out of a rear chinlock and Cooper was hit with a duo of knees to the ribs and a running clothesline for two. Cooper fought back with an STO that took the wind out of Beez. Apparently not because Beez got to his feet and hit a clothesline to the floor. The duo fought to the entry way where Cooper hit a Spinebuster onto the band stage for two. Cooper went to dump Beez but he got backdropped on the stage and back to the ring. Beez came off top but Cooper was waiting with a spear for two. Cooper went up to the second and missed a legdrop which let Beez hit a discus clothesline to win and advance to the Combat title tournament.  

(5) David Mercury of the New Movement (w/George Martel) defeated Awesome Andy.Andy tried to match amateur moves with the former Florida HS champion, so Andy sped things up and hit a head scissor and a huricurana which sent Mercury to the floor. Andy didn’t give Mercury breathing room and hit a somersault tope to the floor. The action came back to the ring where Mercury begged for mercy. Andy bought it and got hit with a clothesline for two. Mercury tossed the rulebook out even as he hit textbook suplexes. Andy fought back but Mercury hit a leg lariat for two. Andy fought back and countered out of a hold to hit a reverse huricurana and a Jushin Liger style submission but Mercury fought out of the hold. Andy fought out of a chinlock and hit a handstand into a Pele’ kick. Mercury dumped Andy to the ring apron thinking he had control but Andy hit a spring board dropkick for two. Martel got involved and it allowed Mercury to get the pinfall victory.  (6) ACW Heavyweight champion “Rough House” Ralph Mosca fought Eddie Taurus of the New Movement (w/George Martel and Austin Amadeus) to a no contest.

This was truly a 3 on 1 with Mosca fighting for his life and his championship. The fight lasted about three minutes when Amadeus climbed in and attacked Mosca. Billy Dalton called for the bell ending the match. The New Movement beatdown went on until Sideshow hit the ring and Mosca said he wanted the fight to continue as a tag team match.

 (7) ACW Heavyweight champion “Rough House” Ralph Mosca & 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup competitor Sideshow defeated New Movement members Austin Amadeus & Eddie Taurus. To the shock of many the pairing Sideshow and Mosca was a good team, working over the New Movement for several minutes. That ended when the New Movement isolated Sideshow and went to work on the shoulder and back. With help from Martel’s distraction, Taurus & Amadeus used every dirty trick in the book and then some to work over Sideshow. But that ended when Sideshow countered out of a DVD into a backcracker. But Sideshow was so worn down he couldn’t tag out to Mosca. Sideshow thought he had a tag coming when he kicked Taurus in the jaw but his corner move became a Taurus powerslam, however Taurus’ headbutt missed and Sideshow hit Double Penetration. With Taurus out of his mind briefly, Sideshow crawled and tagged in Mosca who was good and ready to fight. Taurus ended up on the floor as Sideshow/Mosca hit Amadeus with a double team move to win. After the match Taurus said none of it mattered as he still held the number one contender slot to the ACW Heavyweight title. Mosca said to bring it on and no matter what, he had Sideshow’s back.   The New Movement has established their MySpace account at the following location:  Remember ACW is back online, so log onto for information on our events at Bourbon Street Night Club. Like live music, then check out for info on upcoming concerts like Stormbringer, Brian Chris Band and Walls of Echoes.

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