Ariane Andrew Announces Her Return To Wrestling

Ariane Andrew, who went by the name of Cameron in WWE, broke the news on her YouTube channel last week. She is coming back to wrestling. Andrew was well-known for her time in a tag team with Naomi, known as The Funkadactyls. The two originally serving as valets for Brodus Clay.

Andrew dove right into her YouTube video and mentioned that she will return to wrestling. However, she didn’t tell fans when she will be back, choosing to keep that a secret for now. She also wouldn’t disclose which promotion she plans to lace up her boots for.

Although she remained tight-lipped, she did go over the dynamics of being both heel and a babyface in wrestling. She said she enjoys being a heel character more, but wouldn’t disclose what persona she will return as. Later, she took to her Twitter account to gather the opinions of her fans on which archetype they preferred.

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